I went to the Walmart photo center to have 7 pictures turned into faux canvas'. The order was supposed to be completed that day by 2:30 pm.

I returned to store 0125 at 6:30 pm and was told the order was not finished, only 3 were done and those 3 were done incorrectly. I go back the next evening and still the order was not done. This all started on Tuesday May 22, 2012 and by Thursday May 24, 2012 I finally receive a phone call telling me that the order will be ready on Friday. On Saturday May 26, 2012 I go into the store and my order is still not complete.

They had 3 done but those 3 were damaged. I asked what the problem was and was told that they could not complete my order but they would let me have the 3 damaged ones for 10.00 a piece. I said that was too much. A supervisor came over and asked what the problem was.

She stated that I could take the 3 faux canvas' for 10.00 each " Take it or leave it" were her exact words. I said " I'll leave it" and walked out of the store.

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A few words for you: iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, Instagram, Printer. Get with the times.


The Rogers Walmart will be a great store until you don't get your way and they don't give in to your little temper tantrum.


Walmart photocenter is also terrible. I take my pics to Walgreens.

Although I may return to doing pics at WM at the great store in Rogers I just found.


The reason they were talking so long was because you were being picky. Glad you just left the store. No need to behave as if you are still seven at your age.


The faux canvas' are cheap and ugly. It's basically a poster glued on top of a piece of cardboard. You are better off without them.

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