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Walmart sent wrong item, they won't fix it!

My mother-in-law ordered a samsung galaxy tab 3 from They sent her a $20 crosman mini carbine airsoft bb gun instead of the tablet she ordered and she's getting the run around from them! "It will be a week to figure it out" "It will be another three weeks". They send the info on the problem to someone who says it's not their problem and they send it on to someone else who says it's not their problem. Walmart is horrible! They are saying the order was lost after delivery and someone must have stole it after delivery. They are not taking responsibliity for the fact that someone on THEIR end messed up and sent the wrong item! I was with my MIL when she ordered the tablet online. She ordered it and did not order the gun! They are refusing to refund her money for the tablet even though she never received it!
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I ordered a curtain rod from Walmart and ended up reviewing a firearm which I was absolutely shocked!

I have 3 young children and the gun was left on my doorstep in a box picturing the rifle!

I had to call the police to look at it and it ended up being a BB gun. When I spoke with corporate the woman did not apologize, she spoke down to me.

My children could have been hurt of worse!

Horrible policies and rude people. Don't go here to shop!


call credit card company put the charges in dispute!!

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#456646 Review #456646 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Rice Lake, Wisconsin
Advanced Reviewer

Discrimination still exists in the Uniated States.

Millions of blacks folks are still looked over for hiring and promotion all over. We still hear the N word from crackas, we are still treated suspiciously by the *** police, we go to jail for crimes we don't commit, we face housing discrimination. This still exists in 2013 America, folks. I have experienced so much of it that it isn't even funny. This seems to happen the most at heavily *** places at Walmart. Black folk get treated horribly at ***-Mart, probably the worst place for discrimination of black folk. Crackas don't seem to understand as they have never faced what we have and they probably never will. It is a sad state of affairs.
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Troll or not, this is a perfect example of why there is still racism against blacks in the *United* States. Aside from being the most violent race and thinking you deserve special treatment because your ancestors who you never met were rightfully enslaved, you can't even spell the name of your country right.


Racist *** tend to get treated like criminals.

Admit it: you failed your GED program because they asked you to spell GED.

And you couldn't.

Hahaha you tard.



Mean *** I'm Black and feel this person's pain. :cry :( :cry :cry :( :cry :cry :cry :( :cry :( :cry :( :cry :( :cry :( :cry :( :? :( :cry :( :cry :cry :( :cry :(


If you want to be treated the same as others, they stop acting like trash. "*** police"? I sure wouldn't hire or promote you.


I can't believe some of you are actually arguing with this immature, racist, i diot. :roll :roll


You can than Jesse and Al for promoting racism at every turn!


Your use of the word crackas and misspelling of the word "United" have me believe that you are just as racist as the people you talk about and your claim of discrimination may just be the fact that you have a narcissistic tendency to be owed something when you go through hardships of what is called LIFE.

Get over it. Its 2013.


You haven faced *** Your ancestors did. Oh and it's been over for awhile now!


Omg really? Get over it!

If anyone is discriminated against, it's white people! You yard apes get everything handed to you.

When you don't, you just through up the race card! Try working for something!


Like calling us yard apes?

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#456538 Review #456538 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Springdale, Arkansas

Walmart tv

Went to buy a tv from Walmart this evening (7pm). Not a late hour. Just a regular time. I picked out my tv and asked an associate if I could purchase it. He scanned the item and then went to the back to retrieve it. The tv was on a top rack. I was told the guy with the fork lift license could not get to it till the next morning. I work in the morning and will not be back. I will drive an hour to Best Buy or Target in Fultondale tommorow after work. Walmart will not get my cash. The guy could have been honest and said the fork lift guy is a lazy *** and will not do any work tonight. I would have taken that a little better than the, don't bother the fork lift guy, he doesn't have time for you right now.
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I used to work there. In fact I may have been the very one to tell you that.

Trucks are unloaded from 4PM until 1AM. There is no room in the back to get to tvs. That wasnt our fault its just how it is. The forklift guys not a lazy *** just being honest.

If theres ten pallets blocking the way then how am I supposed to get your tv? Its an inconvenience but the managers choose all that. So essentially its not my fault nor the forklift operator, its simply bad scheduling of trucks by management.

Never understood why they unload during peak hours when I worked there. Left to find better things.


There are tons of complaints about Walmart, and for VERY good reasons. First of all, Walmarts employees usually don't say hello, even if you say hello first. If they have to tell you how to do something, they're just plain rude. God help you if you have to return something.

The Service Center Gestapo, thinks they rule the world, and these vicious little witches, need to be pumping gas at some gas station. And management? The lesson THEY NEED TO LEARN, is even more serious. Rationing out STARVATION WAGES, goes on, while Walmart Management and others at the top, enjoy lavish salaries, perks, and other programs that cater to their every whim. The slave wages, and 20 hour work weeks, they force on the poor workers, are not only CRIMINAL, but Walmart's latest advertising, boasts how much they do for poverty. Adding insult to injury--- what a pile of manure, and WHAT A DEPLORABLE LIE!!!!

Walmart IS THE REASON why there's so much poverty in this country.

Paying barely over MINIMUM WAGES, while Management, loads their pockets, along with the zoo-full of animals, at the corporate top, grabbing millions of dollars, for themselves. When the poor slaves working at Walmart, who want to make more than $8 an hour, and beg for a raise, and Walmart management, tells them no, and tells them instead, to go to their local Dept of Social Services, and ask for food stamps, HEAP, and other assistance---costing the US Economy over 8 BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY, WHILE WALMART MANAGEMENT, AND TOP OFFICIALS, LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.

Then Walmart makes other countries rich, while they help to completely destroy, jobs in the United States, while importing PROVEN TAINTED FOODS, OTHER DEADLY TOXIC PRODUCTS, LIKE LITTLE CHILDRENS' TOYS, LOADED WITH LEAD AND OTHER CONTAMINANTS, AND CHEAP JUNK THAT FALLS APART IN THE SLIGHTEST WIND! Welcome to Walmart!


Do amazon. they deliver right to your front door!!

and the prices are about the same. If you find a price at any other store cheaper call them and let them know they often do better by 10%!!

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#456327 Review #456327 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Jasper, Alabama
New Reviewer
“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”-Sam Walton EXCEED your customers’ expectations. If you do, they’ll come back over and over. Give them what they want...
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Walmart heiress Alice Walton will likely have DWI arrest expunged from her record after her arresting officer was put on suspension

Charges were dropped against the heiress last month when it was announced that her arresting officer wouldn't be able to testify

The state trooper is currently on suspension pending an investigation into allegations of misconduct

Alice Walton is now asking that the charges be erased from her record

The arrest happened in 2011 when she was returning from her birthday dinner in Texas

Walton is worth an estimated $27 billion

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"This website is horrible, the service is terrible. Order from or someplace but never here. I ordered a shed. They said ship to store delivery would get it there on the 23rd. When I placed the order, it said it would arrive on the 30th. Ok, that is an entire...
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Love this post WHO LOSES A SHED? Only a very large corporation that has no clue what it is doing!!

To many cooks in the kitchen!!

They probably never shipped the SHED to begin with they just don't want to say that (it looks bad) they will just say after then see it never got done O we will chip the shed now!! Complaining gets you nowhere they are clueless!!

#455822 Review #455822 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Vancouver, Washington
Walmart Delivery Service
You are hearing this from the mouth of a Walmart VP. The customer is under NO obligation to load their own carts at checkout. It is a courtesy to the customers whom we exist to serve. You are the one who is taking their items and ringing them up and you are responsible...
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So I was at Walmart Saturday and I placed my generic grocery bags on the belt and the cashier said that since they were not Walmart bags I had to bag my own groceries!! I said ok this is a Walmart cart so hop over here and take the stuff I want to buy out of "your" cart... she just stared at me

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Springdale, Arkansas
Walmart Cashier
New Reviewer

New coupon policy

I've shopped at walmart for years and have couponed for years, I've a very "good" couponer I don't empty shelves, I don't read the barcode, I get exactly what the coupon says. Some days I go in and get several items with coupons. My family depends on me stretching my budget to make ends meet and still eat well. I've never had a problem at walmart till today... and I didn't have many just 3 coupons, thank goodness and I'm sure the cashier was happy about that to. *She was awesome by the way and I felt bad for her b/c she said she had already been yelled at for the same reason I was having problems.* The coupons wouldn't scan and they aren't allowed to type them in anymore...Even though two of them she peeled off the product herself for me to use. And she could see that I had the correct products. I just had her take them off my total and they will be re-shelved (maybe not the ham though not sure how they do refrigerated items). It is very disappointing and discouraging that you all would start doing this, I could see if the items didn't match the coupon or even if it was printed coupons or from the paper, but really when it comes from the product in your store. I will no longer (though I know it will not hurt the store) be shopping there and am sharing this all over the place to have some people avoid the frustration I had today. There are other stores that will gladly take my coupons, it just means having to spend a bit more time running around town.
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Oh wow the world. has come to this i guess everyone is expected to use only cash well in this economy its hard look the store needs to punish the ones who are scammers and honor the honest customers and the comments posted are so sad I'm sorry for u all mamabunn i wish i had a lot of money but I'm so poor i can't even pay attention but if i did i would give u enough to make u happy please god help that woman amen


I was in tears at the check out because the cashier was rude and wouldn't take most of my coupons or honor the price match and I had the ads in my hand.

I plan carefully because I only have $4.50 per person a week for groceries. I had to put things back. Not only was my silent tears falling but I dared a glance back at the two elderly ladies in line behind me and...they had tears also.

The most frustrating part is here it is December and there will be no gifts, worst holiday meal or treats.

God bless that we have each other.


It may be that you are an honest couponer, but you have the dishonest/*** couponers & store employees to thank for this policy being put in place. I speak from experience as a retail manager.

You wouldn't believe the dishonest garbage people try and feel justified doing. :roll


This is 100% true, until I worked in retail at customer service and cashier I had no idea how many of the couponers are dishonest and trying to scam (about 30-40% were trying to scam that came to my line). But those who are trying to scam are also committing fraud as described on the coupon which if I remember correctly is a federal offense.


I completely understand that, I used to work at walmart myself several years ago, which is probably one of the reason (that I was raised right) didn't go off on the poor cashier. But if they can look as see I have a 50 cent coupon for product A and I do indeed have product A in my bag's then they should have taken it.

Not a huge deal Ingles doubles coupons and gladly types them in if they don't scan.

It was just annoying and disappointing since I pretty much rely on coupons lol


That also happened to me, I went to the service desk and they did enter the coupon and I did get a cash refund,even so it was more time that I had to waste to wait in line there for my refund, I was not a happy camper and let them know. I know it is not their fault but maybe it will reach the higher-ups.


I'm a super couponer AND I work at walmart. I was horrified when I learned about this today.

Not only does it suck as a couponer, it sucks if you have to ring it up! EVERY coupon that does not scan must call a manager over.

You have no idea how bad this is and how long the lines will be. I encourage everyone to call, write and complain.


So it isn't just local stores? Its company wide..THat is a mess and I feel so sorry for the cashiers.


wow just yesterday I had the same issue. I do not coupon and never bring my own into the STORE.

I picked up two items that had a 1.00 dollar off peel sticker. it was a 16.99 dollar item to begin with so NOTHING FREE here. I get to the check out spent over 125.00 total she is asking me about the coupon I said you just saw me peel it off (well it doesn't match) she says.

Not wanting to be rude I was giving her more time to figure out it does match took her 3 different ringers and a MANAGER to figure out it was the correct item. I saved 2.00 dollars they wasted 15 minutes of my time and the poor line behind me well you know how they felt!!!

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#455776 Review #455776 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Norton, Virginia
Walmart Coupon

Cards Did Not Make Home

I purchased 19 items today at Rocky Mount, VA, Walmart, store #2337, OP # 00005523, at 3:59 pm on 11/3/2013. The first 3 items on my receipt were for my Thanksgiving Cards, but when I arrived home they were not in any of my grocery bags. I called the store and was advised to bring receipt back to store and I could pick out 3 more cards. If the checkout person would check to see if all bags of the customer they are checking out were either in the cart or all the bags they filled were out of the bag spinner, this might not happen. I don't like to waste gas by returning to the Walmart store.
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The cashier is supposed to check and make sure you have all of your stuff before you leave, but I always check to make sure I have all of my stuff anyway. This particular Walmart in Rocky Mount, VA stinks, though.

Management does not support their employees or their customers. I should know; I have to go in there all the time, unfortunately. They only ever have three registers open even during busy periods, so I wouldn't be blame everything soley on the cashiers because they are under a ton of stress.

I know many cashiers there and they are very nice people. Blame management for making the jobs of the cashiers even harder.


If you checked yourself this would not happen. If you are old enough to shop on your own you are old enough to make sure you have everything.

Grow up and take some responsibility for your action. Remember you are no longer four.

If you can't act your age take someone responsible and mature with you when you shop to baby sit you. Both parties are at fault.


I am a Walmart VP and I can assure you cashiers that it is your job to load every customer's cart.


I can assure you and everyone else on this site that it IS the customers responsibility to retrieve their own purchases once the cashier has rung and bagged their items...Thank You!!


I am the owner of Microsoft and I can assure you that all Microsoft products are designed to orally pleasure their owners.


Some cashiers are good and they put the bags in the cart!! Some cashiers are not good and they are lazy and do not even spin the bags to the customers!!


How about, the customer is lazy and doesn't want to pick up their own bags! Customers act like their entitled for some reason.


Cashier is under no obligation to ensure you take what you pay for. Guess what you forgot a bag, now because of YOUR error you blame someone else.

No one wants to accept responsibility for their actions anymore. It's always someone elses fault.

Yes I've forgotten items, yes it's aggravating, I did not however blame the cashier for my mistake.


It is the cashier's job to put all bags into the customer's cart and make sure they have everything they paid for. The customer is under no obligation to do it.


The whole purpose of the carousel is so the CUSTOMER can easily grab their bags and load them into their cart. It is NOT a requirement for the cashier to load a customers bags however, sometimes they will as a courtesy if they are not too busy. Gotta love people who know so much more about what another persons job responsibilities are suit themselves!

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#455623 Review #455623 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Rocky Mount, Virginia

I was refused the right to purchase my pictures

photo center experience was bad. I felt accused of trying to commit a copy-right crime because the photo center employee's opinion of the pictures were that they "look professional" & they requested to see a copy-right receipt. The pictures were not under copy-right protection. They belonged to My friend & I. I felt like I was treated rudely and I was very uncomfortable. I will not go to wal-mart for photos anymore. I went to Walgreens and bought my photos with no harassment or false accusations. Thins incident was on Nov 1 2013 between 4 & 5 pm. Fenton, MO Wal-Mart. The man was tall, scraggly, and hairy. I resolved the loss by turning to Walgreens for their service and they printed my photos with no problem.
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It used to be that Photographers got paid for taking great pictures (an entire industry) But so much has changed you can get a great camera and now take very professional like photos (artists) no longer need to pay extravagant prices to get professional looking photos but this has also caused a lot of issues for these FAST PHOTO places.


A copyright receipt? I have a feeling that you are leaving out part of the story or you are making this all up?


This isn't just a thing at Wal-Mart as this is practiced at many photo centers. Why should they risk the chance of selling copyrighted material without the owner's consent? Even if they are yours, no one in their right mind is going to risk getting sued, losing their job, etc.

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#455409 Review #455409 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Fenton, Missouri
Advanced Reviewer

The welfare folks in the WM store I shop at is white. They still get treated better than me.

Honky *** foos all treating me like dirt but treats the welfare crackas good. *** white foo was in front of me in the checkout today paying with food stamps and the white foo checkout girl was all smiling and being chatty with her but when she got to me she barely said a word and didn't even bother to greet me. She also assumed I would be paying with food stamps and treated me like a common criminal. I never been on welfare in my life and I work for my money, but because I am black I get treated like dirt no matter what. Honky *** foos so sick of them all!!
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so sorry for the way you were treated .I am white and i treat everyone with respect and dignity regardless of race . you might have mentioned this to management too.


Please visit the birth control section


Your street corner must be thriving to be able to have cash for walmart.


Oh god. You blacks think we owe you something because of the past.

Cry me a river build a bridge and get the *** over it. You *** and moan about the littlest things you're at Walmart. What did you think was going to happen?

That you were going to get some 5 star service. Shut the *** up no one gives two *** s.


You blacks? C'mon, what a way to place EVERY BLACK PERSON LIVING OR DEAd in this man's shoes.

Let it be about THIS man.. not EVERY black person. I don't believe ANYONE who I have not loaned money to. owes me anything.

I am black, So therefore your statement is deemed False and irrelevant. So let's scratch that from the board, shall we?


Black people feel YOU owe them something? Owe them what, exactly?

What is it that possess that a black person would want from you? Pale skin, that burns with sun and wrinkles by 34? NO! Chicken *** no backbone?

NO! Bland, unimaginative lives? NO! Two left feet, couldn't carry rythem or tune in a bucket?

NO! Theft of everything good and created by others .. INCLUDING land, identity, and people? NO!

Listen man, even if a black person felt they were owed something, they sure aren't looking to collect from you. I enjoy my life, I have a great job, beautiful family, smart, sexy shapely wife WITH *** (no shots) and natural breast (no silicone), and children who can think for themselves, LOVE themselves and their parents, who I expect will NOT be building bombs to blow up other children or animals or their parents! Life is good. So chill with that.

I know for A FACT NO BLACK PERSON HAS ASKED YOU TO PAY for the wrongdoing of your forefathers. Who F does that?


around here all the WELARE folk are MEXICANS!! Moms,dads,grandparents all taking CABS TO USED the stamps.

They take forever to PAY they hide stuff in the overstuffed carts. lOSS PREVENTION often has to come over and the kids 3-6 running all over the place (as a distractions)


True dat! I don't like beaners either. Freaking border bunnies hopping into this country and getting stuff just handed to them that we black folks had to spend decades fighting for.


Good thing they dont' have to hop anymore. BORDER IS WIDE OPEN! SO IS YOUR MOUTH NOW TAKE THIS Dikkkkkkkkkkkkk!


Take a speech class! What is a Foo?

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#455351 Review #455351 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Springdale, Arkansas
New Reviewer

Got cussed at by employee at Boone Walmart.

Was just walking in for a few things. I Got them without too many problems(although the lettuce wasn't very fresh) and and things went along as normal until I got to the check-out. His name was Derrick I believe. Well he cussed at me. I went over and got the customer service manager and she didn't seem to care. I finally asked for a manager who is over them. Well when they came up all they said was that they would deal with it. Well I went in today and he was still working there. I cannot believe they keep people like this on.
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Don't know how you can take this down, but let this be a lesson for you in the consequences of slander. If you did something wrong be an adult about it, don't play petty games by trying to get the person who reported you in trouble.


I have to tell you something, I used to work at this story and Derrick reported me for stealing from the company. I only made this up to get him fired.

Now Derrick is threatening to sue me if I do not remove this review. How do I go about doing that. A friend(or someone who I thought was a friend told Derrick that I wrote a review about him online to get him fired.

I did not use his last name but I did use his place of employment. Some people are telling me that I can be sued for using his name and place of employment, others are saying I am fine since I did not use his last name.


Just because the cashier was still working there doesn't mean that nothing happened to him. Furthermore, why should he be fired because he allegedly cussed at you.

IF he actually did cuss at you, you must have done something just as bad to cause his behavior. You can bet your bottom dollar you aren't completely innocent in this deal.

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#454927 Review #454927 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Springdale, Arkansas
Walmart Manager
New Reviewer

Worst self check out experience EVER!

I often use the self checkouts when I don't feel like being sociable(plus they are fun)and I usually have a good experience on them. Today it seemed like every *** who didn't know how to use the self checkout was in every lane ahead of me. What made matters worse is the idiotic uneducated Walmart associates didn't know what they were doing either. They didn't know how to answer their questions and they screwed up the machines more by trying to fix them. I finally had enough and I just started saying something. There was only a few open lanes with actual cashiers surprise surprise and they all seemed to be slow. I swear it is like trying to be released from prison trying to get checked out of Walmart. Now I am a nurse and I make $80K a year and I expect something a little better when I choose to spend my money somewhere.
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You were released from prison? Wow, and a nurse. Good job.


What are you doing using the self check out? It's bad enough that WalMart gets away with selling us all that Chinese garbage that they only pay pennies for.

Using that self check out just cost someone the ability to get one of the sub- standard jobs Walmrt provides. I wouldn't work for them but there was a point in my life that I gladly would have.

When you have nothing a bad job is better than no job. I know there are some folks that could use it.


You sound like a bitter old woman. Also you like going to check outs because they are fun.

Exactly how old are you? 5?

Are you the same nurse that abuses her children and is racist against blacks?

There was a while back reviews from a registered nurse who thought she was better than everyone else. She thought because she made 80k a year(same as you do) that she can treat other people badly, cut in line ect.


You failed to mention what she said that was racist.


shop somewhere else if you don't like it, and don't be so quick to judge people.


You again, maybe it is your attitude that causes you problems at Walmart. Could it be because you roam around with your nose in the air?


OOOOOHHHHH! 80 grand a year!

Aren't you special! Everyone should kiss your ***


Not you again...Find something more productive to do with your life instead of trolling this site.


And your income means what ... If u make so much money why are you shopping at Walmart with.

The poor people. Who don't deserve what you do

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#454737 Review #454737 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Springdale, Arkansas
New Reviewer

I want my b reast job refunded NOW!!

I cannot tell you how angry I am at the poor service done by Dr. Bill Parker at the Marina, California Walmart. Walmart allowed this guy to open a practice there and they are responsible. They allow these separate places in their stores and these places pay rent to Walmart. So why should Walmart not be responsible for them?? Tell me please. If I were to get sick on some out of date food that was sold in the Walmart store it would be the fault of Walmart and not the company who supplies the food and ingredients to make the food. So why should some place in Walmart like Subway, the bank or Dr. Parker not be held to the same accountability by Wallmart?
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Please do not feed the trolls. Tell me you are all not really buying into this story. Way too obvious!


Someone is playing us for a fool here. Breast implants done at Walmart???


:? :?


That's like blaming the President for your food being wrong at McDonald's.


Especially when everyone clearly knows,

"It's Bush's fault"!

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#454734 Review #454734 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Springdale, Arkansas

The Poor Service At The Deli Is Ridiculous!

My complaint is the sorry slow service they have at the deli at the Henderson NC Walmart. The workers are always unfriendly and act like they don't even want to wait on u, u have to *** near yell at them to make them notice u to get some service, boy i tell u if my kids didn't need that ham for lunch i would have just left it in the store!!!!! If you don't like your job don't come to work with the attitude let someone who don't mind waiting on people take your place. Makes no sense to me!
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Slow your aint all about you as noted by the previous posters......trying being respectful to those behind the might find they react accordingly.....come up in a huff and act like the world revolves around you and you are gonna get what you get.


If you didn't like the service at the deli, you could have walked a short distance more, and picked up a package of almost any kind of sandwich meat, your little heart desired. It's your own fault that you were too lazy to do that, when you were in such a hurry.


Walmart gets the bottom of the barrel. The lowest of the low.


Hmmm...I think you are leaving out part of the story. Perhaps the part where you walk in screaming, whining, and complaining and thinking the world revolves around you.

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#454680 Review #454680 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Henderson, North Carolina

Survey not valid

The online survey does not work; therefore, it is impossible to receive the promised $5.00 gift card. No matter how one tries to do the survey it comes back not valid. This is not Sam Walton's work ethic and he would be turning over in his grave if he knew this!!! Also, the pharmacy was supposed to open at 2:00pm. At 2:10, a manager called the personnel for me. They came strolling back laughing and not caring about customers. What happened to work ethic. Just a bunch of snotty women who don't care. This store will not last if things don't improve!
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given up on walgreens ladyscott well i too have tried the survey and it is true it does not work i have emailed them about a month ago and still no respose so there this is a true fact.


First, the survey is so simple and easy if you can read English you can do the survey. You have to choose English or Spanish FIRST. Then CONTINUE, then your ZIP CODE, then CONTINUE....see the pattern here????

Now, as for the pharmacy being late to come back...every Walmart closes at 1:30-2:00 for lunch. When customer come up at 1:29 to get their script, obviously they go to lunch late. If they go late, they come back late. Get over it. Pharmacists at Walmart work a 12 hour shift with ONE 30 minute break. That is ALL.

Like I said, deal with it.

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Walmart Gift Card