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Walmart Pharmacy will not explain prescription refill practices

  • by   Dec 19, 2011
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Company Walmart
Product / Service Pharmacy
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
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I have been getting a prescription filled (and refilled) at the same Walmart Pharmacy for years, (they have a much lower price than surrounding pharmacies in my rural area, and I am uninsured), and sometimes they refill it after 23 days, other times they want to wait until the exact 30 day interval.I have politely asked the pharmacy department what the policy and/or laws pertaining to refills are, and I cannot get anyone to tell me what the policies are.

If we were told what the policies are, we would be able to schedule shopping and trips to pharmacy. I live far from any pharmacy, not just the Walmart one, and I have to combine trips. Why can't they tell me what the policy is? It bothers me that they are rude,a nd if I try to stand up for myself, they threaten to report me for abusing drugs.

I don't want to be rude, and don't want people to be rude to me.Wouldn't it make sense to publish the policies such at this on their website if they don't wnat to explain it to each customer? 302868f

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1 day ago 
complete idiots can be arrogant, their techs are not operating proberly under state law
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1 day ago 
Walmart Pharmacies are the worst. They stores are mismanaged and the pharmacies techs are not proverly trained.
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Feb 04 
It is about your insurance paying for it. Insurance wont cover more than what is prescribed which means you have to wait for the fill. It has nothing to do with your Doc or Pharmacist. Plus I agree with the others, you are not giving enough information on what medication it is. It is up to you to manage your medications and shopping trips.. Not your Pharmacist. It just like with need refills scripts people get pissed that no one told them. All bottles on the bottom tell you how many refills you have left and the Pharmacy is not your personal manager to let you know when you need to see your doc to renew scripts. It is a sad day when people do not take responsibility for managing their own health needs.
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Jan 25  from Naples, Florida
Narcotic? Insurance? Too much missing information. One thing that will always stand, if that the pharmacist is the last word in a pharmacy. Any questions you have you can put to the DEA and the Board of Pharmacy.
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Jul 17, 2013  from Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania

This "pharmacist" that made a long comment may suffer from narcissistic personality disorder...? Like many other pharm's, you have so little empathy or customer service skills. You boast of your authority to deny filling Rx's? Really? I'm sorry, but you're not the doctor that wrote the Rx. You are so proud of being at the doctorate level BUT, you're behind a store counter counting pills...wow, impressive. Do pharm's have great education and med knowledge, YES, definitely. Have I EVER met one that shows it, NEVER. You can train a teenager how to read Rx's and Check for interactions via google and get similar results, seriously. Out of 7 yrs, not one class on customer service, interpersonal skills, etc??? You forgot one major aspect: you, a "pharm" do NOT know the pt's condition, tx plan, medical interventions, progress, response to tx, all of which the treating and prescribing MD, not Pharm, DOES know about. So get in place, and count those pills, stop taking ur frustration of a failed profession out on consumers. Ok? Thanks. Or, better yet, go get licensed to practice real medicine, like a doctor. Until then, deal with ur inferiority complex. And fill these customer's meds like you get paid to do. If u want respect in ur field, EARN IT. show that you care, talk to customers, step out from ur little counter and offer help at a "doctorate level."
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Jul 18, 2013 

This LadyScot has some kind of complex about his job and takes it out on everyone who posts a complaint about their experience at a pharmacy.

Looks like you hit the nail on the head when it comes to recognizing his problem. I just hope you can finally make him see it, too.

If not, wait for it, 'cause retaliation surely will be on the way.
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Jan 25 
People on pain pills are usally mean and nasty.Had some experence in the family sorry to say.So that makes me think lady scott why are you so mean and nasty.You have symtoms of an abuser and so do alot of pharmacists.Why are you so mean to someone who has cancer when they come into fill their script?Are they taking the pills you wanted for yourself?If they are terminal why would you even care if they get pain pills?How do you live with yourself being so mean to people who are at deaths door?Have you ever heard of karma ladyscott i promise it will *** you in the a s s someday.
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Nov 05, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
Pharmacists don't count pills, techs do. But nice try.

You could also teach teenagers to look up common medical complaints on google and solve 80% of patients complaints. You don't actually NEED a doctor.

A pharmacist doesn't need to know your diagnosis...nor do they care. Their job is to review meds prescribed by your dr.

Why would a pharmacist want to become a dr??? That's not what they went to school for. It's like saying a race car driver should go to school to be a chef.

A pharmacist doesn't "earn respect" from a pissed off customer. It cracks me up how often these "customers" come in with their tax payer funded medicaid and "damd respect". Those are the low life's that need to earn it
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Apr 12, 2013 

Apr 12, 2013  from Naples, Florida

Apr 11, 2013  from Naples, Florida
Prescription pain meds are controls ***. Usually a narcotic. Either way, they get filled every 30 days.
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Apr 11, 2013 
More cr@p from the LIAR and Fraud - LadyScot. We all know about you, liar. You have been exposed.
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Apr 10, 2013  from New Auburn, Wisconsin
Dear Anonymous, I suspect because you live in a rural area the pharmacy does not always have all the medication on hand to fill your prescription. Which would explain why they will refill in 23 days sometimes and make you wait 30 days other times. They probably don't want to fess up to the fact that they are out of stock and that is why they were unable to refill your prescription, provided the prescription was up to date. I know from experience they will sometimes give you a few pills to get you by until they get their order for them into the store. There are some medications that they don't stock in large amounts.

Pharmacist?, How about you have the prescription ready when you say you will. After all it is medication that is needed especially if you have a young child that had to go to the Doctor because they were ill and the pharmacy says it will be ready by 3pm, when it was dropped off at 10:30am. Why lie just say we may or may not have your prescription ready at 3pm. In my case it was 5:30pm 2 and half hours after they said it would be ready when I dropped it off. Pharmacist are respected it is the little minions that assist them that think they are pharmacist that lie and say a prescription will be ready at a certain time when they apparently don't really know when it will be ready. I have always felt that a pharmacist should prescribe the medication after the patient has diagnosed by the Doctor. Since the Pharmacist is educated medications.
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Apr 10, 2013 
What a lot of people do not understand is what we, as pharmacists, do. It is a 7 year program where we earn a DOCTORATE degree. We are Doctors of Pharmacy. We have to pass a national test and earn our license. Therefore, each pharmacist may practice differently because everyone is working under their license that they have worked hard for and earned. The majority of pharmacists are not willing to be liable for filling a narcotic prescription early to where the potential outcome may cause harm to the patient or others. So, to answer your question, THERE IS NO WALMART POLICY. NO ONE at Walmart, not the store manager, pharmacy manager, District Manager, doctor, or anyone on Planet Earth can make us fill a prescription if we have any concerns about it because we are licensed to make that decision. And like I tell all my patients who make a trip to the pharmacy only to find that it is too soon to fill their narcs..."How about you give us a call first to see if it can be filled so you won't waste your time and gas." LOL

Pharmacy is quite honestly one of the worst professions in the medical field. We are not respected or valued by doctors or customers. WE are the last check with your medications. If the doctor gets it wrong (dosing, drug, frequency), and they do, we have to call them and get it corrected. Because if WE don't catch the mistakes, then who will? Customers are always complaining about why it is taking so long for their prescription to be
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Nov 22, 2013  from San Francisco, California
You need help. I have been a Pharmacist for 22 years and you sound so angry and bitter. No wonder your customers despise you. You miserable donkey.
I love my customers, and have had (in 22 years, mind you) never read a book by it's cover.
I had a young man in tears because *** like you treat him like garbage because he had terminal cancer and was prescribed narcotic pain medication. He passed three years ago in Hospice.
Get a life or at least try to enjoy it, you only get one.
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Jan 25 
I wish their was a like button for your comment.like like like
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Jan 16, 2012 
sie , walmart will not explain their refill policy because the pharmacist is trying to give you a hard time. you probably have had a pharmacist who just refills it without hassling you . then you got a pharmacist who just hassled you because of what you were taking. my doctor said a script can be refilled within 72 hours of running out. thye pharmacist will tell you the insurance co. will not fill it, but this is not true. i tried to fill a pain med. 2 days early at walmart. the pharmacist said the insurance co. rejected it , too early. upon leaving the walmart i called insurance co and was told no one submitted a claim for a refill on my med. the pharmacist wanted me to run out to refill it. that is wrong. i traveled 21 miles to refill my script only to be denied by an over zealous pharmacist. the insurance co. even suggested i transfer script to another pharmacy. i go to walmart because my meds are 1/2 the price of other drug stores. federal law should over ride any pharmacist who is not treating you fairly.
Reply to michael

Apr 11, 2013  from Naples, Florida
Bull. Federal law requires narcotics to be filled every 30 days, not whenever you want them to be filled. And a pharmacy is a business in the business to make money. Just not filling your scripts like you said is ignorant. WHY would you think a business would not want to fill your order? We do not make money if we do not fill. And yes, your insurance can say NO. We have nothing to do with your insurance requirements. Your post is nonfactual and shows your ignorance. Maybe you should become licensed and work in a pharmacy. Then maybe you will know what you are talking about.
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Jan 25 
So ladyscott took a 3 month class in pharm tech and she thinks she knows as much as a doctor.You fail at life ladyscott
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