Boonton, New Jersey

I recently went to a local Walmart establishment, expecting the kind of service that I normally receive. As I walked up to the Outdoors Counter, interested in purchasing a knife for use at my workplace, I noticed that the fellow behind the counter was going off to help someone else. I understood that the other customer was there first, so I did the right thing and waited. As I saw the other customer return with the product he wanted, I expected the fellow who was assisting him to come back and assist me. No one returned. Being in he retail business myself, I understand what it's like to have a customer pull you aside and ask a question about something while you're heading back to your post. I did not expect to be waiting for 30 minutes in the same spot.

While this wouldn't have been too much of an issue for me, the biggest annoyance to me was that about three other Walmart employees passed me without so much as offering a greeting. I was clearly examining the different knives, two of which I was interested in purchasing. While I know 50 dollars is meaningless to Walmart corporate, the fact that they're able to turn down money and that their employees seen to lack the most basic customer service skills and are still being paid to work in that field, completely blows my mind. I was also planning on grabbing some lunch from the Subway they had within its walls, but after my experience, why should I bother to give an establishment money for such ***-poor service? After 30 minutes of waiting at a counter with no one else present and being ignored by three employees, one of whom was dressed as a manager, I said screw it. I'm not about to pay these miserable bastards my hard-earned money. I'm leaving and I promise you, unless it's to visit the pharmacy, who actually DO their job and TREAT you like a customer should be treated, I will NOT be purchasing anything from this store again.

  • Outdoors Department
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If you are old enough to work, I am pretty sure you are old enough to ask one of those three employees that passed you for help. You don't need mommy to do that for you do you?

I agree none of the employees are mind readers, how are they to know that you would not blow up on them if they asked you if you needed help. Some people don't like when they ask if they need help because they want to shop in peace.


Learn to speak up and politely ask for help. The other associates probably did not work in that area and had other things going on, but if you had simply got their attention and asked to see a knife I'm sure they would have found you some help.

Walmart associates are not mind readers. Sometimes you have to help them to help you.