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We went to local Wal-Mart in Cobleskill NY at 10:15 PM yesterday.The item we wanted to purchase was out of stock(Emerson 32" HDTV).

Was given a Wal-Mart 1-Hour Guarantee Gift Card#6084 3470 6222 3511 EAN 4219) and was told we can call from home to validate the purchase. As we have no computer at home, we started calling about 10:45PM. After waiting about 30 minutes, we finally reached an Associte named Curtis. Explained why I'm calling, he asked for the number on the card.

Giving him the #, he then asked for the PIN#, which is at the end. After about 3, or 4 tries, he said the # does not match and he has to transfer me to another Dep't. This did not work and I wound up in a loop. Hanging up, I tried dialing again.

First I Got a busy signal. Hung up and tried again in a minute. Got through and again got the recording.

I sat with the phone until 12.35AM and in anger hung up.This is a matter of principal now.

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it's a very bad services and a very bad attitude my experience it's NO BUY there and I want my money back. :upset


I tried to register this morning for an hour and had nothing but problems....Just now I was able to get in on the first try and have my registration complete! :grin

Reno, Nevada, United States #750210

This one hour guarantee is just a scam to get you buy a Walmart gift card,hoping you won't get a refund and use the card,most people will simply use the card. Great gimmick on part of Walmart.

Dillon, South Carolina, United States #750098

:cry i try to register at one hour for a phone, and talk to someone and still no good judy mckenzie :(








Mayetta, Kansas, United States #749619

I got to Holton ks Wal Mart for the 32 in Emerson tv and found out that they had sold out because they started selling them at 4pm and then I had to fight to get the one hour guarantee they also told others before 7pm that they could not get the tv any longer.They also sold out of other tv's that were not suppose to sale before 8 pm this store has very bad attitude and normally go to Topeka Ks but being late went to Holton because they are closer.

I am also having trouble getting my guarantee card through.thank you for your help

to darla.stewart21 Elizabeth City, North Carolina, United States #749946

same sh*t happened here in Elizabeth City N.C. Now I have some paper for a one hour guarantee an can find the mf cite. :upset

Church Road, Virginia, United States #749614

Just a thought..just saw Walmart CEO on Today show.

What a joke. decided to go there yesterday to get a "guarantee" tv. We were in line before six, then told that in order to get the tv had to be in line 2 hours before? They then said that they can give a raincheck for full price.

I should have known!

First they trick you to come out on Thanksgiving to shop then don't have the stuff, so I guess shame on me.Never again lol.


Waited in line for over 2 hours, got home, and have been on the internet for 5 hours trying to process card.The website is not working!

Really want this to go through for my daughter.Hope Walmart pulls it together.


I went to the wal mart at steelyard commons in cleveland ohio was in line at 410 for an item that did not start until 600 also my wife was in another line for a 50 inch tv at the same time that started at 800 she got a wrist band so did I we were promised 2 tvs first they lied to me I paid for the tv and was then told they did not have it asked for manager waited 1 hour no response my wife got her ticket went and paid for it we were told to go outside at the rear of store after another hour plus in that line and seeing several tvs leaving again all of a sudden they had no more tvs came home got assistant manager on the phone asked why this happened no excuse the associates were giving tvs to friends ect I am making a complaint with the district manager and the local news channels I was promised in stock merchandise not let us take over 500.00 and then give me 2 plastic cards that do not work I suggest everyone who was ripped off file complaints and see how they like losing all their business I dont understand what the idea is all about but Iam going in tomorrow if they do not get my tvs here in 3-5 business days I will file a court case against the company for theft.

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