Walmart - Empty shelves is an everyday occurrence now

Where I live in Virginia there are 2 Walmart supercenters within easy distance and both have the same issue and have had for at least a year.. EMPTY SHELVES & ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I’ve chosen to shop at alternative stores even though the price is slightly higher but at least I know the items I need will be there. From the looks of it I guess Walmart really is turning their stores into FEMA camps
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Walmart in District 8, Tennessee - No work ethic

I actually love Walmart! I shop there daily and my big orders I go to Sams, their sister store. Usually everyone there is so kind, happy in general, and always professional. Until today. Today I went through the self checkout and it declined my card. When I asked Britney, an associate, if the register was cash only because my card couldn’t be declined; she responded with a fake high pinched sarcastic voice explaining to try it again. When I told her I felt her approach was rude and sarcastic her response was “well I was in the middle of a private conversation”. I then responded with “are you telling me you were sarcastic because I was interrupting your private conversation, while at work “. She said yes. I have called corporate. Let’s see what happens.
District 8, Tennessee
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Walmart - Plans suck

Called to have laptop cleaned and repaired. That was sept of 2018, called back eight times. As of this writing, 3/4/19, not recived anything, or any word FROM them. Remind me to shop Walmart again.. Not.
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I shop at Walmart once a week, spending well over $100.00 each time. I used to like shopping at Walmart because they have everything I need all in one place. However, lately I find that there are so few check out lanes open that I have to wait forever in line. The...
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I never said I only go on Saturday, or that I go once a month. I said I go shopping in Walmart once a week, that means I could go in anytime Sunday through Saturday, a lot of ...


So, you're mad because a store is busy on a Saturday at the beginning of the month? Have you ever been shopping before in your life? Would it kill you to wait your turn just l...

I didn't like
  • Lack of cashiers
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I bought 4 tires in October 2018. After a few months, one tire had a nail. I returned to Walmart and was told they couldn't find the nail (trip one). I took my groceries out to the car and found the nail without even looking. I had to leave because I had groceries...
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Walmart - Unhappy with Macon 31211

There is a stocking issue in this store. Empty shelves is not a good sign and it's only getting worse. What is the problem in this store? The pet food shelves stay empty and the sale items are not even in this store. Asking for help doesn't work. The employees can't answer any of your questions.
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Went to Walmart the other day to buy a futon. I decided on one based on the fact that it was on sale and was already more than I really wanted to pay for one. I didn't realize until I checked my bank account that they charged me full price for it! Was overcharged...
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Were you high when you went to the store? Why wouldn't you notice that the cashier asked you for $50 more than you were expecting to pay. You should have said something at tha...

Shiloh, Illinois
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My husband and I bought an xbox controller. The cashier opened the locked case, grabbed the box and took it to the counter. He checked us out and placed it in the bag. When we got home and took it out, we discovered the seal was broken. Inside was a used controller....
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Walmart - Quality of house bands

I used to really like Sams and Wal-Mart .. but lately most of them aren't worth looking at let alone eat.. Who ever is in charge of preparing the house brands need to be able to read the instructions on how to fix it.. The latest bad buy was tonight at Wal-Mart.. It is hard to mess up cheese Broc. soup.. I ck'd the exp. date to make sure it hadn't gone bad... It was so bad even my chow hound dog wouldn't touch it.... Also I think IF WHO EVER MAKES A HOUSE PRODUCT FOR THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE MADE TO EAT IT THEMSELVES..
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Walmart - I supposed to received my package.

i am waiting for my order from Walmart. I order an Worx Zip-Snip with one blade. for $ 44.62. i order on Feb. 25, 2019. i supposed to received the today, March 01, 2019 from Now, i have to wait for Monday, to get my package.
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I didn't like
  • Bad attitude
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