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I live locally, in Pekin. Shopping at Walmart was never a particularly memorable or positive experience, but since our last visit, we won't go there again ever, unless we have to.

The store had been in the midst of renovations for a little while, most of which they seemed to be trying to manage over night shifts. No problem with that. When we went there during the day however, there was a major stocking effort going on, with what appeared to be "all hands on deck" present in the store. This should've been a customer service opportunity, but what it showed me, first hand, was how the employees really feel about customers.

We were purchasing a few things, but one major item was a computer. I'd asked a manager rep where to find something in the department. After looking at me glassy-eyed as if to convey, "Why are you talking to me??" She answered with what was a pretty standard customer service response, leaving me wondering why my question was so intrusive. You could argue she was occupied, except that she wasn't.

She went back to standing around aimlessly (supervising?) after I walked away. The worst though was actually trying to select our computer. We were reviewing and discussing the features. Employees kept walking past, some with product, some not.

We stayed out of the way, obviously observing there was some sort of effort taking place. When we decided on our computer, however, mind you, they were positioned in the path of this store's inventory area. We didn't get a choice of where to choose the computer from. We were courteous in staying out of their way, but when we tried to get the large box into our cart, a team of 3 employees came down this aisle, side stepping around us, then stopping, in our path, with computer in mid-transit to our cart.

I kid you not. It wasn't like we were several feet from the cart either; they were simply completely oblivious to our presence or our plight. As my son and I stood balancing our purchase, waiting for them to move, realizing they weren't acknowledging us, I said, "Excuse us." A manager rep swung around and gave me the most hateful, who-the-f-do-you-think-you-are look I haven't seen since grade school. Seriously, I couldn't believe it.

We are congenial people and tried to laugh it off, saying, "We just need to get this into the cart." At that point, someone with a mind for customer service (or even half a decent attitude) would've composed and excused herself, at minimum. That didn't happen. She sauntered off with her entourage, into the inventory back room, without apology---letting us know, without question, we were at best, an inconvenience, at worst, a bother and obstacle, in her domain. Never doing business here again until you FIX IT.

I don't care what your prices are; there is no good reason to support this kind of behavior. Just outrageous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Staff, Management attitudes.

  • Poor management skills
  • Service And Attitude
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I'd love to see what the training is like at Walmart regarding customer service. (if any exists at all).

I do go there frequently as it's both convenient and economical, but there is always something that I see on my visits that just blows me away. Rudeness, never willing to help, etc. The cashiers are usually the most helpful and friendly. The floor staff and managers act as if they are invisible and should not be bothered.

The stockers act as if the customers shouldn't be there while they do their jobs. Also, I don't care if you're working or not, if you're in your uniform on the floor you can at least be nice to customers.


Actually, the attitude you witnessed is rather common at all WalMarts. Buying a computer there is really not a good idea anyway.

Go online, do some research and buy from Amazon or direct with the manufacturer---I recommend or buy a Toshiba, tho HP is better.

I have given up purchasing computers at local stores. Most employees haven't a clue what they are selling or why.