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Walmart Customer Service Definitely Needs Improvement!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016 Back in earlier July of 2016, my 85 year old mother who is Permanently Disabled, including having a Prolapsed Bladder, Heart Condition and Low Circulation In Both Of Her Legs (Making Her Very Immobile With Her Walking) Had Just Bought A Package Of Their Great Value Pink Salmon 700g From The Walmart Location At: c/o Walmart Dufferin Mall Supercentre, 900 Dufferin Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada M6H 4A9 (416) 537-2561 And... Read more

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Ordered my daughter's bedspread for her birthday and paid for it to be rushed by July 8th. It didn't get here til the 12th. Per walmart "customer service" dates aren't guaranteed. Attaching an email that says it will be here "by 7/8" sounds pretty sure to me. Checked for small print on order, supervisor even admits it's not there. They suck!!...that's why I ALWAYS use Team Shipment 1 Arrives by: Fri, Jul 8 FedEx tracking number:... Read more

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  • Jul 19
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ordered new vizio tv from - arranged same day pickup - now delayed for up to 2 weeks for "my" credit card safety.. even though payment already taken out of account - agents ok but driven by scripts - awful experience - never again

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I rec'd a $200 walmart visa gift card in December. I decided to put it away for a summer weekend getaway with my boyfriend. I attempted to use the card and was told their was no value on the card after calling the 800 # on the back. I was told this amount was already used. Not sure how this could even happen when the card was never even opened so the # could not have been exposed. I was informed by walmart that I should contact the... Read more

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I missed 1 payment but continued to make payment and sometimes a few extra dollars. However, Walmart closed my account, continued to send me regular statements as if my account was active and collected my payments as normal. So, I decided to over pay to catch up on my account by paying $280 which left me with a credit of $94.31. At a later time I tried to use my card and the cashier informed me that my account is closed. It was an hurtful &... Read more

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  • Jul 17
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Be careful during check out. They will rob you if you are in a hurry. Stay away from the rockbridge rd location.

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The shelves are never stocked! The pool stuff is gone by the middle of July and we still have 2 months of summer. I went to the store 3 days in a row in search of pool filters, corn on the cob and a specific Broom they used to carry. Shelves were continuously empty. They order a small supply then it takes weeks to replenish if they even replenish at all. Last summer they never restocked the pool supplies so I went more than half the summer with... Read more

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I agree with a class action lawsuit, I reported a claim for a phone on June 30, 2016, was told to print shipping info and send back, I followed instructions and went to UPS July 1st at 9:00am, received an email saying they had received my non working product and should receive my e gift card within 24-48 hours, needless to say with a lot of back and forth BS, its July 15, 2016 and no e gift card or phone and the guy had the nerve to tell me... Read more

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I accidentally ordered the incorrect item for my daughter's school project, immediately realized and tried to cancel the order, but since it was farmed out to a 3rd party, they said it had already gone to shipping. (although it was on a Sunday which is impossible) I immediately called customer service who said they would put in a request to cancel the order to the 3rd party which never happened. After receiving the unwanted item, I tried to... Read more

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I WILL NEVER PATRONIZE THIS RACIST ESTABLISHMENT AGAIN. I am a nurse who lives int he area and often shopped at this location until I witnessed a manager "RANDY" verbally attack, humiliate and abuse a blind patron in front of her kids. She was standing all the way out of the Walmart store area with a bag full of items she had just purchased for her kids and a small sign indicating that she needed help and God Bless you silently. While "RANDY"... Read more

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