Johnson City, Tennessee

was on computer for 5 HOURS and nothing after I put in receipt code and icon just spun around for 4 HOURS .I will never fall for this again,about ready to take everything I bought that night back and get a refund and take my business somewhere else!from now on, I will think twice about shopping with this company again and fall for a gimmick like thisI have always shopped with Walmart but about done after this! I can not believe that they would try this company would pull such a stunt as they did this year.I will have to think very hard about supporting a business !

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If you haven't had it fixed just go into the store and have customer service fix it for you. It is a simple 30 second fix or they can order it for you.


I haven't tried to order mine yet. I purchase two tv' upset about the laptop deal.

I waited and waited for the 178 $ laptop and by time I was asked can I help you at 820om I was told they were sold rain check .this sell started at 8 pm I didn't see anyone with a laptop.

I believe they didn't ever have them. In Thomson ga walmart.