Phoenix, Arizona

I'm pretty astounded by customer service at this store. Not only does a Co-Manager tell someone people to not shop at there store but tells them to not come in because they do not like this person.

With a franchise being this huge, you should be promoting business and not turning business away. I hope this person learns how to show better customer service in the near future because with his attitude and with words like he stated, you may just be loosing business instead of gaining.

I dont wish bad will on this person because Im more mature then that but I hope they coach or show that every customer is an asset regardless if they like that person or not.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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With a franchise that big telling a few customers not to come back because they most likely give them attitude is not going to hurt them. I frankly am glad they are telling customers like that not to return.

It shows they care about their employees (which mostly they do not) and shows them that they cannot get away with harassment. It takes a lot for a company to ban a customer.

They must have done something really bad. If you really were more mature you would not behave in a way that they would not want you back in their store.


I don't think any employee should be telling customers to not return or come in because they dislike that person. That employee should suck it up and consider it money in there pockets.

@***edOff Customer

Of course the person posting the review is going to say they were banned for that. I doubt this is the case. They are not telling the truth.

@***edOff Customer

PissedOff Customer, technically thieves are not customers. Regardless of whether you stole something or not (I'm willing to bet that you did something terrible), stop trying to justify your poor attitude.

No, the customer is not always right AND just because they are employees there does not mean that you should just abuse the *** out of them. Also, when you are stealing, how is that money in their pocket?