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This pretty much applies to any wal-mart I have been in during the last 15 years or so.

Old man Walton would have a stroke if he walked into a "modern" wal-mart.

Employees too lazy to want to help you find something from empty shelves. (Do you have it in stock? Gee...I dunno) Employees more interested in talking to a member of the opposite sex than helping a customer. Employees more interested in griping (in front of customers!!) than helping customers.

Managers that are not going to respond to your complaint and have that "another complainer" attitude. Managers that dont give a flying eff if there are only 6 lines open and 10 customers in each line. Managers that dont give a flying eff about the appearance of their store.

I will NEVER set foot in a Wal-mart again.. period. I will happily spend a few extra bucks and shop elsewhere. *** shopping experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Walmart doesn't want to hire more employes than it has to so the six lanes with ten customers each is all they can afford to put on registers. Predicting customer traffic is like predicting the weather.

Managers of the store are not the authority of how many people are hired and stay.

And as for finding things off of empty shelves, the store barely has room to store anything beyond what is out there unless it is a super center.

When they tell you it is not there, they are telling the truth eighty-percent of the time. The remaining twenty means it has not made it on the shelf yet from getting off the truck because they need to put it in the system.


Maybe it's your *** attitude that gets you *** service.


As you said, who cares? A lot of stores have this mentality because that's all people do is whine whine whine, if you don't like how a store does business, then obviously go elsewhere.

Why did you wait 15 years to do that? It's Walmart after all, not Publix.