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1.I ordered a USB connecting chord to a hard drive on 5 th of Jan 2021. The price is less than fifteen CDN and is sold by a third party through Walmart Canada.

2.As per the receipt sent by Walmart, I am supposed to receive the item on 12 th of Jan, and today it is 28 th of Jan and I did not receive it yet.

3.I called Walmart after 12 th, about 4 or 5 times, and the seller responded each time basically with the same point asking me to WAIT!!

4.On 22 nd the seller informed me that the item was released by Customs of Canada and was with Canada Post for processing, he asked me to wait until 2nd Feb!!

I wondered why a USB cable with a valued of under 14 dollars was in the Customs, and this long in the first place!!

5.The seller also said the item crossed China, and this was news to me as the Walmart did not mention this would be shipped from China on their site!! If it had been mentioned, I would not have placed my order in the first place, as it would take longer time to reach me.

6.On 21 st I asked Canada post to investigate about the item and on 28 th, they informed that the ITEM WAS NOT TRACKED IN THEIR SYSTEM for delivery!! If the item was with Canada Post for processing as the seller mentioned in his email on 22 nd, WAS IT NOT TRACKABLE?

7.Today on 28 th, I called the customer service Walmart (1-80*-328-****) before 10 AM, and after the initial chat with the person who lifted the phone, I requested my call be forwarded to his boss!!

8.A lady, who said her name was BABYL, asked the order number and said, this item was sold by a 3 rd party, so they give their number which is not trackable by Canada post and asked me to wait until 2nd!!

9.Being annoyed after waiting this long, and more so because of the tone of her conversation, I asked her business number, which she said she could not give because of security reasons. All through my conversation this ladys tone was unsympathetic, and not at all concerned about the problem of the customer!!

Her tone was like, though not said so, "go and complain!!"

10.I felt very bad about such officer/supervisor being in the customer department and that too in a business firm like Walmart

11.In my opinion she is unfit to be in the customer service of Walmart!! Person who took my call before forwarding it to this lady was a lot better than her.

12.Would the Walmart leadership kindly look in to this, and set things as they ought to be?

a.I am not happy with the way Walmart handled my online order.

b.I am not happy with Walmart employee/officer (BABYL) who responded to my call as the supervisor of customer service.



The order no: #203218****913 Date: 5 Jan 2021


Location: Hamilton, Ontario

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