High Point, North Carolina
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Look left - look right - over 30 registers UNUSED (this is 9:00 PM) 2 registers "20 or less", 2 registers "normal". Started out 5th in line, 1/2 hour later we were 3rd in line and frozen goods were melting (ice cream literally dripping down the sides of the cart) - WE GAVE UP - left the cart there with WELL over $200 worth of products - WE ARE NOW DONE with them!

Walmart thinks they have some sort of control over consumers - we CONSUMERS need to realize that We have control over Walmart - when they get tired enough, Walmart will either change - or fold!

Monetary Loss: $40.

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8:45 am my walmart doesn't have any regular lines opened only 10 items or less express the smokes isle. I was told by another customer this is express-- the cashier explained to him that in the morning it is only her registar that is opened he left his items and cart didnt even say I am leaving just left, I felt bad for the cashier it isnt her fault that walmart will not hire more cashiers.


yep at 9pm...what a rush...