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Walmart - Pharmacy Hours?

  • by   Jul 01, 2009
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Company Walmart
Product / Service Pharmacy
Location Chicago, Illinois
Category Drug Stores and Drugs
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I have a sprained ankle and am in an Aircast. I needed a prescription filled to take down the swelling in my foot. I called Wal-Mart to see what time their pharmacy closed to which I was told 9pm.

I hobbled into Wal-Mart and found the pharmacy. It was 8:30pm on the dot. Upon approaching the window I made eye contact with the man behind the counter. I then stood there for about 5 minutes. Finally, the man said to me, "Hello, ma'am. We won't be able to fill your prescription. We close at 9pm." I asked him if he could please at least look at the prescription as it's a pretty common one. He said, "No, there's no way to fill it."

My question is this -- Why would you say you close at 9pm when apparently you close at 8:30pm? Why wouldn't the person who answered the phone when I called let me know that they wouldn't fill my prescription thereby saving me the painful walk in?

I'm sorry but this is going to be the last time I even think about going to Wal-Mart pharmacy. Poor customer service is inexcusable. 301b2e2

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Apr 14 
I used to live in Traverse city, MI and that Walmart was always very nice and helpful, I pay cash for my script so the pharmacist would always give me a discount but then I moved and could have never anticipated the years of BS trying to get my script filled. Every time I go in someone tells me a new lie and gives me the run around, "issues with the manufacture, no longer carry that script, will take 3 months to fill est, and offer to send it somewhere else. I go in for days until I get someone to fill it or place the order and I have noticed the story seems to change when I say i'm paying cash, by the way the cost is $180 more then TC. Sadly, this is not the only pharmacy that wants to be selective on what they fill, I called every pharmacy in town and been told "Don't have it, wont order it", had to drive four hours a few times to have it filled. Though research I found that its legal for an entire town to deny to fill any script, for example, that this is a huge issue with Birth Control down South. Pharmacist very simply should not have the right to be a third party in-between you and your doctor at least not without some regulation.
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Mar 28  from Green Bay, Wisconsin
All pharmacists think they dr's *** they lie and will try to not fill ur script no matter what it is *** if u wanna b dr's then go back to school for all those yrs of school then they can have a say so just because one person abuses one drug or another dont act like everyone is an abuser
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Nov 29, 2013  from Portsmouth, New Hampshire
If they won't fill it while they're open,it should be posted everywhere. These pharmacy techs think they are gods or worse doctors. Boo on Wal-Mart for doing that to you!
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Nov 29, 2013 
Pharmacists have been getting slammed with WAY too many prescriptions to fill and everyone demands them right away. This does not excuse what happened with Walmart. However, I do find with most pharmacies if they close at 9pm, they will not fill anything if it's given to them 10-20 minutes before closing. If you have been their a lot and they recognize you it's more likely they will do it for you, but they are so busy all day they just want want to go home. It's also possible they didn't have it in stock, but you didn't say. They do get daily deliveries. If they did have it in stock and you were in urgent need of the medication, telling the pharmacist that might have swayed them.

One critique I will offer is that if you are coming in close to their closing, you should ask them specifically when you have to get there in order to get it filled right away.
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Jul 28, 2013  from Colonia, New Jersey
I think the pharmacist does a good job and is always very helpful
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Nov 27, 2013 
You must go to a Walmart on a different planet.
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Nov 27, 2013 
There is a reason for the age old saying that "the customer is always right". It should have added "even if they are a jack ***". Unfortunately it does not. For those of us who have worked in any form of retail we are well aware of both sides of that coin. More often than not the customer complaining really is a jack ***. But this site is for the pissed off consumer not the snotty retail workers. Go find your own website.
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Jul 24, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
Walmart has screwed me on my prescription as well first they wouldnt fill it, I had to call my doctor even though the prescripion was dated and my insurance OK'd it. After I finally get them to fill it I get back at 1:25 stand in line while they help a customer and to my suprise he starts closing the gate! I was pissed I exclaimed that I had been standing in line 5 minutes before you were supposed to close for lunch. He stated well the longer you sit here the longer its gonna take to reopen. Keep in mind my prescription was on the rack already filled for me to pick it up. After I go back to pick it up I will be getting the pharmacists name and be calling his manager and will NEVER be going back to this specific walmart. ANd honestly this one pharmacist(Indian) Has been giving me problems for years everytime there is always somethign wrong that he cant help with so I am done. Screw this place walmart you need to learn customer service.
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May 23, 2013 
Report the incident to Walmart. They pay the pharmacist to work during the hours of operation. I would tell them that is they are going to stop filling prescriptions at 8:30 then they need to change their sign. The management probably is not aware of what is going on its the same way with the optical department.
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Jul 29, 2013 
You're a bitter little thing, aren't you, LadyScot?
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Mar 13, 2013  from Green Bay, Wisconsin
I switched out of walmart pharmacy because it was bs. One prescription was sent there out if confusion and week later I still do not have it! First day stopped told me they never got a fax so ok ill call the office tomorrow since they are closed now to see if it was sent. Office said yes called replacement pharmacy to see if by accident was there and Nope ok please relax. Two.hours later call to confirm was there staff stated yep its here will be ready in 30mins. I swing in 5hours later due to work and am told its not there. Wtf! Then pharmacist says first time doc order mes that was not made in usa. Second med we are out of stock. Comes on truck tomorrow. A simple phone call back to me stating it was out rather then lying to me and saying it will be ready in 30mins would have been appreciated. There was even more ro follow but its not worth it. Never again ill use my new pharmacy they are real people that are trained properly.
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Oct 09, 2012  from Hot Springs, Arkansas
walmart sucks. They need to to teach there employees that bing friendly and helpful is the only way to do customer service. Last night a car was in there parking lot and had left the lights on. So i went in and told the first employee I seen. She did not even look at me and mumbled ok as if I was disturbing her. I have worked in customer service. It is not hard to smile and look at someone when you speak to them. This woman was over the self checkout. Customer service seems to suck every time I go into any walmart in hot springs
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Aug 11, 2012 
It is ridiculous that the whole pharmacy shuts down for lunch! Why don't they go in two's? I spoke to the pharmacy and explained my dad was on his way to pick up my prescription! I explained that he is elderly and it would take him just a half hr would that be ok? He said that would be fine never mentioned they take an hour lunch, they were still open when he got there but refused to give him a presciption that was already filled. This is the walmart pharmacy in Rooseville, Michigan! I will never go back!
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May 24, 2012 
I work in food lion and there is always people complaining. People get mad over the smallest things that are ***. Why is that the coustmer can always complain but sometimes the cusmtomer may even treat the worker in a not so nice way. When you work in a store or a pharmancy you have to that know all the time it goes your way. " if you want something done do it your just try the job and see if you can do better instead of compalaning all the time.
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May 24, 2012 
I work in food lion and there is always people complaining. People get mad over the smallest things that are ***. Why is that the coustmer can always complain but sometimes the cusmtomer may even treat the worker in a not so nice way. When you work in a store or a pharmancy you have to that know all the time it goes your way. " if you want something done do it your just try the job and see if you can do better instead of compalaning all the time.
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May 11, 2012 
You *** do realize that if you can't get the swelling down, then it can damage the ankle permanently? This prescription was for anti-inflammatory drugs. Not narcotics.

Just so everyone knows, you can't get high off anti-inflammatory drugs.
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Mar 19, 2012 
The web site is called posses consumer. Obviously it serves as a place to vent. Someone please explain the reasoning behind wasting ones time leaving a message.defending the store that upset someone enough that they needed.to comment on it. Or insulting them and calling them a drug.addict. How idiotic. Furthermore if you feel the need to defend and identify.yourself with a corporate entity like wall mart that doesn't give a *** about you well it just doesn't a whole lot about your character OR self worth. Sad stuff.
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