Tampa, Florida

i went to walmarts im brooksville fla.. on cortez blvd to get 3"chlorine tablets.

wsd told they were out but cost on them was$59.99 only had granulars for $74.99, so went to other walmart on commercial dr about 5 miles apart and their 3' chlorine tablets same size was $74,99, register called mgr up and she told me she didn.t have to have same prices (does this mean u match other companies prices but not walmart doesn't make much sence to me.so next dat walmart on cortez got some in so i took back to ther store brought tablets back and had my $89.??

returned to me by the way they were 25 lbs each. on the way to other store stopped by leslies pools d got 35lbs and twice as good chlorine tablets for ^69.oo so a sale was lost BECAUSE YOU WON"T BEAT YOUR OWN PRICES

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