Oxford, Connecticut

Purchased a 32" LCD tv from WalMart on black Friday as a special for $250. After 9 months, it will not turn on for ?????

reason...Thought it was a pretty good deal, but this should not be happening after only 9 months! Tip: Do not buy this tv! Warranty has nothing to do with this complaint...but the tv itself should not just stop working. We are very careful with our electronics...no children, no spilled beverages, no damages...just stopped working one day randomly.

Good thing we never threw out our box tv...because that's all we have now 'til who knows when! :(

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I purchased a emerson tv from Walmart 2 years ago and it will not come every know and then it make jump from source to no picture my tv is still under warranty and I'm trying to get replaced any ideas.


Next time buy brand names - sony, panasonic , etc . Emerson -you got what u paid for .


That's *** "Oh never mind/Don't embarrass me". You took the time to sit on this website and write a *** complaint and then AFTER YOU GOT CALLED OUT FOR BEING A DUMBA$$, suddenly remembered that you unplugged your TV because of a storm?

You ***!

You said, "Good thing we never threw out our box tv...because that's all we have now 'til who knows when! :(." A smart person in a similar situation would say, "Oh wait, I forgot to plug in my nice new Emerson TV after the storm."

You are a LIAR.


Sillier yet, I "forgot" to pay the cable bill.


Why did you categorize this as a "Walmart complaint"? Walmart doesn't own Emerson nor do they make Emerson TVs.

And why wouldn't warranty have anything to do with this complaint? A warranty has everything to do with your situation as your TV is less than a year old, and most manufacturer warranties are one year terms.


Your train of thought is so askew. Contact Emerson and get a replacement TV.