Greenville, South Carolina

i spent hrs Christmas shopping with my disabled daughter. intended to spend several hundred dollars.

my daughter picked out all her Christmas presents. this is the most exciting time of the year for her and she was very happy. went to customer service and was told walmart no longer had a layaway policy. hrs wasted and a very disappointed child.

thru with walmart. they are not the only merchandise store in America. kmart and sears have a layaway dept.

suggest you do your Christmas shopping there unless you have several hundred dollars to spend at once. NSC, shelby,north carolina

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Sorry about my previous comment I was up all night being raped by my father while my mother watched.


So this person complaining thinks the meaning of christmas is to spend money YOU CLEARLY DONT HAVE on cheap plastic toys made in china for your "loved ones".

Great logic(sarcasm).

If you didn't raise your children on tv(lazy parent) they wouldnt be brain washed by commercials telling them they DESERVE cheap plastic toys made in china for a "special day". The sooner you tell them how life really is will be better for them in the long run.


walmart is for walmart;i was hired to work until after christmas until they laid us off right after black friday cause of the bad economy.then on our last day aannounced sales were up 10percent. so if they care about the employees who were loyal enough to show up at 4am they do not care about the money they lost over not having a layaway.they did away with it 2years ago because it cost them too much money id bet its really costing them now


It's not like Walmart is advertising that they have layaway. You decided to take it upon yourself to waste your time.

I agree with the person who says it is a waste of man hours.

Walmart has been heavily advertising site to store. That way you can shop online and no have to "waste time" shopping in your local store.


you assumed they had something(layaway). you know what they say about assumptions.

sorry you wasted your time.

by the way, xmas isnt about spending hundreds of dollars of toys for your child. find the true meaning of xmas and layaway wont matter.


You should all be ashamed of yourself's for putting this poor woman down. What is wrong with this world nowadays!

There is just so much hatred in all of you. This woman did nothing wrong. Walmart has had layaway for years and just RECENTLY decided to get rid of it. Many families just like her are struggling with tough economic times, job losses and so forth - for those that do not know walmart has taken away the layaway plan have been looking forward to still being able to give their children xmas with a beautiful xmas tree, holiday cheer and presents.

I suppose all of u that are putting this poor woman down - are excluded from all those affected in a negative way right now.

You need to pray and ask for some forgiveness! As for Kmart & Sears, yes they may be slightly higher in price however they are the only ones that will make xmas possible for lots of families this year!


It's not walmart's fault you were too *** to notice they didn't have a layaway anymore. they discontinued that like a year ago, at LEAST. I guess from now on you'll use more sense, if you have any that is.


Why did'nt you ask if they have layaway before you did your shopping?


Ok I think you guys are being a little to hard on this person. I agree it is better financially to have lay away especially if you are trying to get out of debt.

Maybe she should have checked before she shopped to see if they had lay away but hey don't we all have stuff we wish we would have done?

Any way, I think she has a good complaint. Not everyone has credit or the money at the time to go spend hundreds of dollars and it is easier to pay over time and not have intrest.


I agree Walmart is no longer for the customer they are only about their money. I will buy at any other store even if the price is higher than give wal;mart a dollar of my money :(


If you checked before then you would have known..and beside layaway is not very popular any more..this is a failure on your part not walmarts


Walmart hasn't had layaway in at least 3 years. Probably more than that.

How is it their fault that your poor *** didn't know that they hadn't had layaway in years? Haven't you noticed the "layaway" section turning into "site to store"?

Go to Kmart (Kmart is owned by Sears, js).

You'll end up paying more than you did at Walmart. :)


I hate you have a disabled daughter but walmart has not had lay away for years. Layaway is the biggest hassel in retail.

It takes up too much inventory and is a waste of man hours. K-mart and Sears are the only ones that still do it because if they do not then they can not compete with walmart.

Walmart can do what they want because they can. You can take away half the shoppers at walmart and they would still be the number one retailer in the world.


Why are you taking your disabled daughter x-mas shopping in October if you have no money???? My local walmart, K-mart, and Sears do not offer layaway here in AZ.


It's called "Save your own money and buy what you can, when you can". Get a life.