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I went to walmart and I bought the 20pk of mechanical lead pencils of paper-mate and when I opened the pack which was sealed pack and I counted just 19 pencils and I was missing. I was so surprised that how this can be and I was searching for that one pencil here and there in my house but couldn't find it so if I go back to walmart and tell the issue then they will not believe me and will tell me that you stole it so I am trapped now :( I am completely confused that what to do now? Just let it go and don't ever take a step forward to improve someone's mistake?

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Livonia, Michigan, United States #699492

If you really want your pencil, take the package back to the store.When you are walking up to the store, realize that mistakes happen.

When you are standing in line waiting to be helped, smile. Its just a pencil. When you get up to the customer service counter, smile. Explain what happened, and be nice about it.

Did I mention that you should smile?

Wal-Mart employees get paid dirt wages to get walked all over by inconsiderate customers.Remember that when they take their uniform off, they are people just like you and will treat you the same way you treat them.

La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States #686272

That isn't walmart's mistake you *** ***, that is the mistake of Paper Mate. A little piece of advice. Inspect your *** before purchase.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #685713

This obviously isn't Walmart's problem, you need to contact Paper-Mate to resolve this problem. :roll

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #684088

I can't believe you would raise a stink about missing one pencil It cost more to drive back to the store and complain, than the cost of the pencil.I also have many more important things to do than count the number of pencils in a package.

The only way I would count is if there were so many pencils missing that it was obvious that there were some missing, but one missing pencil isn't obvious. Furthermore, it isn't WalMart's fault, it is the manufacturers fault.

Mistakes happen.How about you worry about you lack of capitalization and spacing between sentences, instead of worrying about one missing pencil.

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