Richmond, Kentucky
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I noticed my headlights dim and the signs of a dying car battery and noticed the battery still under warranty, so i took the car to walmart and they offered to replace and install a new one for free, since i got the previous one there, and after 30 minutes of waited and watching 5 mechanics change my car battery my car starts smoking from the electrical work and fuse relays, never entrust them even to know how to start your car if you decide to give them your keys since they dont know postive from negitive. and then they try to point the finger at me saying that i or a previous owner had switch the battery terminal connectors, but as a previous walmart employee now working with the union i must say i feel more secure in my job at least but walmart may have taken my job but i shall not let them take my car away from me either

Monetary Loss: $3.

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yeah they made me prove to them that my battery terminals werent backwards i showed them 17 pictures proving that its clearly noticable that the positve cable was the bigger wire with the bigger terminal and the negative was the black cable with the white/yellowish line going through it with a smaller terminal, they actually tryed to use the excuse to say the wires were rigged backwards, nope they had it backwards they just didnt want to admit how *** what they did was.


as a previous tire and lube tech I have to say that most of the techs do not have any experience other than maybe knowing how to change the oil. Some areas actually hire mechanics but most mechanics won't work for the small wages walmart offers. Only thing I let walmart do is change my oil and if they forget to add oil which happens and you blow your engine they will replace it but be prepared to prove you didn't let the oil out.