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as i was paying for my purchase at a self checkout it took my money and did not give change due.which was in the amount of $13.00 and some change.

i inserted a $100.00 dollar associate named pat made an attempt to correct the problem with no then a customer service manager named stephanie was called over.she wasnt too interested in solving the problem not to mention she was very rude to the other associate which i found to be unprofessional.after several minutes of waiting she finally opened the self checkout machine and said she didnt see the money we had put in.then insinuated that we were lying and the whole time her hand was covering the $100.00 dollar bill.she wasnt about to say anything until another associate saw it.we finally did though after about 45minutes of b.s.get the money returned but then had to rering apology offered.

being regular shoppers at this walmart we saw stephanie a few days later and while in checkout she looked over and rolled her eyes.i don't know if she was upset because she didn't get her 10 finger discount or if she was just having a bad day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I hope Stephanie never visits this site. If she does, and reads this, there will be a defamation of character lawsuit in your future.


I don't think so LACKEY... there's this thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH that us Americans know.


Actually the first amendment right is limited... deformation of character falls under libel which is defined as "a published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; a written defamation." In the United States libel usually is very easy to defend against, if it is truly libel, and if they have a loss or damages due to the deformation they can pursue a civil case to recover damages.

Most American's don't fully understand their rights, which they can invoke when being arrested to those that are limited.


there is no defamation but she did try to be a thief maybe I should persue my own lawsuit.oh and by the way how do you know these are not fictional names just in case.get your facts straight.