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On January 11th 2013 I purchased a television from Wal-mart. Paid for it in cash $200.00 and the rest on my debit card. As I was walking away from the cashier’s desk the box came open at the bottom, I asked an employee if I could exchange it; as I was right in front...
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@ the original poster

That had to be a very embarrassing situation. I am very sorry to hear that you had a bad experience.

Wal-Mart sucks, and I hope it goes out of business!


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Walmarts Equal Oppertunity!

So this is how my morning went at Walmart. EQUAL OPPERTUNITY IS A LIE!!! Not only that but I posted this on their page and not even 5 minutes later it had been deleted. I emailed it to them and posted it on my local news page and Pissed Consumers Page and this is what I sent to walmart: I applied for a job at the store in Weaverville North Carolina and guess what I GOT IT!!!! I went to orientation today and guess what I found out. AFTER I was at that store 3 times to get this job, sent across the county for a drug test, had to sit for 2 hours at that drug test, bought me clothes for this job THEY WILL NOT HIRE ME BECAUSE I AM 16! I will never spend my money at another unprofessional, immature, asinine, Walmart. This chain of zoo's is pathetic. YOUR store should have put me somewhere that I could work instead of KNOWING I was 16 and could not touch alcohol and promising me a job as a cashier. My father had to drive me FORTY FIVE MINUTES to this store to start my first day of work of which I was told to show up in dress code and come to find out the idiots who run this place gave me a job I could not have THIS STORE SHOULD HAVE PUT ME SOMEWEHRE ELSE!! Their excuse for not putting me in a position a 16 year old could work at was there was not a place. I would like to know why I was promised a job if they could not place me knowing I could not be a cashier. And there is room for me NOBODY WORKS THERE!! You have to stand in the middle of the walk way and yell at someone to go over there and 99.9% of the time the person who comes is not even the person who works in the dept. The shelves are always empty. OBVIOUSLY there is room for me. I would rather pay an extra 5 bucks somewhere else on my stuff then to ever walk into another asylum such as a Walmart. At least 50 bucks has been wasted on gas and me buying your "code" *** for this place for your friends at the Walmart in Weaverville located at 25 Northridge Parkway.
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Not surprised at all. The local Walmart here discriminates against employees with disabilities and makes up "coaching reasons" to get ride of them. Real lowlife managers, with cheap ties.


I think your childish attitude is the reason you did not get the job, not the fact that you are 16. You may be 16 but you are throwing a temper tantrum and acting like a three year old.


I have a question. Hope someone can help.

I went to the interview was hired on the spot, sent for my drug test (i passed obviously ). Came out of the testing center and had a voice mail from the lady who hired me "there's been a descreptency "she says. I called her right back and had to leave a message "she's not available"I'm told.

After listening to the whole message i hear the whole conversation she had with a coworker calling me a "cracker and typical Wal-Mart cashiers ". It's been 10 days and still no return call is this discrimination?


Grow up, another retard mistaking not getting the job as discrimination. You must be black.


Nope your wrong I'm not


Well whatever it is you need to grow up and stop mistaking not being qualified for a job as discrimination.


They would have known how old you were when you filled out your hire packet.


Agrees, they are just using that as an excuse. I have a feeling that behaving like a toddler and throwing temper tantrums is the real reason they did not get the job.


The temper tantrum you just displayed definitely shows you aren't old enough to work any place. Even if you were 18, they would have to page somebody older to come to the register to sell booze and I think cigarettes.

As far as clothes goes all you would have had to buy was one pair of pants in the appropriate color, one pair would get you started because they can be laundered and dried after you got off work. I'm sure you didn't need special shoes, and you might have had to buy one of their t-shirts for work, but you could have bought that there when you reported for work.

It is altogether possible that the only openings they had were for cashiers or overnight positions, which wouldn't work real well for a kid in school. From the sound of your complaint, you have a lot of growing up to do.

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Walmart makes jobs in china

Walmart and "Made in China" are practically synonymous; Walmart imports some 70 percent of its merchandise from China. Walmart is now also rapidly becoming a major retail presence there, with close to two hundred Walmarts in more than a hundred Chinese cities. What happens when the world's biggest retailer and the world's biggest country do business with each other? In this book, a group of thirteen experts from several disciplines examine the symbiotic but strained relationship between these giants. The book shows how Walmart began cutting costs by bypassing its American suppliers and sourcing directly from Asia and how Walmart's sheer size has trumped all other multinationals in squeezing procurement prices and, as a by-product, driving down Chinese workers' wages. China is also an inviting frontier for Walmart's global superstore expansion. As China's middle class grows, the chain's Western image and affordable goods have become popular. Walmart's Arkansas headquarters exports to the Chinese stores a unique corporate culture and management ideology, which oddly enough are reminiscent of Mao-era Chinese techniques for promoting loyalty. Three chapters separately detail the lives of a Walmart store manager, a lower-level store supervisor, and a cashier. Another chapter focuses on employees' wages, "voluntary" overtime, and the stores' strict labor discipline. In 2006, the official Chinese trade union targeted Walmart, which is antilabor in its home country, and succeeded in setting up union branches in all the stores.
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Walmart SUCKS!! I hope the whole company shuts down!!

Went to get an oil change today and they said they couldn't do the oil change because they claimed my engine was missing two cylinders of oil pressure and the guage is not operating correctly. Not to mention they told me it would be an hour on the oil change anyway despite the fact that there were no cars in the parking lot except for mine and no cars in the TLE either. I absolutely detest Walmart. I don't even step foot into the supercenters anymore because there are so many *** working and shopping there these days. If I go to Walmart it is the neighborhood market. It is time for a serious boycott of Walmart.
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Then don't shop at Walmart. That's what I did after I got sick of their nonexistent customer service, scanner errors, broken carts, and not really lowest prices on *** from China.

Try your neighborhood grocery store and tire and lube center. You'll be glad you did :)


well said. My sentiments exactly


I probably should mention this since I re-read my complaint and I made it sound like the TLE was at the neighborhood market LOL. I meant to say that I hardly ever step foot into the supercenters anymore except for TLE. I am thinking that may very well be coming to an end now as well.

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Don't buy any electronics for gifts from Walmart

I bought a Nook reader to five as my son as a gift. When I gave it too him, he said that wasn't exactly what he wanted. I told him, no problems, I'll just take it back. I took back the unopened, factory sealed package, along with the receipt. Guess what, no refunds on electronics after 14 days. NO EXCEPTIONS. There are big signs in the store stating a 90 day return policy, but in very small print, it says not applicable for electronics. This was a product they still actively stocked and sold. I was very disappointed, won't be shopping there, especially for Holiday gifts. If you are looking to buy a gift, shop elsewhere.
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ST# 0563 / OP# 00007165 / TE# 67 / TR# 06981 Was at your Orange City store today, it was a very disappointing experience I must tell you. First Off I must have past at a minimum 12 employees, of which "0" said hello, good morning, or even acknowledged I was in the store.

I purchased a $225 IPOD, $30 Defender Otter Box, and a $10 set of ear buds. There were no employees in the electronics department, now it was 5am in the morning so I wasn't surprised. I was able to speak with an employee whom was just coming from the back room, this employee did ask if I needed help. She called over the store pa for customer service in electronics.

10 minutes later, I began searching the store for yet another associate that could help me spend some money. The second employee was also coming from the back, said he was on break. I asked if he could help me with electronics, he replied that he was working in furniture and everyone was on break and I would have to wait.

Not acceptable I replied, why would management not stagger the employee breaks so customers can be helped. The employee replied that he just wants to keep his job? I asked if he could pleas go to the back and find someone that could help me spend my money, he left and returned stating someone would be with me in 5 minutes as this is when the electronics representative would be finished with their break.

Wrong answer as far as I am concerned and poor management operations in my opinion. I asked the 2nd employee why he made the statement about being afraid for his job, employee states I never know when it's going to be my last day. Again unacceptable Walmart, you must create an environment where your employees want to come to work.

I am a supervisor for the largest cable operator in Central Florida, employee relations and customer service are our top priority. The days of making employees feel they are ruled with an iron fist are over. I am sure this is not the policy or vision of corporate, but obviously is the way the employees feel it is.

I expect to be contacted about the way I was treated in your store. Unhappy employees make for an un pleasurable customer experience. I spent over $250 today and hated every moment of it, money I basically had to force you to take, money that would have gone to Target or somewhere else, would they have been open at that time of the morning.

Thanks for your time, and anticipating your timely response!


LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! HUN OR BRO GOTO !

I shop there and amazon more then anywhere else and MORE THEN I GO TO WALLIE WORLD... lol what a joke! thanks for the laugh..

lol they never stand behind what they say.. lol newegg does!


Read the signs!!! Look at the back of the receipt!


You are upset with Walmart because you didn't educate yourself on their electronics return policy? One should always do their homework when spending a decent amount of money on an electronic item, end of story.


Hate to break the news to you, but most retailers including walmart, bestbuy, target, etc have a 14/15 day return policy for electronics. So good luck with that one.


Rules are rules. If nothing else, I would have asked the employee in that department about the return policy. Why did you wait for so long to return it, or did you buy it way ahead of time?

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I've always been a staunch consumer of Wal-Mart goods! Always low prices...always! The other day I filled my cart with probably $300 worth of groceries and headed for the check outs. When I noticed that each check out counter was helping customers and there were lines...
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Hahaha...thanks for the laugh!

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Walmart in Fort Myers, Florida - Deceptive Description to get Home Deliveries

Bought a ProForm Elliptical machine from Walmart.COM (.com is important as they are not truly the same company). They stated the size of the elliptical was 60 x 63 x 25. We felt no other choice than to have it delivered to our house instead of the "free site to store" option since it was 5 ft long by 5 ft wide (which would not fit in our car). When it arrived today, the BOX was approximately 5 ft long by 25 inched deep by 15 inches wide...YUP a whole 15 inches wide. Our Walmart store is only 5 miles from our house. We could have EASILY fit that box into our van. When I called to ask for a refund on the shipping ($69.97), they would only give me $34 dollars. I finally go the manager in the resolution dept at to give me an extra dollar ($35) of the delivery charge. She would not even consider giving me a gift card for the remaining balance, explaining that I should have known the box would be a different size --even though there is NO mention of the dimensions of the box in its description. I guess I should have known what "WASN'T" in the description. ***I WILL NEVER BUY FROM WALMART.COM AGAIN NOR WILL I TELL MY FRIENDS/FAMILY TO BUY THERE. IN FACT, THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE--I WILL INFORM ALL MY FRIENDS/FAMILY TO STAY CLEAR OF WALMART.COM**** On the other hand, I went to my local Walmart, and the manager there, while not able to give me the entire $35 balance remaining on the bogus shipping charge, did provide me with a DC adapter for the elliptical since it to was not mentioned in the description as needing to buy that separately! I WILL BUY FROM MY LOCAL WALMART!
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Your post actually made me LOL. You thought the BOX would be the dimensions listed for the item?!? I just can't even fathom how anyone could think that.

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Walmart - Accused of animal abuse

walked into pincher creek alta store to buy a disposable camera and was walking out 5 minutes later when I was paged to customer service, was told they received a complaint about a dog in disstress, walmrt customer service staff never got off their butts to go verify this accusation for themselves first--just accused me of animal abuse and told me to go deal with this or they will call rcmp--4 WINDOWS ARE ROLLED DOWN, WATER DISH IS OPEN FOR DOG ACCESS AND DOG STANDING LOOKING OUT WINDOW WAGGING TAIL AT US--SOUNDS LIKE DOG IS UNDER DISTRESS TO US WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN PINCHER CREEK ALTA WALMART AGAIN AND WILL NOT RECOMMEND STORE TO ANYONE ELSE
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Tell you what,I take my dog everwhere I go.Went to walmart,locked my doors,had the windows up to keep him from being stolen.(my breed is sought after)My car was running,a/c on max cold,it works very well.I came out of walmart there was an employee and a police officer standing by my car.Their employee accused my of animal abuse.I unlocked the car opened the door the officer felt inside got a bath.The officer just shook his head said there is no abuse here..Told the walmart employee to check thing out before calling them.People were looking at me as tho I was some criminal.NO appology from walmart


It sounds to me that their to *** to go check their reporting customers story... but then again their so full of it makes me laugh every single time I walk into a walmart.. HI, WELCOME TO WALMART... WE HAVE PRODUCT WALL TO WALL BUT THE MART ISN'T IN OUT STEP BECAUSE WE ARE GOOD FOR NOTHING LAZY PEOPLE WOULD LOVE TO LIE, EAT JELLY DONUTS, STAY IN THE BREAK ROOM FOR 2 HOURS. AND TALK ABOUT CUSTOMERS BEHIND THEIR BACKS...


We are also unfriendly, and hate you, we are also, uncaring if you get a virus from our website and we could not care about anyone unless they spend MAJOR MONEY with us.. We lie, We don't care, and We run the world, but china owns you..


Perhaps you have mistaken the WalMart employees for the SPCA. What, do you think a cashier is going to break the windows of a vehicle parked on their lot?

Probably not.


On a 78 degree day the temp in a car can reach 90 or more. This is animal cruelty.

I've reported cars myself.

Cracking the windows or rolling them down a bit doesn't help much. Now, if all windows were all the way down that would be a different story

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Walmart in Evans, Georgia - Charging me when the orders were cancelled I have to wait 30 days for refund

I have made several purchases with Walmart with my pay-later account. Several times my orders were canceled because they state there was an error. When this happens...even though you cancel it...the charge is still on my pay later account for 30 days!!!! Sorta like stealing. I am very frustrated as I faithfully pay my account. This ties up my credit line and I have to wait 30 days until it falls off before I can reorder. This happened when it was my Grandsons birthday. There should be an option to where you contact paylater right away and ask them to not charge for something I never received. Why Walmart continues to find errors with my purchases I don't know. I feel you should at least call the customer or at least allow them to try to reorder again without paylater charging your account. This was again gifts for my wife for her birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Melvin Roberts
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Walmart in Phoenix, Arizona - Refuses check payment of $12.00

Cancelled the service, ported number to another company because of dropped calls, poor coverage, etc. Advised amount on final bill. Paid by credit card, then continued to receive bills for 2 months. Cannot contact this company by email once your account is closed, only by a customer service and after holding 45 minutes abandoned. OK, sent a check direct from my bank, they returned it and said they cannot accept checks or cash, I must call a customer service rep and pay them $5.00 to make a payment. 40% service fee? Or I could go into wallyworld and pay cash only for an 88 cent fee. What kind of two bit mess is this company. Self employed and wasted $500.00 of my time.
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