At the Delray Beach, Florida store, they treat you like garbage, even if you have 10+ years with the company, you can't have a life because they don't know how to make a schedual, you can't plan anything, and you are not suppose to have a family life. in fact a black female who works in the lawn and garden checkout who was already on a "D" day, left her register and got right into a customers face and started screaming at him, just because he asked her if she had a garbage can so he could get rid of some trash, so he had left some trash on the register and proceeded to leave, that's when the cashier got into his face screaming at him in front of alot more customers,,,,till this day she did not get reprimanded or terminated, Would you stand for that, *** no,,,, Management knows of this but still she is employed there."WHY"...and they still use the term WHAT WOULD SAM WALTON DO?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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i work at walmart in colorado. been there 1 mos.

we are all treated like *** and slaves. they make up new rules and regulations everyday that get you fired even if you are a very good employee and work your *** off. they treat us all like we're ***. a customer can treat you like garbage and they give you a coaching, even tho they know in their minds that you couldnt have possibly have done anything?

walmart does not care about employees as they say they do.

that is why there is a very high turnaround of employees. i've seen ppl getting fired for very very dumb reasons.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #143379

How do you know this employee was on D Day, usually they don't discuss personnal information with other associates. and I doubt she would tell you this.

Working at Wal-mart there are lots of rumors about associates so don't believe everything.

They certainly would not tell you if this person was dealt with. So even if she was punished they would not tell you.

:roll "Irish" - you use the same LAME "act like a child" comment and your such the "expert" on racial issues. I am not surprised how this employee was treated, I personally have scene Wal-Mart employees be mistreated, so this incident is not shocking...I might add - neither is the "IN YOUR FACE SCREAMING" ---What an out of control *** – Who cares that she’s knocked up, that doesn’t give her the right to be an *** to her customers…What Low life!
Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #141092

Did this really happen, or are you trying to get her fired because of the color of her skin? Sounds like you act like a child.

You need to quit before the labor board sues them for hiring a child. Are you sure you have been working there ten years because you act much younger than ten.

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