Portland, Oregon
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Went to my local Portland, OR Walmart stood in line for the ADVERTIZED Saturday ONLY SALE on the 37 inch vizio hdtv. And found out that they had been selling the item prior to the sale date for full pice. So there was only 18 left.

So this is what I figure will happen. They consumers will take their receipts back in within 30 days and ask for the sale price discount + the $40 gift card that went with it.

This was the old BAIT AND SWITCH. Get you into the store and then run out and you'll buy a more expensive item which we ended up doing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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Why don't you shut up dummy. Take your own advice and get a clue.


You cannot get a price match on Black Friday items genius. So those people cannot take their receipts back and ask for a price reduction.

They had 18 laptops. That's about normal for Black Friday items.

It's not bait and switch. It's not even close.


Oh James, you dummy shut up. I woke up early that day.

I woke up one and a half hour after noon and the TV's were sold out. BTW I went to the store it was 9pm. I did not want to be with the crowd and when I got there the TV's were sold out. They were sold out at 6pm.

This is called Bait and Switch. I asked the manager if I could have the TV for a cheaper price(the more espensive one) the *** said no so I swore at him and he said either get it at regular price or don't get it at all. I chose to get it because without a job I need something to do. I reecieve a check from the government every month and frankly could not afford the more espensive TV.

Despite the fact that my *** ex HUSBAND, (get this I am a lady not a man Tasha.) Also James you *** it is spelled espensive, not expensive. They should have had the television there all day.

This is bait and switch. So *** James.


Wow, that username you are using certainly does not match your personality because frankly you are nothing close to a "honey". Tasha may be 13 but she is a lot smarter than you. Like "Tasha" and "7" said they can't deny people the TV so they can have enough on Saturday. Also just because you did not get the TV does not mean that they did not sell it at all on Saturday. When something is on sale, especially advertized people will be waiting in line before the store opens to buy the item. Especially Electronic items. You just were not there early enough, and why would they be foolish and deny sales to people before the sale? Also it is your choice to buy ohter products if the item is not in stock, they don't force you to do so. It was your choice to buy the more expensive item. Also due inventory control and space they can only have a certain amount in stock. 18 is plenty of TV's. Then you go around telling Tasha that the advertized item was not in the store. WEll you said there were 18. However those 18 were sold.

Before you prove to me that you are more of a *** let me tell you two things.

1. I work at Home Depot Not Walmart

2.You can lie and say that I sexually harassed you when I didn't as you are threatening "7" however I will use this as evidence against you to prove you are full of it.(assuming you are mentally capable of standing trial.)


13, huh. I hope you get raped by a *** Tasha.

you don't know nothing Also 7 shut up before I say you sexually harassed me.

I would say you also worked at Wam-mart but even they would not hire retards like you. What you are good for as a job is speed bump.


I don't. I am 13. howver you must be 7.


I maybe wrong bt it sounds like you work for walmart.

When you place an item advertised on sale for specific day only and customers show up on that day that sale item should be available.

So bait and switch advocate have a nice day


You can't only sell an item when it is on sale. I would like to buy this TV.

Sorry sir we can't sell it.

Why not? Beacause it's not on sale.


There are people who are willing to pay more. Not their fault that the TV's got sold before the sale date.

They can't very well say "sorry, I can't sell you the TV incase this two year old by the name of "honeylv" wants to buy it cheaper. It is also not their fault that you did not have mommy and daddy with you to discourage you from making a purchase for a more expensive item, and it is not their fault mommy and daddy did not take you earlier to get the TV.