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  • From mobile
  • 12 hours ago
  • #907749

Have tried to get shipping pass for 3 weeks to no avail !!! Excuses...long holds on phone....foreigners i cant understand help.! Amazon is nothing like this !

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  • From mobile
  • 16 hours ago
  • #907608

Never pay for the service, you making them rich. I paid $28 for coverage for a crazy cart and they will not fix it.

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I purchased 2 of the same items. I received an email that the items were ready for pickup. When picking up the order only one item available. Later that day-- I received an email that the final item was ready for pickup. A trip back to the store...the item was not available for pickup. The store assistant MGR stated it was still in transit and I would have to check the order status myself. The next day-- I called the 800 # and after some... Read more

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You come to work for one reason only, for the customer. We are your bread and butter. We keep you in business and we pay your paycheck. We are your only real boss. This goes for the management as well. Your founder Sam Walton said " there is only one boss, the customer, and they can fire everyone from the chairman on down by taking their business elsewhere." Somewhere along the line these things have been forgotten. We'll let me remind you of... Read more

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Where oh where did the service go? Where oh where has it gone? 25 checkout stations but only two open staffed with stuu-uupid teenagers who don't know how to count to five. Finding someone on the floor to answer my questions-don't know where anything is when I do find somebody. Boxes all over the floor but no one putting them on the shelves No parking spaces and carts blocking every open space. No on returns no matter what and No apologies .... Read more

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I ordered an iPad for my son and had it shipped to Chicago. It was supposedly placed by the mail boxes. It was part of a larger order and other items in the order were received. First I was told it was sent to the wrong address. These idiots sent a $12 shower caddy requiring a delivery signature, but a $500 iPad was left by the mailbox. Getting it replaced is an ongoing nightmare. Customer service is at best worthless. Everyone "wants to... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 23
  • #906116

Hello my name is Teresa Robinson. I only had $21 and some change for my price cstcher and it has disappeared off of my phone app. I see the amount on my home computer but whenever I select my price catcher as i always do on my phone, it shows $0 and no entries. Please contact me at

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Called the Staunton store three times on August 23rd 2016. 7:40 pm 1st 10 minutes, 7:50 pm 2nd 20 minutes each time no one checked back to see if I had been helped after each time I hung up and called straight back the 3rd time I asked if they were short of help or if there was a problem or if I could speak to a manager, the manager was put on the phone right a way. After speaking to a manager he ask what I needed I told him, I was put through... Read more

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Its crazy to me to spend more time in line to check out then u do to spend 200 dollers worth of the time u get to check out your ice cream is melting.but yet they have 24+ stands to check outand only 6 are open.very aggrivating Read more

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Bought a Schumacher battery charger that had a 2 year warranty with it, asked at check out if needed extended 3 year warranty ? I said yes, so it breaks after 4 years! I call Assurion, that's Walmarts extended warranty company thinking that I had 5 year warranty, *** no they tell me that there warranty starts at day I bought product, same time as products warranty not added to end of product warranty !!!!! So I paid for 3 year walmart that... Read more

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