Tucson, Arizona
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I am 75 years young and bought my dream home in Az bought 2 years ago. I thought this would be the best years of my days but it is horrible.

I love to shop and go visit store but these DOGS!! I am allergic to them in the worse way. I have spoken to manager at Walmart, Ross and Fryes grocery store, Food City, TJMaxx, Marshalls and even eating Resturants where dos have used the bathroom, vomit and shaken their hairs everywhere while I have been in the stores. I have had to leave stores and go to the hospital bc I look up and a dog has gotten to close to me while in the buggy.

This us horrible. What can we do to get these dogs out of the stores. I have never seen anything like this in my entire 75 years of life. Please contact my if you can help me.

Yrobinson002@tx.rr.com. If they can arise 20M for a Dog kettle and want us to pay The taxes let the dogs pay the taxes on the 20M.

There are people living in the woods here but dogs can go in stores. The is CrAzy.

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Due to an incident three years ago in which a drunk driver ran off the road onto the sidewalk where I happened to be walking, I am now handicapped and wheelchair bound. Everything about me still functions perfectly well, except for my legs.

I live on my own, like I did before the accident, I work forty or more hours a week as a secretary in a law office, I pay my own bills with money I earn, and I do all my shopping for myself. I do have a service animal, it is a small dog that sits in my lap and retrieves items that I may drop and cannot reach for myself, among other things. When I go to the store, my dog does not leave my lap unless she is doing her job, after which she returns to my lap.

She is quiet and very well behaved. If my dog has gotten too close to anyone, it is because they are invading my personal space and need to take a few steps back.


The manager said that these are working dogs the ones I referred to and they are allowed in the store. He tried to explain to me what working dogs are.

But that is not the issue. I am allergic and they should not allow any dogs. If the people cannot shop without a working dog they should have someone else do the shopping for them, or go with someone else.

But it is not fair to expose me to dogs because I am allergic. I dont want to always go to a hospital bc a dog was close to me, even if it is allowed by law in the store, and the manager said they could be fined if they tell these people to leave, but what about me, if i get one more allergic reaction i will sue them.


While I agree that the handicapped should stay at home, they have to allow working dogs in the store. I bet those handicapped people that bring the dogs in the store also are on food stamps, and are too handicapped to work.

Funny how they are too handicapped to work, yet they can bring their fat *** to Walmart or any other store and shop for hours on end. I am surprised they did not kill and eat the dog.