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Walmart - Straight Talk Wireless Phone Plans = SUCK!!

  • by   Jan 08, 2010
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Company Walmart
Location Los Angeles, California
Category Supermarkets and Malls
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I DON'T recommend Straight Talk Wireless Plans sold in Walmart.
I made the mistake of getting it before New Year's.

They they transfer my phone # from my old carrier right away but failed to activate my phone until 5 days later. I was unable to call family for New Year's, lost business for 5 days and was extremely frustrated. I decided to find a more reputable company and when I tried to transfer the phone back, they held it hostage and wouldn't release it. IT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE!!!

Never again. Don't use it!You will regret it.

Their service is the worst. 305346b

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Aug 12, 2011 
I am reading this blog, and all the complaints...but bottom line....is it better than paying $89 dollars and up for a service you get for $49? My understanding is Straight Talk uses a Verizon network.

I have Sprint, and my bill is NEVER the same...it comes in from $65-$110 per month.....they gig you on all kinds of little bs overages and hidden terms...

I think it is safe to say, all phone companies and cell companies put it to you....I guess it is best for the consumer to decide if $49 bucks is easier to stomach than $100 for the same crappy customer care.
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Aug 08, 2011 
Just dumped st they wanted me to send my kinda working phone in to them and wait 7-10 days with no phone for a replacement phone....WTF are you kidding me ??? I use my phone for work daily 7-10 days no phone what a freaking joke. Back to at&t At least I can understand them when we talk.ST SUCKS!!!!
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Jul 27, 2011 
Ive had this service now for a couple of years. Ive recommended it to several friends and family. 9 people I know have switched to there service. 1 friend is having a slight problem with service. Although I think it is my friend, hes not to mentally stable, seriously. Id recommend it, ok value for the money. :)
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Jul 20, 2011 
Straight talk is horrible!! The customer service is horrible!! Cant even understand them!!! And they are not all on the same page!! One person tells me a sim can not be reset I call back in and another person tells me it can! I have been fighting with this company for the passed 4 hours!! Get some trained employees anyone can read and search and FAQ and thats all they are doing! They dont even know whats going on!!!:( I will be switching service as soon as my minutes expire!
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Jul 18, 2011 
I’ve been really happy with my Straight Talk phone. I switched from T-Mobile. Coverage is actually better with this phone and my bill is only $48 VS $128 a month. I will stay with Straight Talk as long as they provide the same Unlimited Everything at the low monthly price.

The customer service is OK, but they could defiantly use some improvements.

Overall I cannot complain. I really like the phone I got (Nokia E71) and the coverage is great here. (Central Minnesota & Wisconsin)
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Jul 15, 2011 
This Company should be put out of Biz it is full of lieing thieves who keep putting you on hold for 3 mins please can we have you info again please oh I cant see the info unless you give me the info first please *** ! IF I COULD JUMP THREW THE PHONE I WOULD KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM PIECES OF *** !
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Jul 11, 2011 
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Jul 11, 2011 
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Jul 08, 2011 
My ST is on the verizon network. They had "network errors" July 4th and again on July 6th. The first time my phone display said "no service". I called from a friend's landline and spent 51 minutes on the phone. The last 40 minutes of that was being put on hold every 2 minutes while the agent tried to contact "carrier services". She finally told me to dial the *22890 activation number every 30 minutes and call back in 4 hours if it still did not work. I went over to a convenience store and the clerk told me that her verizon phone was working but a friend with ST was experiencing the same problem. I went back home and found more entertaining things to do. About 6 hours later my phone came back to life with 3 duplicate text messages telling me to dial *22890 so I did that. The following day I went to make a call and got the system message about my default PIN and then had to select 1 for english before the call went through.

I thought it was fine until the 6th. A severe storm dropped a big tree limb over my power line and a widespread power outage happened shortly afterwards. I figured it best to call the power company so they could inspect my line after they got power restored in the area. My phone didn't say "no service" this time. Instead I got the verizon wireless welcome message followed by transfer to the menu where you can use a credit card or calling card to continue. Quick tests confirmed that my phone no longer had any prepay credit for voice, text or
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Jul 02, 2011 
im getting straight talk next week, so ive learned, no auto pay, and ill buy cards at walmart and not online..
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Jun 20, 2011 
DO NOT use Straight Talk wireless' option to
"auto-fill" your wireless phone account.
These people are thieves and WILL charge
your bank account unauthorized!!! They will
then blantantly dare you to file a

My phone service was on "auto-fill" via my
debit card which paid my fee monthly on the
5th of the month for nearly a year when
suddenly the charge was changed to the first
of the month.

I immediately notified Straight Talk that
this was unacceptable because I am on a
fixed income and only get paid on the third.
I spoke to three separate reps concerning
this matter unsuccessfully. Finally I
removed the "Auto-fill" option so no further
charges would be made.

My current service expiration date at that
point was still a week away but Straight
charged my bank account anyhow... even AFTER
I had cancelled the option. CLEARLY

I went to my local WalMart and purchased a
service card so I could still use my phone
and tried to work out a refund of the
unauthorized charge with Straight Talk
Customer Service.

How can I put this?... Impossible.

At first they refused to even acknowledge
the charge and we argued for a month them
saying that they did not
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Jun 16, 2011 
I do NOT recomend Straight Talk!! 4 phone calls and 48 hrs later to activate the phone. I have to call several times every month after I purchase a plan to use the freaking phone. Indian ustomer service sucks!! :?
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Jun 08, 2011 
I guess it comes down to do you know what your doing. Straight talk and its plans are great and i do recommend it.
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Jun 06, 2011 
we never used cell phones before...we don't need em now
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Jun 06, 2011 
lol at the farm animals...indeed so TRUE...he is still sitting at his cubucle pulling his pud!
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Jun 02, 2011 
I have been a Straight Talk customer for about 5 months. I prepaid the $45 plan and they do NOT honor the 30 day plan. My phone was due to shut off on the 2nd, because I bought my card and paid it on the 3rd of last month. So, basically they gyped me out of one day of service. I will not ever use ST again, I have already tried Metro PCS and they suck too. I am going to Boost Mobile, and see how that goes. I hate having a company with a contract, as I had gotten burned by Sprint years ago for charging me for calls that I never made, and they would not send me the details of the calls. Please beware of Straight Talk and Metro PCS! Their customer service is in another country and they can't speak or understand english.
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Jun 01, 2011 
I cannot make or receive calls on this *** phone. I have 18 service days left and 938 minutes left. This is the second time this has happened in 3 months. I've been on hold for 25 minutes now with someone who can barely speak English. Their customer service SUCKS!!!!!!!!
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Jun 01, 2011 
I bought a $45 service card from Walmart.
Did not activate or use it and not damaged.
Walmart would NOT refund.
Straighttalk will Not refund.

Be aware, no card refunds activated or not.

May 30, 2011 
ST is 1/3 the monthly price of Verizon contract. BUT=
StraightTalk Customer service humans cannot speak or understand American, and refuse to give you someone who can. NEVER give ST your credit card number, NEVER sign up for auto payments. They just started my new month a day EARLY again (according to their site!) and beat me out of another 133 minutes I needed. Use a WM scratch off card and add it through your phone at the last minute. DO NOT LET THEM HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER. Last month after 2 weeks of battles on the land line, I went to the ST BLOG and got the phone fixed in 5 minutes. Phone is fine, the coverage IS still Verizon CDMA.
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May 23, 2011 
Five months ago yes FIVE i tryed key word being tryed buying a few phones for x-mas on www.straightalk.com and the website kept saying my devit card was invalid and i unfortunately kept trying to order the phones unsucessfully, the next month i WAS CHARGED 8 times on my devit account statement for over $400 and as of may 2011 i still HAVE NOT gotten a refund back from straightalk..ive called the corporate office no less than 10 times and spent countless hours trying to fix this problem and have gotten nowhere with this horrific company.. the latest thing their telling me is there was fraud with my devit card???? WTF? HOW DO I GET MY MONEY BACK? I am so pissed with this company i could tear them all apart...PLEASE PLEASE do not NEVER EVER deal with this company and go through the torment i have gone through!!!
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