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My complaints against WalMart and their policies and practices.

I have been a loyal Walmart customer for many years. I have (like most people) spent thousands of dollars at their stores. I enjoyed the shopping experience and considered a trip an outing I was looking forward to.

However, those enjoyable experiences are a thing of the past.

I visited my local store yesterday to return several items (without a receipt) that came to a big ole grand total of $121.81. The manager on duty was kind enough to approve my items for return after looking (from head to toe).

The associate then told me she could not complete my transaction because I had 3 returns in a 45 day period without a receipt. I requested they still accept my returns as I am and have been a long time customer. Heck, I even called 1-800-Walmart and voiced my concerns. I received a phone call from the associate manager at my frequented store explaining the policy, um which I already understood. He went on to explain this is WalMart's Corporate policy to keep dishonest people from stealing items and then returning to store to get a cash refund. He then advised me to seek out a a family member or friend and have them return the items (as long as they themselves did not have 3 returns without a receipt.) Does that make any sense to anyone else? Also, I do believe that if Walmart has a problem with theft then maybe, just maybe they should employ more security inside the store. Let me also add, the manager's salary of each store has a bonus that is Directly AFFECTED by how many returns they accept.

Now my Other complaints:

I am tired of stepping over dirty diapers, squished french fries and trash in general in the Walmart parking lot.

I am tired of standing all the way back in the Jr Underwear section because there are only 2 live checkers, and 4 of the 5 self-checkout lanes are broken, or the 12 people in front of me have 100 plus items to self-check.

I am annoyed beyond belief that you can no longer just run into the store for a couple of items and expect to actually get out of there in less than 30 minutes. (See prior complaint why)

I tired of the long customer service lines and the fact there is usually only 1 person working it.

I am sick of shopping at a dirty, hot and understocked stock.

I am outraged that Walmart does not care about their employees and this has led to a store atmosphere with employees that are not happy at their jobs. CORPORATE WELFARE.

Last, I am tired of Walmart Management and Corporate refusing to acknowledge any of the above issues.

Walmart simply NO LONGER VALUES YOU, the customer or their employees.


Take a stand and maybe, just maybe their management will initiate some LONG overdue Corporate house cleaning. (Like the saying goes, Don't hold your breathe.)

Unhappy with Walmart?



Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $122.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Not only are loyal customers familiar with the policy but they also strive to follow it to the best of their abilities. Loyal customers do not expect the rules to be bent for them.

If an exception is made on the basis of your loyalty, that's great. If not, then do not take it personally. Managers must follow a policy just like the associates who work under them.

Walmart should strive to satisfy customers.

That said, they have to protect their assets. They cannot satisfy customers if they lose money on ***-artists.


With how often you apparently have to return things it seems like you would realize you should hang on to your receipt. You claim to know the policy but seem adamant they should change it just for you.

Why? Because you shop there all the time?So do lots of people. And what's this bs about the managers bonus being affected by the number of returns? Where did you pull this tidbit of information?

Customer returns that are not resellable are sent back to the vendors who in turn issue a credit to the store for the cost of the merchandise so generally returns do not affect the bottom line (with a few exceptions of course). One exception would be when loyal customers steal things and then try to return them without a receipt to get money for stolen goods.

In the future, just keep your receipts, then you won't have anymore of these frustrating experiences. There's even a new app where you can scan your receipt with your phone and keep a digital copy, then when you have to return something you just have to show a screen on your phone.


It's one thing to make a purchase and then return it even once within 45 days, to do so THREE times within a 45 day period, let alone to constantly do so without receipts becomes abuse of the entire return process.

With the utmost respect, Walmart has probably classified you as a habitual returner and would prefer to not have you as a customer.


If you think they should have more security perhaps instead of complaining you should apply there. Being a loyal customer means nothing, even loyal customers steal.

It does not matter if you shop there once a week or once a year, the same rules apply to everyone, from your review you think because you go there often you should get special treatment. I agree with the other poster if you really went there that often you would know that you cannot return an item without a receipt, you think dollar store will be different think again. It is not like the items were $5 they were over $100. If over 45 days you already had three returns you need to hold on to your receipt.

I don't think you are a child as the other poster does but you act like one. I am sure on your third return they warned you about this but you expected special treatment because you are a loyal customer.


This makes a lot of sense, many stores have the same policy, and if you really were a loyal customer as you claim instead of bSing it in your complaint to make yourself look important you would know their return policy. Next time you buy an expensive item hold on to the receipt until you get home(assuming you are not shopping with a parent) and give the receipt to a parent right away so you don't lose it.

Also I believe you have to be 13 to have a facebook page? Do your parents know you use facebook?


I sure hope you feel better after your extremely long rant about all your complaints about WalMart. I am pretty some are real and some you made up.

Are you aware that there isn't a real world such as "ole," no matter what part of the country you come from? It doesn't matter whether how long you have been shopping there, they still have their policies and it sounds like you return a lot of things without receipts. Whoever would have several items totaling as much as you say yours did and not have a receipt? Something sounds fishy with your story, therefore, being they wouldn't do what you wanted, you decided to go on a rant about other things that have nothing to do with your original complaint.

You and I both know all stores have a problem with theft. They don't have to hire more security people, they have cameras all over the store and there is somebody sitting in the security office watching the cameras. As far as you being tired of stepping over trash in general in the parking lot, are you aware that it is customers just like you that tosses stuff on the ground instead of either keeping it in your car or walking to one of the trash cans? What exactly do you mean understocked stock?

Do you by any chance mean understocked shelves? From what I have heard each individual store doesn't order their merchandise, corporate does it for them, by how much of each item is sold in a certain time frame. Let's face it sometimes there will be an item that is sold out sooner than expected. I'm sure WalMart won't miss you and your temper tantrums.

You should either get back on your meds or else take mommy with you when you go shopping. It is time to grow up.

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