Worst store ever please everyone take your business somewhere else. They never have carts in the store no matter what time of day you go.

The produce is always old and nasty looking. The ceiling leaks and the floors are sticky. The bathrooms always are disgusting and the most of the staff is rude especially kathleen the cashier. I will never go to this store again.

I will pass the store forever and go to kroger or meyers. This store is horrible and they should be closed.

I hope they get some management that cares or this location is not going to make. I will be telling everyone i know how terrible this place is.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The reason they have dirty toilets is because they cannot clean up after everyone. Then you would be complaining they are not helping in other areas.

Seriously ask mommy or daddy to take you to the washroom before you leave the house and the dirty washrooms won't be an issue. Also people steal shopping carts and then cannot just wave a wand and magically get them back.


Since I cannot seem to quote him directly this reply is for Kevin Richards. I think we are the ones that changed the spelling of those words ending in "our" color, neighbor, favor, flavor ect.

I think the reason was something to do with the British.

After we gained independence from them we changed some of the spellings just to be different from them.