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I received a Black Friday 1-hour guarantee card for a ipad mini. I had to buy a gift card at the register then go online to pay for it.

Employees didn't explain the correct information regarding this promo. Walmarts website kept kicking the order out. Finally I got the order to place on 11/28/13. It is now 12/13/13 and the order still says it is processing.

It has been more than 2 weeks. Customer Service is no help at all and has no answer as to when the the order will ship. I cant receive the $100 gift card until the order ships. I was told if walmart cant ship it out I will only receive a refund by gift card.

This is not acceptable. They made us buy a gift card at the register that night rather than simply giving us a code and letting us use a visa online for the order. I feel this was a way to keep our money binding us to buy at walmart even if the order cancels. I paid cash for the gift card.

This was the worst idea. Walmart should have simply stocked in store the amount of items they planned on giving vouchers for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $328.

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It is December 30, and I have not even received an email about my order. I purchased the 32" TV

My store has them in stock, but I cannot get one oven though I already paid for it!!


we ordered an ipad mini in north carolina on 30th Nov using the 1-hr guarantee , got an product shipped email on 14th dec, then a gift card on the 16th of Dec. in the shipping email it said the product will be ready for pick up on 22 Dec, then on 23rd we got an email that the order is infinitely delayed and they are unable to give any new delivery date.

Its 30th Dec and now when we call the store they have no clue and want us to call Fedex or 700-walmart (no one picks this ph number).. seriously c'mon own up to your end of the guarantee and atleast apologize.

The lady on the ph had the nerve to tell me, don't worry about the order you will get an email when its ready for pickup.


ipad mini order still processing- says, will arrive 12/22. I picked the ipad up in store, but cant get the gift card until it ships. Wondering what will happen if I push the "cancel order" button :P


My laptop was given dec 14-22 estimated delivery. Night of 12/26 and I still dont have it. This is a joke!


still waiting and its jan 6. what a joke


Ordered beats with the one hour guarantee. They haven't arrived yet and it is Christmas day.

I went to the store twice to talk to them about it they told me both times they should be in by Christmas Eve. I then called on Christmas eve and got a message from the store saying they were not taking any calls and then hung up.

I am very unhappy with Walmart right now. I will be taking my Christmas business elsewhere next year!!!


My order was shipped on the 14 and is somewhere in pa. Item was going to be here on the 17th. Now its Christmas eve and I half to go out to the store in a snow storm with my wheel chair to but my little girl some gifts.


Here it is Christmas Eve and I still don't have my beats. Order says processing and that shipping information has been sent to fed ex.

It also shows a bright orange pair of headphones when I click on the item.

Not sure my son will

Like that color or when he will actually get them. :roll


Call your store don't wait for the email! Ha the same problem but when I called manager told me that they send this stuff without actual order numbers so I ended up getting upgraded to a $300 pair of beats and they are black! So don't wait contact the store asap.


if you are missing items contact your store don't wait for the emails.


Do not wait for the email call your walmart they are receiving the beats by pallet loads without the order name or number so call and find out if your walmart has received an order! I got upgraded to the beats executive (299) which was fine by me! If you haven't contacted your store yet do it now!!!!


went with the 1 hour in stock guarantee for the ipad. just received an email that it will not be delivered on time the day before x-mas eve.

That's some guarantee! Meanwhile there's six on the shelf i cannot have as a replacement for some bs reason.

Screw walmart. Don't trust then with your money.


I got that email too and then a text saying it was in! Went to the store immediately and there it was! Worth a try.


Go to the store and check to see if your order arrived! Dont wait for the email!!!!!!! I never received my email but my item was there for pick up!!!!!!!


Please everyone go to your Walmart store I never got a pick up e-mail but I went this morning and they gave me a better tv then what on sale!


Still don't have the beats solos that I ordered on November 29th with the card I was given in store to order. I am tracking on my account and now it states that I ordered Beats Mxr orange and blue headphones.

I can't imagine my husband wearing those on business trips and I can't pick up until they arrive in store.

Unfortunately, we are heading out of town tomorrow morning, so he will be missing a present under the tree on Christmas.

Walmart gets a big lump of coal this Christmas for POOR service and FALSE advertising!!!!


we have to file lawsuit against walmart regarding this false advertising.

1). 1-Hour In Stock Guarantee card but we don't get

2). delivery we did not receiver before Christmas.

3). Customer service are not answering phone.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( ...


we have to file lawsuit against walmart regarding this falls advertising.

1). 1-Hour In Stock Guarantee card but we don't get

2). delivery we did not receiver before Christmas.

3). Customer service are not answering phone.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


don't wait for the email like I did, after reading other posts, I went and checked my account and it was ready for pick up yesterday. Good luck!!


I received the "your item has arrived" for the ipad mini I ordered on Black Friday, but never got the "your item was shipped email" which would include the $100 gift card.

I think my ipad for my order never ACTUALLY shipped, they just put my order number on an ipad that was already at the store. I'm going to ask when I go to pick it up after work, because the only reason I bought it was because I would get $100 back. Hopefully I can prove to them that I never received my Gift Card.