Colleyville, Texas
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I don't have the same complaint about this store as I did the last time (carts in the aisle). I wasn't picking up cereal aisle items this time, just a scrubbing brush and some sunscreen.

My complaint is about the self checkout machines. They were all unavailable this time as they appeared to be putting in new machines. I hope they are just putting in new machines and not taking the self checkouts down. I had to go check our with one of the cashiers which I hate doing.

I don't feel like being sociable when I go into WM and I despise WM cashiers. They tend to be rude and bark your total at you instead of saying things like "$_ please" or "your total is $_ today." The cashier I checked out with today actually said "your total is $_ " to the guy in front of me but barked out what my price is to me. Just saying $15.28 to me like "hand over your money." I am CHOOSING to spend money there and I don't appreciate that....especially since I wanted to use the self checkout like usual and not even deal with cashiers.

Hopefully they are just putting up new machines and I won't have to for now on. I should have got the little lady's name and turned her in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Were you not aware that self check outs don’t just magically appear via fairies? Also I’m 150% sure they do not care that you choose to spend money they. Unlike you they don’t CHOOSE who goes thew their line.


Your own attitude goes a long way to how you are treated. I am willing to bet you give rudeness and act surprised when you get it back.



So exactly when is Walmart supposed to install the new self check out machines?

So exactly what time in the day is supposed to install the new self check out machines?

Exactly what time of day will work for you regarding their installing new self check out machines so you will not be that upset about this?