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Walmart - Product Purchase Review from New Tecumseth, Ontario

Denied a return/exchange of a product at Alliston Walmart, The CS girl said its because I didn't purchase the product from that specific store, and that I needed to go to the store that the product was purchased from. The alliston store carried the product but not the specific upc code. So I made her find out which store it came from. After she huffed and puffed about it, she went to the phone and made a call to a store that I know 100% the product wasn't from, she said I could take it back there. So the employee originally lied about the reason I couldn't bring it back, then had a fit when I asked her to figure out where it had to go. UNACCEPTABLE SERVICE, ESPECIALLY FROM SOMEONE WHO IS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE. In my opinion she needs to be repremanded for her attitude, and be removed from her position if she doesn't know what, and can't back up her lies;
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If the product isn't their system then they can't do the return, unless you had the receipt on you. If the product is in their system then there would be a chance that you could return it.

She called that store most likely because they do carry that item.

If you want to see for yourself which store carries the item then you can go to the website and do a product search.

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New Tecumseth, Ontario

Review about Rude Client Treatment from Derry, New Hampshire

I had an absolutely horrible experience at the walmart in Derry nh 03038. I was treated like garbage by Kathy department manager! She refused to do her job and in my opinion doesn't deserve her position pat on the other hand is a wonderfully lady and in the Two years I've been shopping their she has alway done her job, been helpfull and kind. Thank you
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Derry, New Hampshire
New Reviewer
Here is their response to my question as to what happened to the REMIND ME LIST, which is the key to reordering from their website. Without it, you have to spent too much time going through their vast list of products. If this is really true, then it is an indication...
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You're lucky... at least you got a reply to your response.

I have twice sent messages complaining about the disappearance of my Remind Me list, and have not received so much as a courtesy reply. I still get my list emailed to me every month, and I can go and look at it following the link in the email, but I don't dare delete any items from it, because there's no way to add items back.

I guess as long as I still get the list in my email, I will continue to send them my complaints asking for the list to be reinstated, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. If enough people complain about it, maybe they'll actually listen to us and bring it back.

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Oakhurst, California
Walmart Website

Too many pet products from China. Insufficient Product Labeling

Although I disagree with their employee policies, I still shop there all the time. We had two years of abject poverty after the stock market crashed, and had very little money to spend on food, but thanks to Walmart's pricing we survived until things improved a little. So I feel I owe them. I think they buy waaaaayyy too much stuff from China, however...especially pet foods and treats...that's my only complaint. I wish they were better labeled, because I really have to search for a statement of place of origin, since I don't buy ANYTHING made in China anymore for my pets...or myself, actually. But I get a lot of casual clothing from WalMart and it holds up fine, while expensive women's pants from Macy's had GLUE on the seam! They were glued together! Of course they were probably also made in China, but were a whole lot more expensive than the Walmart pants with no glue. :-) Other than that, WalMart is fine for the things we use every day from nail polish to socks. They have excellent return policies....Whenever I buy a car phone charger there, and it goes bad..(which is pretty quick) for example, I just bring in the bad one and they give me a new one, which will also break quickly, then I take that one back and they give me a new receipt required as long as I exchange it for the same one. I do believe, however, if they didnt get them from China, they would last a whole lot longer, and they wouldnt have to exchange so often.
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Flint, Michigan

Pissed Also

I ordered a comforter, Valance, and a Lamp in the Mossy Oak pattern, and it came wrong as usual. The Valances didn't come at all but they sent 2 pair of curtains instead. The items came with no packing slip of any kind. I have tried to get some information on returning the wrong items but the people on the Phone didn't have any idea about the difference between a Valance and a curtain . Seems as though the same people work in shipping too. There is no excuse for this problem. I have no use for the curtains nor the rest of the order either, if I can't get what I ordered. The person I spoke too told me to take it back to the store to get a refund. This will be my next move. There is no reason for this B.S.
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I ordered fancy feast cat food 3 different kinds. they sent me all the same kind of cat food.

seems like the people filling the orders to be shipped down read. I know they are like sweat shops for those employees but they will be out of jobs if we stop ordering so they better start getting it right before customers stop using them.

AMAZON never gets an order wrong!! (not saying they cant I just havent gotten one wrong from them)


Maybe try going to the store and doing your own shopping. Seriously, who orders cat food online? Are you a shut in or something?

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Leeds, Alabama

Walmart - Sleeping Bag Review from Saugus, Massachusetts

I am just leaving Walmart. I have two issues. One I purchased a sleeping bag the price clearly said 19.97 I get to the register and it says 24.97. She has an associate go and check and she says. Yes they were on the same row bit its in the wrong spot. Whose fault is that. Not mine. Then we ring up my boxers they were clearly in the 9.97$ section there was a whole row of them and she said someone must have put them there in accident agime how is this my fault. This is at the Troy NY Walmart . Store 2470 I'm pissed!!! I will not be back. I don't do foolishness!!
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So because a customer decided not to put the item back where it is supposed to be, you think you can get the price in the shelf they put it on. It was one item, if there were many of the same item you have an issue.

Grow up and stop trying to scam them because a customer had second thoughts about the items. You would not want someone doing the same to you.

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Saugus, Massachusetts

Walmart pricing

Purchased hotdog buns at wal-mart, Shelf price was $1.34. register rang up at $1.48. Just a 14 cent difference, but for the Fitzgerald GA store, a regular occurrence.  Constantly find a difference in price, or no price listed for many items.  They always claim the stock in wrong place.  Why?  It's their job to stock and price, not mine. Several time I have had to get them to check on a price, refund etc. Take the 14 cents and figure how many times someone is overcharged. Really increases the profit for the store. Aisles are constantly full of stock carts, partly blocking the aisle.
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walmaT seems to have all kinds of issues. I can not even buy any fresh items.

Mold the bread has MOLD. I was told that it is not the fault of the store that they have moldy bread that the bread manufactures stock those shelves COME ON REALLY you leave 10 day old moldy bread out and blame someone else POOR MANAGEMENT is what I say. Poor management. What should I do sit in the walmart and wait for the man that loads the MOLDY bread to show up to tell him or should I HOLD WALMART management responsible for it!!

why does it go MOLDY because it is bad so many times that no one BUYS BREAD AT walmart.


That's true, actually. The bread is all vendor managed.

The vendors come in, stock the shelves, and take the old product back out with them. They bring the product in with them each time they visit, it doesn't sit in Walmart back room. It is called pay from scan merchandise, meaning Walmart isn't charged for it if it doesn't sell.

(The baseball cards and greeting cards are the same way.) The store manager can get with the vendors if there is an issue, but that's pretty much all they can do. The vendors also set their own mods and build their own fixtures.


So you want those carts filling the aisles moved? Why?

So you can complain that there is no stock on the shelves?

Price tag errors happen everywhere, not just Walmart. Accept that humans work there and move on.

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Walmart Claim

Tried to buy a advertised porkloin

i had my add with me so I wouldn't forget so I found the pork loins but instead of being 2.28 a pound they were 3.89 a pound so I look for the meat person and asked where ware were your pork loins that were advertised for 2.28 a pound he couldn't give ma a answer I gave him my add and he went to find a manager he came back and said they didn't have them but there were 20 of them in front of me then his manager still wouldn't sell me the pork loin now I am really pissed off so I left without what I came I went to the check out pay for my other things, I had three coupons to use on my order my coupons wouldn't scan so they said they couldn't give me the money off now I am really pissed off even more so I left without buying anything and this will be the last time I shop at Wall mart the home of some real stooped people
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Did you really just call someone *** (not stopped) and you don't know the basics in English grammar, capitalization and punctuation?


Judging from your spelling and grammar, I wonder are you sure you got the correct pork lion. Perhaps the reason they could not give you an answer is because they could not understand your poor English?

Perhaps your coupons were expired? Next time take someone along with you to the store, someone who has more than a first grade level of English.


Oh diss. You really pwned this person.

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Phoenix, Arizona
Walmart Manager

Review about Bad Customer Service from Doylestown, Pennsylvania

I swear I hate Walmart!!! All I wanted was 2 goldfish for my daughter and no one was available to help us... even after asking 2 other Walmart employees to call someone. Smh this place sucks at customer service.
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Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Other Product Review

.22 rifle shells came off truck one night, but never made it to sporting goods area ! This happened at Newton, Ia. This is not right or fair ! Someone should get in trouble over this.
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Saukville, Wisconsin


Went to Walmart Dartmouth, Ma. Only had two handicapped carts one plugged in the other not. Took the plugged one it said full charge. I proceeded and went not more than 3 aisles and it started to decharge to 3/4. It had no pep and did not want to move. I could not finish my shopping and got stuck with no help available. A customer ended up pushing me to the register. I had to try to push myself to get from one end of the store to another. I injured my damaged knee trying to push the cart and now can't walk and have to go to the hospital. These carts are very old and not maintained at all. I will no longer go to Walmart for my business or personal necessities. There is no customer service there at all
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Why did you push the cart yourself first rather than asking for help. I get it you are unable to think for yourself and require a baby sitter to shop with you.


Management doesnt care about customers that have temporary disabilities. Most people will never need to use one but if you do GOOD luck WALMART not helpful in that matter.

My walmart is lined with them but good luck with finding one that works.

my food store great charged, working and even getting help with learning who the dam thing works. I hope none of you ever find yourself in a situation where you need one but if you do GOOD LUCK!


The carts are a courtesy, not a requirement. If you need one that badly, get your own.

If your disability is temporary there are many companies that rent them. If its permanent talk to your insurance company to see if they will cover it.

You should never assume that businesses will have a cart for you to use. Try providing for yourself.


Anonymous, You are right that the carts are a courtesy and not a requirement. But not all people are able to TRANSPORT a "cart" of their own.

You are talking a cost of between $2000-$4000 to be able to take your cart with you to a store. Carts that you use on your own do not have a basket to put your purchases in and trying to operate a "cart" and a shopping cart takes up a lot of space and is physically very difficult. SO hopefully you will never find yourself with a broken leg and no one to shop for you and you are stuck hoping around a huge store on crutches trying to stand in line for 20 minutes to pay for your 20 items!

If stores are going to offer handicapped carts (I only shop at those stores that do offer them), they should keep them repaired and require them to be checked out, so that kids and others aren't playing on them and destroying them.

I always turn them off when I leave them and make sure I plug them in so the next person after me will be able to use it. But then again, unlike you I have compassion and empathy for my fellow handicapped shoppers temporary or otherwise.


Transporting a cart is possible and I have seen it done, though. Some of those carts do have a basket on them, I've seen one that does.

I've seen a guy that actually can't walk and he always has his own cart and is able to shop around in it every time he shops. You can't always assume that someone doesn't have any compassion. I use to go shopping for my grandfather that was so bad off that he couldn't even opporate those carts and needed 24/7 care until he passed on. Parkinson's Disease can get worse with time.

There's more than one way to go about situations. Many of my friends in the healthcare field offer to help people shop and are caregivers. However, I do agree with you about some things. Not everyone makes sure to plug them in.

Sometimes I see them left outside in parking lots and I will take them in and plug them up even though I don't work for the store. Some people should have compassion, but also some people should just learn how to be thankful for nice gestures.


The ADA requires handicapped PARKING because handicapped people often can NOT walk the distance from regular parking spots to the store. YET the distance from parking spaces, in superstores, to the inside destination is usually far longer than the distance from parking to the entrance door.

Yes, handicapped carts are a courtesy, BUT also a smart business move.

However, the Handicapped TEASE, (having carts that are broken and never fixed) is NEITHER courteous or conducive to good public relations or business practice.

Yet Walmart seems to see it differently. Walmart now SELLS handicapped carts on line through affiliates.

So it could be Walmart sees HANDICAPPED PRODUCT SALES as another REVENUE STREAM.

While ADA does not "require" handicapped carts for in store use, it SHOULD.

The USA has an aging population, people are living far longer, and more of them live as singles - meaning they must be self reliant. There is no spouse to do the shopping. As we age, mobility issues and illness is more pronounced. The younger active population also has injuries and illnesses.

I've taken cancer patients on chemo to Walmart only to find there was no cart. Multiple neighbors have broken their foot or ankles and expressed the same aggravation about handicapped carts all being broken at Walmart. Yes, customers can buy or rent carts - - but that's just PART of the issue. +Once you have the cart they also NEED a CARRIER to HAUL it to the store.

+Due to weight and distribution often times a larger vehicle is needed to accomodate both cart and carrier - again costly. +The weight of some portable carts is too much for many disabled people to wrestle with. Imagine you have to assemble and disassemble a heavy "portable" cart while standing in the pouring rain in the Walmart parking lot. Or you have a carrier for a regular cart, but that makes the carrier + vehicle too long for the parking space, so once you get the cart OFF the carrier you then have to fold the carrier up again (for the time your in the store.) So NOW your in the store, with YOUR own cart - BUT the basket on regular handicapped carts are TOO SMALL for shopping.

Additionally, +The carrier creates a trip hazards when down and blocks access to the trunk when folded up. +Smaller garages may not accomodate the length of the vehicle and the carrier.

THEN you have to STORE the cart in your home - because you don't NEED it to get around there. It's far easier and smarter to shop at other retailers.


So sorry that the carts they provide, that they don't have to, wouldn't work because other customers wouldn't take care of them. If you need one so bad the doctors would recommend you buy one z


Haha. If you're that bad, shouldn't you have your own cart?


I agree, and she choose to push the cart herself rather than get help.

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North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
I asked Maria a question and she walked right past me. I then had to chase her through the store to read her name tag. She knew I was following her but she wouldn't stop. MARIA IS RUDE AND NEEDS TO BE FIRED. GIVE HER JOB TO SOMEONE WHO NEEDS IT AND IS WILLING TO WORK....
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I had a customer ask me out when I was at work before and when I politely turned him down, saying I was happily married, he wouldn't drop it. He kept asking and I kept saying no.

Then he went to my manager and told him I was rude had refused him "service".

Thankfully my manager knew me well enough to know I wouldn't do that and the guy was escorted from the store. My point: leave the associates alone and pick up girls at the club!

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Chesapeake, Virginia

Walmart - Cashing Review from East Hartford, Connecticut

Why does Walmart offer money grams but yet doesn't cash them. Beware!! They say the reason is due to security reasons but they has my social and DL. And yet for "security reasons" they couldn't cash them. I guess cashing a money order is a red flag ??? Sad that criminals get away with it but your average working, taxpayer, non-criminal person can't cash a simple money gram. Walmart is pathetic.
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They do cash them. You must have flagged them as suspicious.






Did you get an email notice that your order was ready?

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East Hartford, Connecticut
Walmart Cashing
Sunday 7/13/14 Went to pick few things at walmart and tried to check out at jewelry. No one was in line so I'm thinking here is easy way to leave the store. A black lady was doing nothing who worked for walmart or riding the clock. She was sitting on one of those low...
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You complain about people playing race card when you did the same thing. You accused her of being racist simply because she couldn't check you out.

Then later you stated that you knew why she couldn't but you still made this review. There is no point of this review. You are the one that played the race card here.

Not every black person plays the race card. Most likely there wasn't a scale at the cash register back there.

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Walmart - Work Experience Review from Brainerd, Minnesota

hello I'm an employee at Walmart and one day I clocked in and had two get right on the register because it was very busy, I think I may have asked one of the other cashiers or maybe even my Csm to hand me a drink cause I was gonna pay for it as soon as I got off the register it was a energy drink i work overnight and needed to stay up, when I got off the register I went through a different lane and paid for my drink and I asked the cashier to ring me up for another one cause I'm going to go to grab one,which she did I continue by taking some carts out, when I get done taking the carts out I grab my drink and I lifted it sold my CSM could see it and I told her hey I paid for this I'm just now grabbing it. and that was it probably oh week or so later the ap officer and some guy from the head office or whatever but I guess he's with loss prevention or something cuz I never seen him before and I guess he's the person that confront the thief or whatever he don't work in the story so he's some big shot or whatever I don't know they call me to the back office and said that they saying that I had stole a drink and I told them there's no way that I grab something I didn't pay for it the guy continue to try to make me say that I forgot and the ap officer said I absolutely did not pay for it cuz she watched the whole tape the whole nigh, after I begged her and pleaded with her to continue to try to look it up because there's no way I stole it she finally looked at the Upc code and seen that two of them was paid for.I don't know if it's a case or whatever but I just can't get the fact that she accuse me of stealing Adam ahead especially how she talks to me like I was just a thief for $1 energies drink, now I know it could have been on me just a little with like a behavioral effects being that I paid for a head of time or drink it before I paid for it or whatever but if that was the case I should have gotten written up or fired for breaking policy or something which I don't know of its and the policy because I see so many people doing that I thought is long as it was pay for it was all good but to flat out called me a thief is just wrong.
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Brainerd, Minnesota