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  • 2,262 complaints
  • $308,748 claimed losses
  • $136 average
  • 327161 since May 31, 2007

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Walmart reviews, Walmart complaints, read Walmart reviews, find Walmart reviews, Walmart scam reports
  • 2,262 complaints
  • $308,748 claimed losses
  • $136 average
Had an experience with Walmart?
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  • Mar 28
  • Edgewood, Maryland
  • Pack N Play
  • 5
  • 64

I took the pack n play to the Eddystone Walmart on 3/27/14 to either return it or exchange for the pack n play that should have been in the box. I brung my bank statement with me because I didn't have my receipt. The Csm printed my receipt and called a manager to see if they would approve. First assistant manager said no because it was pass 30 days. Second manager said he wouldn't have a problem... Read more

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  • Mar 27
  • Solar Salt
  • 14
  • 130

I went to Wal-Mart this afternoon (3-16-2014) to purchase a few items I needed, one of which was Solar Salt for my water conditioner. I got all my items and went through the checkout, paid for my purchases and was then stopped by one of the door greeters wanting my receipt for the salt. The salt was sitting up in the front of my cart so not one, with eyes, could have missed it. Well, the cashier... Read more

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  • Mar 27
  • Farmerville, Louisiana
  • Cashier Cutomer Service
  • 3
  • 95

I popped in Walmart to grab 4 items after church Sunday night to get to checkout and 1 lane was open. The lady said she is closing! I turn to find another, there are none open. I come back and the lady says to me "you will have to wait till they get off break." She checked out her 3 friends and would not check me out. After she yelled across the store for the asst manager to do something, then... Read more

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  • Mar 27
  • Reidsville, North Carolina
  • Snowy Parking
  • 6
  • 71

We received 4 inches of snow and 36 hours after it had stopped, Wal-mart in Reidsville N.C. still had not cleared the parking lot. Food Lion and Lowe's cleared their lots after it stopped snowing and the lots were clear and not even wet. At Wal-mart however, car tires were spinning in the ice and slush, people were slipping, trying to walk to door, and two employees were pointing laughing at... Read more

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  • Mar 26
  • Home Phone Refill Card
  • 27

I went on line and ordered a $15 Straight talk activation/refill card for home phone and got an email confirmation saying I should get the email delivery in a few hours. So I wait and wait and no email. I call the 800 number and they said it was on financial hold. I ordered on line using the guest option so when I went on line to check the status I couldn't do it because it was looking for a user... Read more

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  • Mar 25
  • Albany, New York
  • Rude Checkout Cashier
  • 4
  • 84

This is a complaint about rude cashier behaviors in walmart super center store #2152 in Albany, NY. I shopped there around 3 pm on March 24, 2014. I had 20 items in my cart. The lady at the express checkout was clearly unhappy that I didn't only have 3 or 4 items. She told me to push the items over as if I've never shopped at an express lane - I was unloading the cart and was trying to push the... Read more

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  • Mar 23
  • Madera, California
  • Misleading Price
  • 7
  • 84

Yesterday, we received the Walmart sales ad that stated select trees and shrubs for $9.88. So I went up right away to see what trees would be on sale. The garden worker said the only trees they had on sale would be the $22.00 ones at a certain end. She scanned the one I was interested in and said come back tomorrow as they would be on sale then. So bright and early this morning I went back only... Read more

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  • Mar 22
  • Portland, Maine
  • Rude Cashiers
  • 13
  • 97

I live in Skowhegan Maine and when I go into our Wal-Mart here, I hate it. First of all some of the cashiers that they have working there are so rude. The other day when I was cashing out my stuff, this one cashier who has been working there for a while acted like I was doing her a favorite by coming into her line. She never said hello or how are you today. I tried a few times to make... Read more

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  • Mar 19
  • Sparta, New Jersey
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 5
  • 79

I was in the Walmart in Prairieville, La on 3/18 at 2:00 pm to purchase material in the sewing department. My service was really fantastic because the assistant was there immediately; however, a yound lady approached the sewing department and asked for help in furniture. The sewing assistant then called for assistance to this customer. As I completed my purchase and was walking to another... Read more

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  • Mar 18
  • Unfair Police
  • 9
  • 142

Your police is unfair. I don't know when a few months ago or something someone accidentally knocked over a coke bottle, it fell on the floor and the coke spilled out. The person told the person at the desk where you return things that I spilled this coke, and said they would pay for it, they said they don't have to because they have a budget for these things when someone breaks something. But... Read more

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