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This is the Walmart on alafaya and McCullough in Oviedo Florida. 4255 n alafaya trail Orlando Fl 32765 I was mistreated at this location by an ugly heavy set white trash tranny looking degenerate named lynda. Shopping at Walmart can be a traumatic experience due to so much garbage that works at that place. Honestly the cashiers are usually not that bad however beware of Lynda who is the most obnoxious worthless white trash ugly nasty *** you can... Read more

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I was in Walmart located at 1660 Tappahannock Blvd. Tappahannock, Va. 22560 on December 6, 2016. I was purchasing Christmas lights and gifts for my grandchildren. I asked the manager Mr. Campbell if I could check out in the garden center as my car was closer to that part of the store. Mr. Campbell's response was, of course as long as you pay for it. I can tell you I was beside myself to have a store manager respond like that to a customer. I... Read more

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How do you justify charging $4.98 for a basket of strawberries? How can you charge $1.68 per pound of Roma tomatoes? Wife thought the prices were outrageous and told me about them. I thought you bought locally. Stopped at a Save-A-Lot that afternoon and guess what-those items were a lot cheaper. Tomatoes @$.99 a pound Strawberries@$2.99 a basket This is an example of only a few items that we were going to buy. This is no deal and far from it... Read more

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When times are tight and then you come across an ad that offers a great product for a great price, only to see it is false is sad. I didn't think Walmart would take part in the great "click bait" ads all over Facebook...but they do. An NES Classic Edition Sponsored Ad for $59.88, then click on the link to be taken to the Walmart site and see the product selling for $264.99. .I. Walmart, I am not *** and realize this product would probably cost... Read more

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Last night I was at the Campbellsville Ky store #00665, I wanted $20.00 back on my debit card. I asked f I could have two 10's. Cashier told me she doesn't have 10's because they don't receive them. My husband asked for 5's and was told no because she has to ask for fives. Told us to get change from service center. My husband went to service center and was told they also could not break a ten. Told him to go to lane 13 for the breaking of the... Read more

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Placed an order online. Website said delivery by 12/9/16. Got an email on 12/8 (late night) to say it will be delivered 12/12/16. I emailed Customer Service. they said, essentially, too bad, its the holidays and that's the way it is. I told them they shouldn't have the website say one thing if that is not their intent. It sounds like a pitiful excuse to cover up poor customer service. I do not like Walmart. The customer service at Walmart has... Read more

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Me and 20 others were in line at the express lanes. There were three (3) lanes for cards only and one (1) for cash only. The machine messed up and took over 10 mins to fix. Instead of the lady helping people out she stood there behind the counter looking around instead of helping people to check out with cash. "I will not go to any Walmarts anymore because theses people that work there don't care about anything." The store number is 02680. And... Read more

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I used to love to deal with ordering from Walmart for all my Christmas gifts and this year its jist been a nightmare, my orders are getting canceled or extended in time. Im getting so anxious and frustrated. I hope my girls will have their gifts by christmas. Poor job this year Walmart.

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My son was at Walmart for nearly a whole year when he was terminated. He worked hard and never missed a day. We live quite a few miles from the Walmart so he would occasionally be late. He got written up for it a number of times because the *** management wanted to pick on him because he is black. As other co-workers and the management themselves were often late (sometimes by hours while my son was never late by anymore than 10) My son finally... Read more

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I too fell into this trap of ordering from Walmart online only to find out and item I purchased was coming from Tasharina corp. when under all pretexts and logical assumption being on Walmart website the is who I was ordering from. They do not care what kind of trash gets sold just so that they make some money off of it. Now I am stuck with an item that is not as advertised and it would cost me $8.50 to return. Shame on you Walmart. Since I... Read more

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