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  • 2,267 complaints
  • $308,748 claimed losses
  • $136 average
  • 328088 since May 31, 2007

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Walmart reviews, Walmart complaints, read Walmart reviews, find Walmart reviews, Walmart scam reports
  • 2,267 complaints
  • $308,748 claimed losses
  • $136 average
Had an experience with Walmart?
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  • 2 days ago
  • Oxnard, California
  • Adrenal Gland Drug
  • 8
  • 23

They offered our family a $500. gift card after She was horrendously ill for almost a week. Needless to say my wife turned them down. There Pharmacy is a mess over there, and now she can't even step foot In the doorway without an anxiety attack and that was after a month of no contact and trying to charge her again for the correct prescription. They need to step up to the plate and do something... Read more

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  • Apr 20
  • Chicago, Il
  • Led Television Set
  • 3
  • 53

Was "window shopping" online and found a LED TV that did what I needed so I ordered it on WALMART.COM and selected the "pick up in store" because a store next to me had the inventory - great I could get my new TV in the morning. When I got to the store I was informed that WALMART.COM had cancelled and refunded my order because of inventory discrepancy - fine, would have been nice if I had known... Read more

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  • Apr 19
  • Burlington, Ontario
  • Patio Set
  • 16

I bought some a patio set from It stated 3 business days delivery period (estimated) when I checked online. All looked good, I paid it. The delivery date came and went. I called and asked where my delivery was and I was told I should have it by 25 April, that's 9 business days (14 calendar days). This is pathetic. If they had just said it would take two weeks I would have... Read more

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  • Apr 18
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Rude Cashiers
  • 22
  • 64

i have a problem with the mean nasty no mannered rude people you find everywhere in Orlando...particularly at Wal-Mart. I go to a neighborhood market walmart on alafaya trail near ucf in Orlando - I usually go at night and at night you have to deal with the rude cashiers there...whoever is there. lately there has been a fat trollup female who for some reason has decided she doesn't want to greet... Read more

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  • Apr 17
  • Ripon, Wisconsin
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 2
  • 29

I was in the Shawano,WI store and not once but twice I couldn't get help in the fabric dept. Both times the employee waited on someone else, finished then walked away. I do dress differently I only wear dresses and I'm sure I get mistaken for a religious group here in town (that's not well liked) I complained and the dept manager did call me, I missed his call, I called back and left a message... Read more

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  • Apr 16
  • Undelivered Purchases
  • 23

I ordered a Disney Frozen Castle and Elsa Doll Play Set along with a Frozen Elsa Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decals for my granddaughters birthday. It was expected to be delivered on April 15th. I paid extra shipping in order to assure its arrival on time. The order shows expected delivery of April 15th still today. I called and they tell me today it is on back order and they don't know when... Read more

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  • Apr 16
  • Leesburg, Virginia
  • Tire Repair
  • 10
  • 76

I went to the tire center of Walmart yesterday after I had a flat that needed repair. I arrived at the store at 3:50 pm. I was told by the employee that there was one customer ahead of me and I was looking at a 30-45 minute wait to have the tire repaired. I had to pick up my baby from day care at 5:30 but that was sufficient time to get the repair done and I had noticed that there was no other... Read more

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  • Apr 15
  • San Diego, California
  • Broke Lawn Mower
  • 1
  • 31

Purchased a lawn mower to keep my japanese garden looking good. There was a bag that was attached to it, but it had a tear in it that i didnt see. and what do you know? The grass and weeds blew right into my koi pond, killing the main male fish, which for years I breeded! I contacted Walmart, and they laughed at my face and didnt even apologize for my poor dead fish. I dont want a refund. Just... Read more

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  • Apr 14
  • Rusk, Texas
  • Walmart Employee
  • 9
  • 68

I am parked at walmart and a employee walks pushing a buggy in the front of my car and hits it hard with the buggy, while I sat in the car and watch with disbelief. I got out of the car and ask do u disrespect every one car parked like that he just looks at me ***. I did go inside and reported it to the manager which told me if she talks to the employee he won't listen to her . I then reported it... Read more

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  • Apr 14
  • Davenport, Iowa
  • Discrimination
  • 5
  • 59

I was at my local walmart and was approached by an associate and the said that they definitely needed to check my receipt I was wearing dirty pants from working in my yard and had my tattoos showing the 4 customers in front of me did not get checked. My money was good there just not my looks I feel like getting an attorney and trying to stop this from happening to anyone else. By the way I'm a... Read more

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