Not resolved

Arrived, Dirty, Smells & Can't Get It Back In The Box, Not 4" As Advertised.

It Comes Vacuum Sealed, Impossible To RePack.

Email Questions To Wallyword, Go Unanswered...

I will never ever purchase anything from this company again. Its obvious this was returned and sent out to me. The health department would love to see what this company is sending out to its customers.

Now they are saying if I don't sign off on this piece of garbage and get it back in the box I am out over 100 plus dollars. I posted a review and they won't even post it.

Monetary Loss: $134.

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Well why not take Simon's advice, unless you are lying. Also losing your business is going to put a big company like that out of business. Dream on.


Update: Walmart finally sent someone to pick up the topper..Matter is closed...............


Cat is a f**king ***.


so.. they dream of living in a cardboard box? the original poster has some major problems, I'm guessing they're on crack.


LOL Jedi,, my home is something you could only dream about owning...EH.... As for you Simon, go back to your corn fields, I understand Walmart is your big time shopping store and your ignorance shows... Or perhaps Walmart your employer,, even funnier!


I am sure the Health Department would also love to see the state of your house.


Its taken care of, Simon........


"The health department would love to see what this company is sending out to its customers."

Then why don't you call "the health department" and see what they say?

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