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The "new" Wal-mart in Dearborn, Michigan is the worst!! They have only been open 1 month now and have the worst service I have ever experienced.

I wanted to purchase a power wheels for my nephews birthday and when I called I was told they had the one I wanted. I drove an hour to the store to find out they they don't have any at all. I was told they sold out. So I asked about another brand...was told they didn't have any left of that one either.

And this store is brand new!!! I drove back home and called around the next day to find a store that had some in stock. I tried the Dearborn store again and was told that they had it in stock. I was so excited thinking they must have received a new stock at night.

I asked her to put one on hold...the clerk said there was no need because they had plenty. I drove again an hour in traffic to find that THEY STILL DON'T HAVE ANY!!! I was furious!!! Each different person I speak to says different things.

Then one lady said they had one left and it was already assembled. I asked why it was already assembled...was it returned?? She said "oh no...the guy just assembles them all the time over night as they come in. So I was relieved and went to purchase it.

Then the guy came out and said it is not for sale and that someone has already paid for it and will come to pick it up. So I said I will just buy another brand and have him assemble it because I was running out of time. He said he doesn't assemble any and that was just the managers friend he assembled it for. DO I HAVE TO BE THE MANAGERS FRIEND TO GET SERVICE!!!!???

I asked how was I to get one ready and assembled...he said "you deal with it" and walked off. I asked for a manager and after a half an hour of paging one and no one answering...I left without the power wheels...without talking to a manager...with out any service...and to top it off I was treated like an animal. I will never ever go back to walmart again!!!!!

They may have decent prices...but I will go elsewhere and pay an extra few bucks to be treated like a normal human being.

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I would have ordered online or gone to a different store. Or bought something different. I wouldn't have requested pre-assembly, most stores are hurting for help right now as it is.


You were not treated like an "animal". Also it seens like it was two seperate visits not four.

Hope you are not the one teaching your nephew how to count. :grin


yeah they have terrible service...but did you really expect them to assemble something for you? that's quite the unrealistic expectation for nearly any store...unless you pay extra for it.

and yes, being the friend of a manager DOES make a difference. wouldn't you go out of your way a little for your managers best friend?