Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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I went into Wal Mart to purchase a pet fish. when i got to the tanks over half of them were dead, sinking floating and stuck to the filter.

Not only did I find this disturbing and unacceptable but when I went to speak with a manager about it, he told me that they had been having problems which obviously means that they didn't fix this problem to begin with and continued to let the fish die. I fully believe that something should be done about this. Its animal cruelty!!!

If you went to a pound to get a dog or a cat and half of them were dead something would be done about it!! Absolutely unacceptable

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Fish feel pain,they can think,and breathe. SO they can die.

Its been proven that there bodys are NOT far off from the human pain system. Walmart can go to ***,and so can all the haters,becuse that's were god or what ever higher power and after life punishment you believe in,will be happening to those who don't see how each life is improtent


We have a responsibility to respect all life, including fish. I used to own fish and I felt attached to them. I am outraged by people's needless cruelty towards fish.