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Why is it that Walmart employs the rudest, dumbest, and most ignorant people they can find??????

I just came back from a trip to a Walmart in Chandler AZ. and I'm glad I don't expect much when I walk in because I wasn't let down...

I was asking one of there fine employees a question about the great straight talk phones, and yes I'm still trying to get mine to work properly, and In the middle of talking to me she saw another crack employee and left me to go have her morning chat. I was literally in the middle of a question when she did this.....

Like I said I don't expect much from these bottom feeders but it seems to get worse each time I have to go into a Walmart.....

It's companies like this P.O.S. that are ruining our economy because of spending my $60 dollars there I said screw it and kept it and will do with out.. I can promise you people this, I WILL NEVER GO INTO A WALMART AGAIN....

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You have terrible spelling and grammar and you call the workers dumb.


My oldest Daughter works at Wal-mart and bless her shes a high school graduate she takes pride in her job and is very helpful to the customers when i go in to shop and see her working I am very proud regardless that its wal-mart that she chose as her career shes been there going on 5 years and is comfortable there . My son spent his last year of high school there then left to work as a correctional officer and that was his calling .

I recently applied at Walmart and have been treated really poorly in the hiring process so i will agree Some employees of walmart are huge waste of space and could care unless about others but not all. This problem starts at the top and works its way down but thankfully a few at the bottom still keep the way they were raised with them even in the work place


I am sure Walmart won't miss you.


It all started the day Sam died. No one after him ever cared about people anymore, only money. I promise you..Sam Walton would NEVER put up with what goes on in those stores today!


They treat their good employees like ***. So the good ones quit and move on to better things.

Who's left to hire? The bottom feeders of course.

John N

This is typical of WalMart and the reason you and others need to find a better place to spend your money, even if you have to pay a few cents more. Putting up with the nonsense at WalMart is just not worth it.

Give the businesses who value customers your dollars. WalMart could care less about you.

@John N

It's not just Walmart my friend, It's ALL BUSINESS'S that treat you like *** and try to bend you over....

The term BUYER BEWARE has never been so true as it is right now....