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Purchased a Patti Labelle sweet potatoe pie from Walmart on 6-14-2016 with an exp date 6-18-2016. Shortly after my granddaughter and I ate the pie we became quite ill. Abdominal pain cramps and uncontrollable diarrhea..Something is wrong with the pies.

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My husband and I have shopped Walmart pharmacy in Corsicana for over 10 years. Yesterday we tried to check out in the pharmacy and the clerk kept saying our credit card was rejected. My husband told her it was a credit not a debit and the option to choose credit never came up on the scanner. I tried it with my card and the same thing. We are retired and have ample income our bank account stays at a significant balance. We knew this was a clerk... Read more

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Walmart - Quality Pets/starvation policy is knowing willful cruelty of Puffers
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When I found Green Spotted Puffer fish at Walmart in February 2015., I was shocked. All were emaciated and suffering from fin rot, ich, flukes, and parasites. The associate warned me not to buy them, but I took two home anyway. They miraculously lived through the night, so I went back and bought the rest. I learned that Walmart was told by the supplier Quality Pets, to feed them fish flakes. Puffer Fish are notorious carnivores and fin nippers,... Read more

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Ordered a specialty cake to be ready by a specific day and time. Got there to pick it up and the lady working had no idea about the cake. They couldn't even find the order form. When they finally found it, it was stuffed in a drawer and not even started. The cake decorator was out. Manager was called over and they said to pick out a different cake for a discount. DISCOUNT?????? No. It's not my fault that they have no organization at all... Read more

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Everytime i try and speak with or have a prescription filled here the people are super quick and rude to me. Guess we'll continue to go to Rite Aid. I will not be treated in that way by peons. If you dont like your jobs, quit. Dissatisfied everytime trying to get any where with anyone here. Two thumbs down. Walmart Pharmacy NMB, SC Read more

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I've really prayed about what I am doing at this moment. As everyone know my car has been down since Monday, May 23rd, 2016. As everyone also knows, my car was in perfect mechanical condition up until that date. Robert had a evening off from work and he took it to Walmart in Elizabethton to have the oil changed. He figured it was a good idea to get it done, especially knowing how busy with work, Montana's graduation and the girls doing some... Read more

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I ordered a gift for a baby shower. I was told it would be here today on my online they tell me it wont be here til monday two days after the shower. All anyone can say is sorry. Wont ever order anything else ever! Read more

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This Assurion has been playing games for over 4 months. They are suppose to pay for my carpet cleaner. And so far 3 ecards have never arrived and 2 checks either

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I was accussed of shoplifting I never left the store I went past registers to look out the glass doors to see if the person was outside I turned around and security was right there telling me not to make a scene I was treated awful saying we don't believe ur crocodile tears took and old receipt I had their saying I was using to make it look like I.pd for the stuff yes maybe I was wrong to put things n a re usable bag I've done this many times... Read more

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I went in as I always do when I receive my government benefits to get a money order for my rent. There was a young man by the name of Julian who was working at the customer service desk. I was allowed to request and pay for my money order. And only after I paid for it the rude man told me the machine was down and I was not going to get my money back. He refused to call a manager up to the front and another associate who seemed to be a friend of... Read more

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