I went to Wal-Mart this afternoon (3-16-2014) to purchase a few items I needed, one of which was Solar Salt for my water conditioner. I got all my items and went through the checkout, paid for my purchases and was then stopped by one of the door greeters wanting my receipt for the salt.

The salt was sitting up in the front of my cart so not one, with eyes, could have missed it. Well, the cashier did miss it and I was hauled to customer service and treated like I was trying to steal from the store. No only was that totally embarrasing but it was totally uncalled for.

Then, after the episode was over one of the *** CSM's said 'Have a nice evening'. Really, I should have slammed the cart into the CSMs middle section to see how she liked being treated like I was.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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You are a thief. End of story.


you knew you had it, you knew the cashier didn't scan it, and you tried to STEAL from a business. You're a shoplifter. Period, the end.


It is your job to make sure all your items get scanned and paid for....if the salt was right there why didn't you tell her, or place it on the belt for her to scan? You were hoping to get away and say that since she didn't scan it, it was not your fault. Typical behavior of customers anymore....


Why not *** and stop replying to my review you losers, have nothing better to do than to bash someone who has a legit complaint and to the person who said I would have been charged if I slammed the cart in the CSM's middle it would have been worth it. Like it was worth it when I smacked my ex girlfriend for being a *** and she had me charged with asaault.

First B

You need to learn how to control your temper. Obviously you are scared to hit someone else because your ex pressed charges against you.

You don't want the CSM doing the same.

Would assaulting the CSM be worth ruining your life over, having a criminal record and not being allowed to get a job, or travel outside the country?


Honestly you sound like you are four. The cashier forgot to scan the item so you should have told her about the salt.

You were hoping to get away with the cashier's mistake, if you had slammed the cart onto the CSM you the police would have been called and you would have been typing this from juvie. While it is partly the cashier's fault, you were dishonest too by not telling her she forgot to punch that in.


Those big bags of salt how many pounds? 10 or 5?

unreal that they would act like you stole it. The lazy cashier that didn't even bother to look in the cart missed it.

I get my delivered and for every 10 bags I buy they give you a free one. You may want to get a service!


you were in self check-out and 'accidentally' forgot to scan it, right? :roll :roll :roll oh and I'm glad you came here to show your true colors by wishing you assaulted the customer service rep.





Hahahaha.... salty


Yes, it would really show that Walmart employee by getting an assault charge and doing some time. That'll teach 'em! Grow up.


It would be worth it since she embarrassed me. If the cashier forgets to scan an item it is not my job to remind her.

Yeah I knew she had not checked the cart and scanned the salt, but that is not theft since she is the one that forgot to scan it.

I knew when I left the line she had not scanned it, but it is her job to scan everything so since she forgot I should not have to pay for it and remind her. idiots,


Had you paid for it, or had the cashier not scanned it properly therefore the tag that was someplace in the bag set off the buzzer. It's nothing to get your panties in a twist over.


So you got busted stealing salt and are pissed about it. You probably knew she didn't catch it. That's why they have someone at the door - to catch the dishonest people.