Charlotte, North Carolina
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absolutely no one in that store knows what the *** they're talking about I call ed an order 20 cases of fresh step cat litter for multiple cats 34 pound cases not even the manager knew what I was talking about and didn't have any idea where it was located in their store I asked them to order it they said they could not order it because they didn't know what it was what the *** is that what kind of people from running that store to many ignorant people n that store it needs new people an managers that store on Wilkinson should close I waited 2 weeks for.litter 4 nothing

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Well, all cat litter is in the pet section. Start there, Einstein.


Do you speak with better grammer than you type? If not I'm not surprised they didn't understand what you wanted.

That being said, Walmart carries a very large variety of cat litters.

It would be difficult to tell which one you want over the phone. Next time leave your house and go to the store to make your request.