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Walmart Black Friday Vouchers

I bought two Apple iPad Mini's that come with a $100 GC at the 1-Hour Guarantee event. This was a Great Idea with the Worst execution I have ever seen at a major retailer. The great part is that you will still get your item at the Black Friday price even though they ran out during Black Friday. No problem with that. My problem with the execution of the idea is that they take your money UP FRONT (but you don't get the Gift Card up front). And you are stuck waiting for your item 3-4 or more weeks, there is no guarantee on delivery time. At the time of the Voucher purchase, they tell you it will arrive by Christmas which the online order status initially said also. Now the order status says it might be after Christmas. Who knows what it will say in a day or two. There is actually no guarantee.
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Oh, and GFY Anonymous for you comment on 12/12 about my 'deal' price.


I finally got mine on 12/21 and the eGift card was emailed on 12/14 when the status finally showed 'shipped' but the aggravation, run-around and hand-wringing put a very bad taste in my mouth about Walmart. Despite the 'shipped' status, the Tracking info was unavailable until almost the day I received the 'you can pick it up now' email. More and more companies seem to be doing this. So my list of companies that I won't order Online from is growing very long.

I should also mention that I spent several hours in at least 3 phone calls to the 800# and several visits to the local store. Spoke to an Electronics Dept Asst Manager. All left a pleasantly bad taste for the Walmart image with me. If I don't get the item the moment I pay for it when I buy it in person, I don't plan to buy from Walmart again.

My first email said I could expect delivery between 12/14-12/22. A few days later I see an update to the delivery estimate saying 12/20-12/26. I call in to complain and say I was told it would be here by XMas, this is an XMas present. Nothing they can do but 'unofficially' the 800# rep tells me they are being told it will get there before 12/24.

I think the One Hour In Stock Guarantee was a great idea when I first heard they were doing it. I hope other stores start to do it but really hope they do better than the sh|tty job Walmart did.


I finally got someone on the phone and they said it will be here by the 22nd! Mine is a Santa gift!!!!

If I do not receive it by then I will NO longer buy from Walmart!!! This is a joke!!!!!!!


My order finally shipped after processing since 11/28. I have not received the $100 gift card.

I have checked my spam folder. There is no way to track the trucked shipment.

Everytime I call the 1-800 number I get disconnected due to a high call volume. I really hope the media starts to report on this.


Let me spell this out for you......there was never any inventory to back the promo.......we call that smoke and mirrors.....the whole scheme was to get you into the store, get your money.....give you some flimsy promise on a delivery date.....that they KNOW would never have been met. But don't fret you were not the only sucker made by Wally World.....


Why is this $325 monetary loss? Hm, can understand you're bummed, but stating its a monetary loss seems pretty false and steep claim, considering you will get your items.


The Wal-Mart confirmation email said delivery between the 15th and 22nd. Now I just received my email and it "shipped" with an ETA of 12/26.

I call the 800# and they are receiving heavy call volumes and just hangs up. I sent an email to customer service and the response is a generic one.

No one to contact. Totally bummed right now.


at least you got a great deal "price".

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Seattle, Washington
Ordered from Walmart and I have two items missing! Walmart isn't helping!
Ordered from Walmart and I have two items missing! Walmart isn't helping!
I ordered three ipod touches 32g in different colors for my girls for Christmas. The box was obviously cut open and retaped. Two of the ipod touches were missing! I contacted Fed ex then my husband contacted Fed ex and we were both told that there is a restriction on...
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Yeah, this is old... but buy some clothes for them, maybe a board game... if you rely on an ipod to make a christmas, you're a bad parent.

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Raleigh, North Carolina
Walmart Claim

In store price more expensive than online

I purchased a laptop in store from walmart. I get home and find it $20 cheaper on free shipping or site to store. I call the store and was told online prices aren't honored in store and I would have to return the laptop and order it online to get lower price. This is a product already stocked in store there is no reason to order it online or site to store. I was told there is no other option they get this all the time . Terrible way to do business. I will not purchase consumer electronics there again.
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You are aware online pricing and store prices are not matched due to the stock of the disbuting center vs the store. Not many stores will match their prices because the pricing is based on the amount of product in stock.


This is how it works with EVERY. SINGLE.


RETAILER. Cheaper online than in store SO that you will shop online.

@Andrea Ahw

I agree, and if this is the case she better stop shopping for electronics or everything at any store.


Then you may as well not purchase electronics anywhere because they all basically have the same thing, prices online are cheaper than prices in the store. Don't know why, it just works that way.


last year and this year with toys I had the same issue. Today I paid 30.00 for a puzzle and then went home and ordered it for 21.97.

Now I will be returning the other one. Same thing happened last year-big price difference-not just a few dollars.


It's called overhead...


It costs more to carry merchandise in bricks and mortar stores than it does to have them on line. Hidden costs in the store would include things like sales associates, shipping, merchandising , and others


well now they are paying 2 extra employees-the one that sold it to me and the one that I will return it to. Plus I am picking up the cheaper one in the site to store area-another employee.


It says very plainly on the site that prices in stores may vary. Reading is hard.


this is the way of the furture. This way they can track everything you buy and eventually you will get prices based on what you spend!

also stores for investor purposes show these purchases as different. what is most profitable for the company!

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Bloomington, Indiana
New Reviewer

Cyber Monday Fail !!! Left my kids and family angry.

On the day of Cyber Monday, we decided to purchase a lot of our family christmas gifts. We shopped smart and went for the best deals and prices on cyber monday. Long story short the order was processed online, confirmation number was given, as well as the shipping and handling. Next day we found out the order was canceled due to credit card used claiming it was the wrong information or because each information enter had to be exactly the same meaning if it is capitalized on your card, you must enter the information capitalized. This was some real BullS$#t. I spoke with over 5 managers by phone and they all told me my information was correct but they can not process my order with the same sales. I will have to purchase the same items regular price. Thank you walmart for a great christmas.
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My story has the same feel.12/20/2013 11:47 PM from you: This is absolutely an unacceptable answer. You did not even address the fact that you dont email us to tell of any issue.

If a customer didn't pass a security check, shouldn't you notify them? Wouldn't that be a good service to a paying customer. In reality, walmart just didn't want to honor its cyber weekend offers. I will be reporting walmart to the better business bureau as well as spreading this bait and switch illegal tactic all over the internet.

You did not answer or attempt to appease a paying customer in any way. I will take my business as well as my companies elsewhere going forward. Congratulations, you managed to alienate your customer and drive them to competitors. This along with the extreme disfunction of the 40 different lines utilized on Black Thursday and management having no clue what line is for what just reiterates the mismanagement this company is undertaking.

If your goal is for people to stop shopping at your store as soon as their economic level is high enough to allow them, you are succeeding. Good riddance,A ex Walmart shopper and tech savvy disgruntled squeaky wheel Sent from my iPad On Dec 20, 2013, at 9:18 PM, "Walmart Customer Care" <help@***> wrote: ------------------------- 12/20/2013 11:18 PM from Walmart Customer Care: Hi James, We’re sorry your order was canceled. Unfortunately, your order did not pass some of our security checks during processing. These checks prevent unauthorized use of your credit or debit card.

An online order cannot be placed at this time, but you may purchase this product at your local Walmart store if it is available. Please reach out to your store to confirm if inventory is available. Because your order was canceled, your bank will remove the authorization hold on your card. If it is not removed within 7 days, please contact your financial institution about their authorization policy as does not control the actual removal on your card.

If you have additional questions, please reply to this email or call us at 1-80*-***-****. Sincerely, Customer Care


They only want to sell so many at the great price!! It has nothing to do with what you were told!

They are lying to you to get you off the phone. end of story.

I never use upper case when ordering for anything and walmart,target,cvs,walgreens,amazon,kohls,macys,bestbuy, dillards,fanniemay,verabradley,pacsun,levis,ralphlauren,potterybarn,sierratrading,gap,oldnavy,mikasa,lexon, always seem to send my items and they get charged to me correctly.


Apparently you don't use the space bar either.


What does the zip code have to do with anything. The point is even if I entered the wrong capitalization they should have given me the price.

My children are angry because now I won't be getting them any Christmas gifts thanks to them.

I had to tell them they were very naughty this year so Santa could not give them any gifts because of this failure.


You are really blaming Walmart and telling your kids that? Parent of the year goes to you. Just shop somewhere else tool bag.


This sounds like the same troll from the KMart boards who was claiming they were going to tell their kids they have been naughty which is why they didn't get any presents. I think this person is pulling our leg.


"Next day we found out the order was canceled due to credit card used claiming it was the wrong information or because each information enter had to be exactly the same meaning if it is capitalized on your card, you must enter the information capitalized."

This is called being case sensitive, even a 11 year old child knows you have to use proper capitalization. Don't blame them for your lack of understanding. If your kids should be angry at anyone it should be you.


How many do you want them to sell at a great price? Your zip code says you have more money to spend so guess what if you want your products you will pay more welcome to 2013!!

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Bronx, New York
New Reviewer
On Thanksgiving, I waited for an arm band. I fought through a crowded parking lot. Waited in line for hours to receive a PS4. Then waited to place this item on layaway. Today when I went to retrieve my item I was told an employee sold it. I missed Thanksgiving dinner...
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I don't even comprehend how in a mob like there is at these special events, a person could put anything on lay away. Just because your nephew's family couldn't get him anything for Christmas, doesn't mean you had go go whole hog and get him a game system.

If he is in the right age limits and his parents qualify income wise they could gifts for him from some of the charities that do things like that.

Grow up and get over it. I know of kids that get really nice gifts from these charities.

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College Station, Texas
In October 2013, I had my prescription filled at Altus Walmart Pharmacy. I had a 6 month prescription. I went to get my refill in November and was told they no longer give out more than 1 months supply of this medicine because of a new law in Oklahoma. They did NOT...
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They did the same to me. I had 4 refills.

Wish they would've said something before.

It's just Walmart pharmacy not other pharmacy. And it's a pain to go back to Dr

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Walmart Prescription Refill

Walmart cancelled the order placed online

Placed an order for a Blackfriday deal on That showed up as in Processing status for the last 6-7 days. Suddenly today morning the order is now in cancelled status. Called up the Customer service (seems the word service means something else for Walmart) who put me on hold for more than an hour and finally gave an answer the order was cancelled and they cannot do anything for it. If you want the product go get it for the current price. Real cheating- had they not put it no processing status i could have placed a new order. But for that they claim it would have been a problem with their website. Then my question is why are you trying to do business without even a functioal website....Real pity one you
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The exact same thing just happened to me because they ran out and don't know when they'll get them back in stock. I asked her if they hit end of life (Philips HTS3541/F7 5.1 Ch Home Theater System) and she told me no they will be getting it back in stock, so I asked her to just keep my order until they get it back in and I'll just give a late gift, she refused saying "I'm sorry but we can't hold your order for that long...I'm sorry but orders that were placed between November 28th and December 6th will not be given a price match.

You'll have to order something else and pay the full price" isn't this fraudulent?! this has to be some mix of "false advertising" and "bait and switch" that I missed out on a "good" deal for a Christmas present AND they waited until ALL the deals are over, I'm f'ed to get a good gift at a good price.


Yep....same thing for the same exact item just happened to me too. PISSED!!

Yet....if you go to the website, you can order one at full price right now. So much for being "out of stock", right?? I agree...that should NOT be allowed to happen and should be illegal. They did give me a $20.00 Wal Mart gift card for the "inconvenience" at least.

Tell everyone that this happened to to call and get theirs also. At least make them feel some pain from not doing the right thing and honoring their sale.

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Wilson, North Carolina
Walmart Website
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Managers and workers are rude and lazy

I am so tired of walmart! I went to put bikes on layaway for my kids and when we went to the line, there was 1 woman in front of us, they never said we will be with you in a moment or any kind of recognition that were waiting. So, after 20 minutes of waiting behind this woman me and my husband were looking out at stuff in the store and talking amongst ourselves when we hear, HELLLLOOOO!, HELLLOOOO! We turn to see the 2 guys staring is us in annoyance, 1 of whom was the assistant manager and the other customer service manager! and they were so rude! and then we pay for our layaway and no thank you or anything. Walmart is the worst for customer service! Cashiers take forever to ring people up even when there is a line of 50 people....its like they just dont care! you cannot find anything in the store and cannot find anyone to ask and if you do they never know where it is either. Walmart is the devil of corporations.
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Basically you lied on here twice so your word is mud. None believes you.

Also no one was rude to you. If you don't pay attention to the first time someone addresses you they will get loud. A third lie. You are a poor role model for your child.

Seems your husband is the same. I fear what their future is like. Their mother lying, both parents thinking the world revolves around them.

Harassing cashiers for being "slow" Harassing people for not knowing where each and every 10,000 items are. You think you are perfect but you are far from perfect.


Honey no one believes you were "hacked". You just made posts you regret making. Even if all those posts were hacked, your behavior was still very poor. Someone else stated the reason that they said hello to you loudly is because you were too distracted to know you were being addressed the first time. Then you complain you had to wait 20 minutes. The customer was before you. They are not lazy because they are serving the customer before you. Like someone stated you are not the center of the universe.

As for them not knowing where each and every product is I agree with the other posters they are not required to know where each and every of the 10,000 products they sell. As for the cashiers being slow, you have to respect that not everyone is as fast and great as you. If you are impatient shop elsewhere where you have to pay more. You need to grow up a little and stop acting like a child.

Also I doubt there actually are 50 people in line at any given time. That is a lie. Also since you did not mention that you were too distracted to realize you were next that you are not being honest about the nasty comments you posted.

I think you made some rude posts, regretted making them and are claiming you were hacked. If you were hacked the IP address would not be the same.


My manager used to always say, "Are you a part of the problem or a part of the solution?" The poster here is clearly a part of the problem.

I do think it is annoying though that this site makes it so easy for people to troll and copy nicknames.


Yeah but in this case the admin verified that the OP and rude poster are the same person.


"So, after 20 minutes of waiting behind this woman me and my husband were looking out at stuff in the store and talking amongst ourselves when we hear, HELLLLOOOO!, HELLLOOOO!"

Now I know why the line ups are long at Walmart, because people like you are not aware of your surroundings and hold up the line when it is your turn. I am sure that they had to get "rude" and say HELLLOOO, HELLLOOO because they tried calling you before and you did not hear them. Don't blame them if you cannot pay attention to what is going around you.

If you think the service is slow perhaps there is a reason, or perhaps you are impatient. I agree they are short staffed but there are never 50 people in line. (except probably Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Boxing day ect.)

"you cannot find anything in the store and cannot find anyone to ask and if you do they never know where it is either."

The store's are usually huge, I am sure they know what is around their department, but not where each and every item is. They will take you to the general direction. But anyone with half a brain would know where to look. For example you would not look for Power Ranger Action Figures in the food department. If you ask someone working there they will be able to tell you to look in toys.(which if you have half a brain you would know already) The toy person would have a better idea. We are not talking about a small store that only sells certain goods, we are talking about a big store that sells lots of items. Sorry I am being harsh on you but your comment about disabled people is disgusting.

Why not grow up a little and set a better example for your kids.


Even if you did not post the comment about the disabled people you need to still grow up. Has it ever occurred to you that you are not the center of the universe.

If a customer is before you and they are helping the other customer they are not being lazy. Also It seems like you are the cause of your own delay because you were too busy talking to each other. If that customer needs 20 minutes than they need 20 minutes. If the cashiers are "slow" than it is better than being fast and doing their jobs incorrectly and wasting more time.

Remember the lessons you learn in kindergarten. "Haste makes waste" and "slow and steady wins the race"


How many times do I have to explain this to you. You must have down syndrome as well.

I admit to making that comment about disabled people on the site. however I never mentioned the drinking problems of their parents in front of the manager.

Read the review before posting. I am sick and tired of having to explain this simple concept that even a four year old would understand.


Sick and tired? You're making yourself sick and tired.

No one forced you to comment again. You just couldn't let it go because you're a last word freak.


No one asked you all to reply. I shared another review on this site and was attacked for it as well.


"The store does have the right to have you leave if you make rude, derogatory remarks about their employees or other customers."

I never made rude derogatory comments about their employees. Thanks for making a fool out of me and having people misunderstand what I said. What I meant was I never made the comment about the down syndrome employee's family having drinking problems or drug abuse problems. I simply told him not to hire someone just because they are disabled. Just because he feels bad for them. I nor other customers should have to put up with this. They don't work harder than everyone else and they should not be allowed to work because someone pities them. They are lazy and rude because they come from horrible backgrounds and take it out on us.

As for the poster who has many disabled relatives "Asperger's Autism" perhaps if his mother was not drinking he would be normal. If his mother was not drinking he would not have suffered a stroke four months before he was born. Just because your grandson is not normal does not mean that you can take it out on us. Why not talk to your daughter about her drinking problem which caused him to have all these birth defects in the first place.

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Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Walmart Manager
New Reviewer

Walmart is selling defective items and does not provide refund

Update by user Jan 02, 2014

Hello everyone ! Happy Holidays !

I have got refund from Walmart.

Three months later they have issued refund because they found out that items were returned . Why they did not do this earlier , when I have provided all tracking information ,I do not know.

Original review posted by user Dec 03, 2013
I have bought T-Mobile Jet 2.0 Laptop Stick. Item was defective and I sent it back to shipped me replacement what was exactly the same as the first one item, it did not work also . I sent back second one too. Walmart does not want to issue refund when I returned both items two months ago. I contacted Customer Care about 10 times. They have a very BAD CUSTOMER CARE.All representatives gave me different information about refund that it was issued but I still do not have money back. I shipped items back with the Walmart EASY return label and it is really DIFFICULT TO RETURN labels because Walmart does not know where their items by the tracking number . Contact online very difficult because no one answer or an emails go back as undelivered. There is no connection with the Customer Care. Walmart does not issues refund and they do not provide me information where is the items .
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Nikalseyn arn't you the one that got fired from the company for "borrowing" a pen.


Typically, Walmart has bad customer care. That's normal for them. Best to always shop elsewhere.

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Hicksville, New York
Walmart Replacement

Stood in long line for 32 inch tv at wal mart; didn't get one.

Wal mart ran out of tv's, my niece stood in line for at least an hour and a half or more. She was given a voucher with 2 sets of instructions and told to go online to order the tv by 2am. My niece noticed some of the customers had a different voucher. She continued to shop, and returned giving me a one hour guarantee voucher. One set of instructions said to order online by 2am; whilethe other instructions said to order online by Dec. 1. Found out later from my sister that she ran across the same problem at Wal mart in Houston, Tx, but as she wad leaving she overheard a wal mart worker telling someone else that if they had a regular voucher they could go online and order tv; if they had a photo copy of voucher, she would have to pay in store and then order the tv online using the gift card and receipt provided at checkout. Calledthe 1 800 number to explain what happened and didn't get any help. Was told to go back seemed Wal mart and get a receipt. I called the Ruston, seemed LA Wal mart and explained what the worker told my niece to a manager there named Josh; who seemed very unconcerned, and told me that if i had a photo copy, anyone could have made copies and tried to get tv's; if i didn' t have a receipt then i do not have a tv. I asked for his name, and at first he didn't tell me. After asking again he finally said his name was Josh. Didn't give a last name, didn't apologize or try to make me feel better about the situation. Very unhappy with Wal mart right now. Can't believe what kind of people they have running their stores. The past 2 weeks i've probally spent over $500 at Wal mart.
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That is not the way those work. You have to get to a register with the voucher by 2 am and pay.

Then you have until December first to go online and order the tv. I have seen the vouchers and it is explained very clearly.

#461249 Review #461249 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Germantown, Maryland
Walmart Manager

Walmart not honoring return policy!!!

I'll keep it brief, but according to Walmart's website their return policy states that a receipt is not needed for returns. I bought a pair of faulty shoes that fell apart and simply wanted to exchange them for another. The store refused to honor the company's very own policy... Honestly, I have never been treated with such disrespect at a store. I went in at night time after work and spoke to some managers who basically told me I was *** and raised their voices with me. I told them to lower their voice and calm down. I decided that my attempts were fruitless. I have already contacted corporate and will continue to contact them until I receive a reply or some sort of apology. I honestly cannot even imagine treating someone so poorly. I will never shop at Walmart again and will refuse to let my family shop there.
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Your reading skills are poor because they clearly state you need a receipt. Oh poor you someone raised your voice to you. Must have made you emo and scarred you for life. Anonymous from Indiana being careless.

1. You did not check the size.

2. You lost your receipt.

I would not be surprised if one day your toddler was on a milk carton because you forgot him in the store or lost him being careless. Then to blame the toddler for being with you for being careless.


Well, now you have announced that you will never shop in Wal-Mart again. You have just given them a reason not to help you. Why would they if you have already made the decision not to shop there?


walmart sells junk. It should not shock you that your walmart shoes fell apart ( I would have assumed they were disposable if I purchased them at walmart)!!


I have had this problem. I got a pair of jeans, my toddler was with me and I got a tall instead of petite I'm 5'1 obviously didn't need the tall, but I didn't notice till I got home somewhere along the way I lost my receipt.

I went back to return them, I didn't even need my money back I wanted to exchange them and get the correct length they wouldn't do it :(

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Columbus, Ohio
Walmart Website

NEVER TRUST Walmart " 1-Hour guarantee"

I went in Walmart and get "1-Hour Guarantee" voucher for iPad mini for $299 (with bonus gift card for $100), and I paid for 3 iPads, get my receipt, and get bonus gift cards. sold gift card for $100 each, and after that I wasn't able to get my iPads mini... *** cashier load bonus gift cards with $319,93 ($299 + tax) each, and she did not told me that. It is CLEAR on “Black Friday add” said: $299 each SPECIAL BUY iPAD mini Wi-Fi 16GB. Colors may vary by store” and BONUS $100 GIFT CARD WITH PURCHASE. As pictured on “Black Friday” add – FIRST PAGE – event 1. It is CLEAR on “1-HOUR GUARANTEE” voucher on instruction: 5. Remind customer to keep this card & their receipt to complete online registration. NOBODY TALKING TO KEEP *** BONUS GIFT CARD... Walmart fraud - big fraud...
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Sure the employees got the GIFT card numbers!!


*cough* you had to complete the online registration to get the $100 gift card

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#461183 Review #461183 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Tampa, Florida
Walmart Gift Card
New Reviewer

32 in tv with bonus card

you are wrong theresa your cashier said that was a bonus card did not tell me it was for the tv and she knew i used it for the next transaction. i dont have internet and if u look on your cameras you would see the cashier telling me this not once but three times and i gave the bonus card for my daughter to use and gave the reciept to my daughter to do the tv online check the exit cameras for this . the refund cashiers told me im not the only one who had this happen and no where on the one hour card does in say i needed that gift card.
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What the heck are you talking about???


What makes you think WalMart's Theresa will see your complaint to her on this site? This isn't a WalMart site.




This is Teresa,,there is no H in my name. There is no audio on our tapes, so why am I watching this video again?

Also just go to your daughter and get the card back and have her give you the reciept back too. Problem solved.

Thanks and have a great day. 8)

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#460963 Review #460963 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Albany, New York
Walmart Cashier

I have already paid for 2 tvs but couldnt get them sent!!

I paid for 2 vouchers for 98$ tvs and when I went online with my access codes on the receipt where I have already paid for them up front, they had the audacity to want me to pay for them again before shipment. This is not acceptable and I want the 2 tvs that I have already paid for now!! I am going straight to the manager of the store and complain everyday until I get my money back in full and I will never trust them again!! What kind of *** is a *** voucher to get and pay for merchandise that you dont receive? Crooks, Crooks Crooks !!
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You will not have to pay looks like you have to but you will not. Just continue on.


I was informed that they only allowed one tv per customer. How did you get 2 vouchers?


They probably had two people with them.

And for the OP just go to your local Walmart and ask the customer service person to complete the registration for you. If they say they can't tell them Corporate is telling them to do so.


Do you get paid to for your advice? Corporate is telling them to do so?

Who at corporate? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


:grin well maybe they just like me then I guess because when I had the issue the one I went to offered to do it for me because of the inconvenience.

I figured they were ordered to do it since ya know who wants to do extra work? :zzz Either way, just telling somebody with a problem what my experience was and hopefully something that could help them too.

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Like nearly 2,000 other Southern Mainers, I spent my Thanksgiving midnight standing a dark Walmart parking lot in the frigid air only to be nearly crushed to death getting through the front doors and then rammed in the back, butt and ankles by shoppers pushing oversized carts to the aisle where I expected to get my 32" TV (the only gift my son asked for). From about 40 feet away, I watched the last one being hoisted over the head of a man I did not know, but instantly hated until I heard they were handing out 1-hour guarantee vouchers. It was another 15 minutes before I had my flier and instructions clenched tightly in my fist but I was finally moving toward the registers at the front of the store. In a bizzare mixture of emotion that vacilated between relief, exhaustion and frustration I reached the check out just before 1 AM. The cashier at the register was attempting to ring up the man in front of me (I think he had two ipad mini vouchers). After several attempts and with beads of perspiration breaking out on his forehead and uppper lip, he finally called for a front end manager to help with the transaction and within 5 minutes the customer walked out with 2 gift cards and a verbal reminder to register online. In 20/20 hindsight, this was probably the first hint of the trouble that was to come and what will from this point forward will be known as My Worst Thanksgiving Weekend Ever (and that is saying something). After getting to bed sometime around 2:30 AM, I awakened at 7 Friday morning, booted up my laptop and entered the web address as instructed in the flier only to discover I had no access code printed on my receipt. A call to the store informed me that I would have to return to the store and another receipt would be issued. By 9:30 Friday morning I was back at Walmart standing in line at customer service where a very nice girl listened patiently and reissued my purchase. I ran a couple of errands, returned home, enjoyed a pleasant meal and visited with family. Being an early riser, I was once again at my laptop this morning (Saturday) at 6 AM trying to access the website only to be repeatedly informed that I had an invalid access code. WHAT!!!!! my inner voice screamed, you've got to be SH***ing me. I read the rest of the instructions noting that I also didn't have the requisite gift card or pin number. Since it was still at least an hour before the store opened up, I busied myself with other demands of the morning, like feeding and walking the dog, doing laundry, showering, updating my Christmas list etc. 7AM finally rolled around and I placed my call...I knew I would not be satisfied talking with a customer service rep and when my call went through, I recounted my experience (and feelings about it) telling her that I wanted to speak with a manager and she informed me that Linda was in charge of handling this situation. For about 30 seconds, I felt some relief knowing that at least Walmart was aware that there is a SITUATION and had the good sense to put someone in charge of it but the relief was over before it could really get started. Linda told me that I would have to return to the store to get the gift card and with PIN number before I could register online. Linda went on to say that corporate doesn't know what is going on, only that millions of these vouchers were given out and that the website is overloaded. She attempted to reassure me that the website is working because she talked with a co-worker who was finally able to register her access code after trying for almost 8 hours yesterday. WHAT!!!, my outer voice screamed, you've got to be F*&king kidding me...Believe it or not I had other plans for my weekend, but devotion to my son (and a very tight budget) placed me back in the car to spend another hour in Walmart's customer service line (at least 10 others were there for the same reason) to get the access code, gift card number and pin. I've been at it (on the Walmart website) now for close to 10 hours, not to mention the additional expense and time I've spent waiting for & talking with store managers , traveling to and from Walmart in Scarboro, Maine, standing in their customer service lines, gas, tolls....and there is still no guarantee that I will be able to get through. What I have done, is spent a good portion of each day of my 4 day holiday trying to get the Christmas gift my son wants more than anything and unless I wake up tomorrow and find that the website is fully operational and I can get through to register my codes, I fear I will ultimately let him down anyway. Walmart stole my Thanksgiving and my Christmas spirit.
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Yeah standing out in the freezing cold just because they have a TV that you MIGHT get just doesnt seem worth it. I stayed inside and just ordered things online so i stayed nice and warm and im still in a good mood. :) Better luck next year!


And all you had to do was go back to the store and either get a new card, or just ask customer service to do it for you at the service desk. Corporate started to tell every store should just offer to do these for the customers.


After reading this, I am beginning to think this whole thing was a big plot by Wal-Mart to give the public a small taste of how frustrating it is to be an employee at Wal-Mart during the holidays. Trust me, nobody feels sorry for you.

Not even the nice young LADY at the customer service desk. :cry


So you were suckered in by the "Black Friday" madness too? What did you expect to happen other than the mess you found?

Have you not watched TV for the past ? years since this *** started?

The fact that it is a grand fiasco is no secret. And save the "creative" writing for school -it makes your complaint to long.


You could have found other cheap TVs, maybe not that cheap, but the higher price would have been worth it to not have to fight the crowds.


Employee got on after 8 hours!! Who got the deals EMPLOYEES!!


Didn't even bother to finish reading your fk.king rant because your writing annoyed the out of me. Oh fk.king brother, trying to write some sort of bs stylized soliloquy on a pissed consumer site.

Who the he.ll do you think you're trying to impress?

I have less than zero sympathy for ANY consumers that dare whine about anything when they choose to shop on Black Friday. You'd have to be a complete fk.king idi.ot to not know by now to expect the worst and just hope for the best if you shop BF,


I am sure that the "girl" who was pleasant to you was over 18. that means she is not a girl but a lady.

If you don't know the difference between a girl and lady perhaps you misunderstood the instructions and it is your fault. Then to claim they stole your Christmas Spirit. You are the one that is acting like a little girl. In other words if anyone should be referred to as a girl it should be you.

You had a nice thanksgiving meal so they did not steal that. Again acting like a girl rather than a grown up lady.


Walmart stole your thanksgiving? Who told you to stand in line??

I guess the only 32" tv is available at Walmart? And the only time to buy is Black Friday?

I had a great thanksgiving by the way..eating...watching football.. NOT standing in lines....

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