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Tasharina co. Does NOT give good customer service. They can't be reached by phone. They email you at there convienience. Items online differ from what I recieved. White top looked like light blue in person. You pay return shipping fees no matter what the reason is for the return. I should have read the reviews first. NEVER NEVER SHOPPING WITH WALMART ONLINE AGAIN!! Add comment

Wow ! What a disappointment, I ordered online and called 15 mins later in order to make sure my stuff was going to be ready but what a disappointment that it wasnt ready, and they had sold them out plus a Representative at walmart was being a hispanic *** her name is Laura yelled at me in front of many customers and its very sad, as they say walmart cares for customers its a shame ! Read more

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The Walmart on 466 in the village is a hotel because the worker at that Walmart are having sex in the parking lot is a shame what worker can do when they are working this should stop this now Walmart is sale of sex Add comment

My issue of those undisclosed "extra taxes" charged on all my Walmart To Go Grocery Home Deliveries has not been addressed or investigated. I have made SIX attempts with the Denver Walmart To Go Grocery Home Delivery phone customer personnel to no avail. I was told ALL SIX TIMES that a management personnel from the Corporate Office in Arkansas who supposedly set the taxes will return my call. There has been no attempt to contact me by anyone... Read more

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In walmart Toa Baja we order a meal at time for an activity. The day of the event went to get dinner after an hour (1 hour) of which had been agreed. The dinner was not ready, the store manager did not appear and said to us, wait an extra hour for dinner ... The store manager was delayed and store associates did not want to provide information where to find it, fatal service, return money, which means that the cash saving does not work, because... Read more

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Lindon, Utah Went today to pick up a couple of items, what a mistake. Not many people there, but the lines were long because of lack of cashiers. Okay, so I went to the self-checkout... only 3 of the 4 were working. Two were having problems and the register was trying to help them. This took 10 minutes. When I arrived at one of the computers, it was one of the one that the cashier was trying to help, every time I scanned and item the screen... Read more

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To get *** off the Walmart at the village is were most of the ladies are having sex in the parking lot were they park is sad but is true l was with my kids and to worker at the Walmart on 466 the village were in thier car having sex this should be at a work place thier should be at work not in the parking lot this should be report or hire security Read more

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Walmart - Review about Horrible Experience Poor Quality from Richmond, Virginia
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Marketplace Chicken Ceasar Salad found a live ladybug crawling from underneath my lettuce while eating. Read more

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I had an interview with a man named Lance. throughout that entire interview, he downsized me and made me feel *** about earlier life decisions concerning the workforce. I'm 18 and have had 5 or 6 jobs since i started working at 14 years old. The reason for this is due to the fact that my mom was a gypsy and we moved just about every single year until I settled down once i moved away from my mom. He told me that he's had only three jobs since... Read more

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Well, I guess the squeaky wheel gets the oil. After submitting multiple complaints, on a variety of sites, complaining about's, slow, sluggish website, I have seen an improvement. Placing an order on is still not the most user friendly on line shopping site but I will give credit where credit is due, a definite improvement in the speed at which you can enter items in cart. Besides entering complaint on this site, I... Read more

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