Knoxville, Tennessee
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The *** employees at the doors of WalMart. I will never go in that store again.

For the last two weeks I have had my purchases snatched out of my hands when I was leaving the stores. In my 59 years I have never stolen anything and I am to old to start now. Black employees will allow another black person to walk thru but grab a white persons stuff. Well they have done it to me for the last time.

I would advise everyone to stay out of the Airport and Gateway stores in Columbus GA! They (WalMart) will never have any of my business again.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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I know there are a lot of people out there who may not like what the person wrote on here about the employees as far as race, but I live in the Columbus, Ga area and unfortunately it's true.Racism in any shape, form, or fashion is uncalled for and should not tolerated; however, I have seen what this person is talking about firsthand. "Vet" is telling the complete truth.

I think I may even know of which employee they're referring to. Please do not judge this person as a racist right off the bat, as could very well be the other way around.


Blacks whites mexicans and the american indains are the right full residents of this great country. Most of our forefathers has endored history together, and yes I've have seen the ederly discrininted aginest as well as white and black people as well as mexicans and american indians treated like we where not even born here in america .

Walmart has lots of lots of other ethic groups that racial profile and that is DAMMED SURE the truth. It hurts me that my uncle fought in a war to protect americans and when he go's to walmart he is followed by a asian of middle eastern person harrrassing them because they may be a little slow because they are elderly or they may not speak good english but yet born as raised american is treated like they are retareded or a black person who's intent is to buy a household items and is followed and in some cases falsely asscused of a crime before the items are payed for

so yes i understand the white man being harressed because some people do there job extra special.


@ Vet honestly all you sound like is a racist old ***. Just shut the *** up and take your racial profiling like a man. Us so called "niggas" go through it every *** day.


In th letter you said that you did not steal, yet in the replie you made you said you only stole once and he is suspecting you of being a thief because of that. So did you steal the DVD or not?


Anyways I am sick of these nergo's they hire. They don't hire any whites.


Thank you for your replying to my letter also in GA. The fact remains is this *** *** always stops me at the door.

About two years ago I did shoplift from that store. I made a mistake that I am not proud of. However I am way past that now and know that I have done wrong. At the time I was not well off.

I had many bills to pay and almost went bankrupt. It was around Christmas time and I wanted to buy a Harry Potter DVD for my nephew. I did not have much money to buy the DVD so I did something which I will regret for the rest of my life. I put it in my hand bag.

Security caught up with me. When I explained my story they decided not to press charges for two reasons. 1. This was my first offence.

2. They don't charge if the stolen merchandise is under $20 and this was just a few cents shy of $20.

That *** black greeter was there when I was arreseted for shoplifting this was over two years ago. (December 2005) and the *** *** still thinks I am a thief. I have learned from my lesson but this racist greeter can't see that.

He picks on white people to get back at them for when the were slaves which was way before his time. It was way before my time as well.


I just saw this happen yesterday at a store in Atlanta. The door greeter (aka KKK-in-training) let everyone of his own ethnicity pass through with a wave and a smile, and stopped all the other shoppers to minutely inspect their receipts and purchases.

I can understand this when someone has a buggy full of merchandise, but most people had one item, like a shower curtain, a gallon of milk, a package of socks, etc., and they were being treated like criminals.

SAM's club has a policy of counting and checking every item in everyone's cart, but that's because they don't bag their merchandise, so I can understand that. And the fact that everyone goes through the procedure means that there's no possible discrimination.

The Walmart door checkers in Atlanta on the other hand, think of themselves as the doormen of some ultra-hip nightclub, lavishing greetings on a specific select few and making everyone else feel like criminals.

I would great them with a smile and a 'thank you' if they treated everyone fairly. But yeah, shopping at Walmart is like a cattle run except it's worse because it's stuck in the 1940s when people freely stereotyped and discriminated the population and got away with it.