Madison, Wisconsin
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I recently shopped at Wal-Mart for Christmas, I know mistake number #1.

I purchased over $400 worth of stuff from teen clothing, prepackaged x-mas items to grocery items. I noticed on some of the stuff when removing price tags that the price was increased a buck or two. One of the items, Ghirardelli(sp) chocolates, a large sampler pack, that the price, which had a green tag on top of another green tag, was a whopping $5.12 more than the original price....What the *ell is that all about?

My dander was up on the buck or two items, I'm used to peeling stickers and finding that I save some money, NEVER have I found that the price had gone up, not to mention five bucks! I me that's gouging, isn't there a law against that? They weren't even cavalier enough to *** the old price, just leave them both there. I get it though... I'm the real ***!

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To Walmart Management

I would like to state my disapointment in the walmart corporation. As I have tried to solve a problem with a return of a broken Chair massager that was purchased for me by my wife for christmas.

I had lost my reciept and was only offered 19 dollars for a product that cost us 38 dollars. It is not the $19 dollars that bothers me but my trust in walmart has been broken. This is my opion of what is going on at walmart. They have the massagers and other items manufactor in china as it says on the box ( manufactored for walmart stores).

The items are a christmas item and are sold to customers at a premium price. The customers buy these items and give them to friends and family as gifts for christmas. As every present I have ever recieved from someone no receipt was included and I assume walmart also believes to be the norm. As soon as christmas comes and goes the prices of the items are slashed 50% or more and called an after christmas sale.

All of people who recieved these items as gifts rushed to the store with the items that dont work or they dont want to be refunded half the price that was paid originaly. Walmart wins either way, if you keep the item they keep the full price, if you return it they retain half the money and the person who recieved the gift dosent know they are being robbed IWalmart should be ashamed of these type buisness practicesess, it should be illegal and may very well be. I plan to file a complaint with the BBB and the lowndes and valdosta city commision. I also plan to protest the reissue of a license to do business in the city of valdosta and take a petition of individuals who agree with my concerns.

In protest I have returned all items purchased for my family members for christmas today and will no longer do business with walmart.

I calculated that I spend about $7800 dollars a year on food alone in the local store on norman drive but I will take my business else where. I can only guess this scam by walmart throughout the country cost americans millions of dollars a year and the general public doesnt even know it. If I have anything to do with it I will let it be known to all who will hear it.

Maybe one day the american people will rise up and put a stop to this type of dishonest business practisess . Thank You


Don't worry Walmart is scamming all there customers.I took all my christmas gifts back today and I will not be shopping at Walmart anymore.