Overland Park, Kansas
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WalMart just increased their MAXX Auto Batteries from $74.99 to $99.99 THATS A WHOPPING 33% PRISE INCREASE! WTF?

I thought Walmart had "falling prices"

I have 15 vehicles most of them currently with Walmart MAXX batteries in them. But now a 33% PRICE INCREASE? WTF! I think I can buy a Delco battery cheaper at the local Chevrolet Dealer now.

If I needed a vehicle battery I used to just go to Walmart & get one, but Walmart, you now have forced me to shop around before I buy a battery. You're no longer the best deal in town...

You should be ashamed of yourself!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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God forbid a retailer change it's prices to reflect those of it's suppliers. "Hey, our supplier is charging us $10 more per battery but we'll keep selling it to you at the same low price we used to" said no retail company ever.


My battery is a regular Everstart for 79.99 last year, now its a Everstart Maxx for 104.99, with the same CCA Rating! So they changed the name to Maxx and increased the price 25 bucks.


Ya I'm pissed too! Everything is going up BUT our paychecks. USA is crashing....Huge recession is coming....Everybody get ready to move back in with your parents


What do you want us to do about it? How dare Walmart want to make a profit.


chill out. prices go up and if you can find a battery cheaper somewhere else..

then grab a tissue, wipe your tears and then go there. besides, if you can afford your "15 cars" then you should be able to spend more on a battery for them.


I feel bad for you as well. In the fifties chocolate bars cost 5 cents now they are over priced at nearly a dollar.

Seriously though it's called inflation. Something you learn in sixth grade social studies class.


The price of materials CAN go up. A battery isn't a cheap trinket imported from Taiwan - it's a device that holds expensive chemicals and metals that are rapidly increasing in price.