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I tried to return a gift I got from work cause it wouldnt work on my phone..I spent a week trying to make it work and even reset my after work I spent an hour trying to either make it work on my phone or give me a refund..they said i could buy a 100 phone and he could make it work what the heck...the store manager was a b*** even though she said sorry she couldn't do it in a smartass way..I swear I don't care how much it costs im going... Read more

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We had a great experience at Walmart. The one in Palm Desert on Hwy 111. We stopped by to pick up a specific product; French Vanilla Creamer (Sugar Free). The product was not in stock so we asked an employee named, "Paula", when they would have it. She said that she would make sure to talk to the buyer/restocking person. The next time we came in, they were in surfeit supply. Thank You! The experience was, astonishing, astounding, surprising,... Read more

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Placed my first order on for 19 items. I was excited to try something different than Amazon for staples like pet food/supplies, toiletries, etc...My order went through and I was still charged $5.97 for shipping, even though I agreed to the 2-day shipping pass. Oh well, still excited for my items to arrive because they were items I NEEDED in 2 days. I checked all of my delivery dates and everything was to arrive by today! Perfect! 3... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
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Bad service at Walmart I will not shop at target in south Portland instead

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Walmart needs to be sure that their Managers act like professionals in and out of their stores. I was on Facebook and read some very disgusting posts from one of your so called Asst Managers. As a manager they should know that you are held to a certain appearance and standards in and out of your store. Facebook has MANY young people that follow this person and I am totally appalled that she feels it is right to post such stuff. As an adult... Read more

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In 2013 i was arrested on false charges it took me until march 2016 to get the charges dropped i have posted about this on many consumer sites as well as contacted walmart corporate about the injustice.I never got a trial due to lack of evidence and us xpress paying walmart off for the alledged crime..I lost my home and buisness due to the incompitence of the company and the lack of concern they have for a mans life. Read more

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  • Sep 22
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CSM Cassandra continues to harass employee nothing has been done. Store needs a manager. CSMs and Department managers play favorites. Also harass employees.

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i visit walmart on a regular basis just to see people rip them off. i see it every time. they walk in carrying back packs in their hand, load it up, put it on, and walk out. store policy is do not check back packs. how stoopid is that? most important is terrorists carry bombs in back packs. will it take the loss of lives to correct this massive problem? why is there no armed guard in front of the store. only min wage greeters who don't care... Read more

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Cashier st#03182 op#001421 te#06 tr#04662 I don't know which of these #'s is her cashier # but I have id # 7jzllw13g860 on my receipt I was very disappointed with the cashier on that day. I stood and waited on her to greet me and scan my groceries. She was more consumed with side conversation with two fellow cashiers that were in lane 5 and 7. She was rude. Made me seem that I was an inconvenience to her and cashier in lane # 7 gave me... Read more

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The management at Kings Mountain are bullies the worst is M she has the talent to flip things, I think she would make a million as a used car sales person and has the manager there so fooled she would believe anything that came out of her mouth. The store manager could look at the cameras and see a fire and Martina would convenince her it was a rainbow. You no the type you have met her kind in front of the manager she is mild and meek and could... Read more

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