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I purchased several batteries from Walmart. The first was a replacement for an oem battery, the second was a replacement battery under warranty, the third was also replaced under warranty, and now on the fourth. the batteries were for a 2004 Ford Expedition that I...
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#464454 Review #464454 is a subjective opinion of poster.
North Las Vegas, Nevada
Walmart Oil Change

Got the 1-Hour Guarantee for a tv at walmart

except its not a guarantee at all!! I paid in store, and filed online, and then even got a conformation email stating that my tv would be arriving at the store between 12-14 and 12-21, but was in shopping on 12-15 so just asked them to look up my order to see when it would be in, but they said my order didn't show up and to call which is a huge joke! computer voice told me it would be a 5 min wait, try 40 min. Then they refused to be of any help at all. Even told them about the email I got and she said that they still send that out even if the order was processed incorrectly. That's Walmart for you!
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My 1 hour guarantee tv shipped on 12/9. On 12/11 the site said it was at a store roughly 3 hours away from me.

All this time it has said the same info. I called customer service and all they will say is wait until 12/22 then call back if it hasn't arrived.

Im worried something happened during shipment and they are going to wait until the last minute to say something. There is no reason for an item to be that close to its delivery point on the 11th and here its the 20th and it hasn't made it to the destination.


Yes, I am having the same issue with the 1 hour tv too. I did everything that I was told to do and just a few days ago I got notice that the tv was damaged during shipping.

It told me that the money was placed back on my "gift card" and to go back online and reorder. No idea how to even do that since this was a special site for those cards, plus the fact that I cannot purchase another tv now for that price. What a total waste of time and my money!

Maybe next year I will take all my money to another store that acturally honors their sales and values there customers! Anyone else having this same issue?

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#464423 Review #464423 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Atlanta, Georgia

One hour guarantee... false advertisement

So I went to Walmart on Black Friday. I got the One Hour guarantee for the Dr Dre beats headphones. When I registered, I got a confirmation email stating that it would arrive in stores between 12/14 through 12/22. I went to track my order today and then it says it won't be ready for pick up until 12/30!!!!!!! Mind you they guarantee your items come before Christmas. So I call customer service.... The absolute worse. How are you such a popular business and your customer service suckss? After being on hold for 45 mins, a lady picks up, gets my order number and hangs up. So then I call back, on hold for another 30 minutes and the lady was very helpful but apparently she said it is not guaranteed that my order can be cancelled. And since it will be delivered after Christmas we will get a 25$ gift card for the inconvenience!!!! I will say .. I been a loyal customer and this is by far the WORST business to buy from. Walmart will no longer get my business and will be reported to the better business bureau.
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Went to Walmart today because 32" TV wasn't available yet. They replaced with 39" Sanyo and $10 gift card.

Only took 15 phone calls and 10 emails totaling about 6 hours to accomplish.

Glad its over but handed the gift card to someone in front of manager and stated I would NEVER buy another item from them EVER again.

They cheat truckers who deliver EVERYTHING to them out of $ daily. Terrible terrible company.


I went to walmart today and i am happy to say, that they went above and beyond. Since they did not have Beats solo in stock, they replaced it with Beats Mixr, which retails for $249.99.

I did not have to fight at all. I explained my case and they offered the higher priced headphones with a smile. They had a choice of red, blue and green.

I picked red. Thanks for the wonderful service and happy holidays.


I got the a tv also to be delivered by today,not there.On it still says no tracking available so I think mine probably won't come til next year.Will never go to walmart black friday again.


woohoo I shopped Wally World too Thanksgiving Day..*** ava line!! me a mini thought all was well until the 14th came around and I didnt get a text telling me it was in, now mind you, you can go to Walmart today and they have Mini's falling off the shelf, just none of them were "mine' tracted my # O God the 27th..for real, gave them a quick email about this ***, and they send me a message back and said they miss dated my email, its now the 22nd..I really think I ****ed up by using walmart, and no happy Christmas for me..Wally will see me soon :(


Santa is bringing the beats for my son. They never emailed I just looked up my tracking info today.


Now what am I going to do. I planned to call customer servixe tomorrow but it doesn't sound good!

Shame on me for choosing Walmart.

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#464390 Review #464390 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Levittown, Pennsylvania
Walmart Gift Card

WALMART is a crooked company...Report to your state office

I am going to file a complaint with the better business bureau in my state and also send a letter to Walmart that they just lost a customer and I will tell everyone I know that walmart is a cheat and a scam company. Their Thanksgiving sale one hour cards were a total scam. My wife could not get through for 3 days on the phone or online. Finally, we got a person and they walked my wife through and stated that they had lots of traffic but to go ahead and put it through online...she did, and it kept going and going...It went on for 24 hours and the deadline was over, we left the computer on the whole night about 18 hours total and the walmart website kept on working but never processed the order...when we called back and waited and waited and no one answered. Finally my wife was able to get to walmart hotline, and they told her the order was never registered and that we can get our money back...WE WANTED A 32 INCH TV BUT ALL WE GOT IS GRIEF AND PROBLEMS...WALMART IS A SCAM...DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.
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What part of lots of traffic don't you understand. Also LTCC must be very rich if you assume that because he defends a company he works for them. He has posted replies to 20 different companies, even making $5 an hour for 20 different companies he defends will make him rich or at least well off.


But on Thanksgiving you were sayin they were the best company in the world.....that 32 incher all but a done fell for the oldest smoke and mirrors scheme in the book

@gerald claude

Are you writing fro walmart? How much you making?

$5 an hour? Nothing better to do with life?


Yeah basically he had nothing better to do on this website than troll reviews, some are honest, some are funny and some are down right rude and nasty comments. But he does not work for Walmart or any other of the places he posts his comments on. Frankly I think he is a teenager who does not work and just posts some of these comments for attention.

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Twinsburg, Ohio
New Reviewer
Walmart Black Friday 1 hr guarantee is a false advertising!
Walmart Black Friday 1 hr guarantee is a false advertising!
I received a "guarantee card" for an iPad mini in the store from an employee who had an entire cart full of iPads. I asked her if I could have one, and she said "No, these were purchased already". Then why were they in her cart? She told me to go to the register to buy...
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I tried purchasing a cell phone and protection plan via but they kept processing the order, then canceling it after a few days when it was going to ship, plus the arrival date was 2 weeks later than promised right at checkout. But they refused to honor any of my payment methods (PayPal with any account I used, Visa, Mastercard) and so I was on the phone wasting my about to expire cell phone minutes an hour at a time with customer service and they never did 'fix' the issue they had with my 'account'.

Only that it was either 1) an error on their end or 2) they couldn't verify the security *** so they refused to ship the order.

I refuse to attempt to buy anything at now, so they have potentially lost a lot of business from my family.

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#464335 Review #464335 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Wichita, Kansas
Walmart Cashier

IPad mini and beats

This is so ridiculous of walmart. I arrived in there store at 4:30 and got my bracket for the iPad mini he said I was guaranteed to walk out with one that day we'll I went back at 6:00 and stood in line until 10:00 and the came out to tell us they were out. I was beyond pissed. When they were passing out the brackets they were asking people how many iPads the wanted when clearly the ad said one per customer so there were several people who had bracelets who should have got one that day and didn't because they were giving out two and three iPads to one customer. I was beyond frustrated and walked out after telling at the *** manger. I refused to pay for it and receive it later. I had already spent 700.00 in the store that night. Now I have the beats that are processing and it looks as if there not gonna make it here for Christmas so that's two of my sons gifts that I won't get. Water needs sued this is ridiculous.
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Your complaint doesn't make a lot of sense. First you talk about "brackets," then it is "bracelets." Why do you have an apostrophe in "well?" Did you ever stop to think that the people you allegedly say that had two or three of the bracelets didn't actually have them for themselves.

Maybe friends/relatives had got them and had to leave so they had this other person pick them up for them? You only know for sure what you think you saw. So what did you "telling" at the manager before walking out. No matter what, the fact that you YELLED at the manager instead of TELLING at him, makes you look bad.

No matter how upset you are, you will look like a better person if you show some class. It is your fault you didn't get the dumb IPAD, because you refused to pay for it at the time and get it later. Talk about acting like a spoiled brat. What do you mean you have the "beats" processing?

How many gifts do your sons need? No kid needs more than one gift apiece from their parents. Why on earth would "Water" need to be sued.

If this complaint is about Black Friday, you couldn't have been too upset being you waited for three weeks to complain. If you are sitting around brooding about it, for this long, you have a major problem.


oh please i read your other comments too all your doing is going around ridiculing people of their miseries. Is this what you do for a living? Why are you on this website if all you want to do is pound people with your rude elementary comments.

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#464311 Review #464311 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Tyler, Texas

Mesa Walmart has conflicting prices

WALMART TIME TO TELL ON THOSE GUYS AS WELL!!! My granddaughter and I were looking for small Christmas decor for a wreath. So I found decor and ribbon but the prices did not match what was on the card attached to item, and the boxes they were shipped in mentioned the items were $2.00. On the shipment box and on the card attached!! Walmart had a charge of almost $3.00 and some change! HO HO HO and Merry! Goodbye! Really, now it is time to stand up to these merchants and call them on their dirt. They certainly are not lining my pockets, and Fry's is still the best!!!
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#464136 Review #464136 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Mesa, Arizona
New Reviewer

Playstation 4 was not honored while staying in the line

This is our first writing ever to any store or organization. My son and I went to Walmart this morning Sunday December 15, 2013 at 6:30 AM. We got there a little before 7:00 AM and stayed in the line. We were # 10 person in the line. My son had called Walmart the night before and talked to the Electronic associate and was informed that Walmart will have PlayStation 4 in for sale at 8:00 AM. While we were in the line we heard from some people in line that Walmart has 12 playstation 4 on hand and we should have a paper indicating you were in the line. Around 7:45 I went to talk to two walmart associates (Dan and another girl) and I asked them that my son and I are waiting in line and we heard we should have a paper saying that we are in the line. They said NO first come first serve. So I went and stayed with my son in the line. At 7:55 AM I went and asked Dan (the associate) again that there is couple people came in and they are behind us but they have paper that they were given last night by store Manager (Steve). Dan said yes I was just told. I asked to talk to manager. Assistant manager came and said yes we have 12 playstation 4 and 12 papers given to people who were on line last night by Store Manager Steve. I asked to talk to Steve. Steve told me the same thing no paper no playstation. Steve and assistant manager keep telling me “you are not listening no paper no playstaion 4”. I thought that was very rude. The fact was Steve keep saying I am off today there is no playstation for us. He was the one didn’t want to hear anything. I thought we were in the line #10 and should have been given a playstation 4. Why store manager give people the papers and tell them they do NOT need to stay in line waiting? I think this was very wrong and Walmart should do something about it.
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Sounds like the BLACK FRIDAY nightmare all over again. Sad but this is how wallyworld works.

EMPLOYEES friends got the paper and all your standing in line means nothing. You need to buddy up to an employee!


Are you talking about today or about Black Friday? The front page of the WalMart ad that I received today, has your TOY on it and it says limited quantities, but doesn't say a word about the sale starting at a specific time.

If you are talking about today, the current ad was on their web site last night about 10:30PM. Maybe you should have been looking online and being WalMart is open 24/7, got your booty out there about midnight. Myself I would rather pay more for an item than stand in line for an hour or more to get a sale price.

If you can't afford to pay more for something, you don't need it very bad. Being they are open 24/7, and they had them in stock when your son called, doesn't mean that the supply didn't drastically go down over night.


Maybe instead of you letting your son call Walmart,You should have called yourself then you would have been aware of how many PlayStation 4's was available. This is your fault not Walmart's.


Typical WalMart. You are supposed to know that you needed a paper and it is very difficult for a WalMart worker to actually know what is going on and not give out erroneous information. I suggest going elsewhere to buy anything.

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#464066 Review #464066 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Dallas, Texas
Walmart Manager

Online purchase

Made a large online purchase. Walmart shipped it in pieces, 4 of the items were sent by shipping partner that opted to hand off to the USPS that lost or delivered to the wrong address. No one knows. I have been told sorry about your luck, and those items are no longer available. Walmart is refusing to take responsibility for their bait and switch. They advertise that they ship by FedEx when in reality they do not. So I am out a great deal of money and someone will have a very nice Christmas purchased by me, and my family will do with out. Thank you Walmart.
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11/29/13 I ordered 2 fleece college photo blankets 60 x 80. Under the photo it said buy one get one free.

I made two with different photos expecting to get 4. When they came I got only two blankets. I called customer service sat on phone on hold for an hour.i spoke to customer service and she said she had been dealing with this problem a lot. She assured me all was fixed and items shipped out soon.

Nothing came in mail, advertisement online has now change and they refuse to honor the ad under which I purchased from. Still no free blankets and emails about I was mistaken it wasnt my blankets under buy one get one free.


I am having the same exact issue with the fleece blankets. Paid for 2 on 11/29 and should have gotten 4but didn't.

e-mailed and got a canned response not addressing the issue. When I called on 12/6 (40 min on the phone) was told they were aware of the issue and they would be shipped in 2-3 days. On 12-14 I called again because I had not received theem. 20 min on hold to get cutoff and then 60 minutes dealing with someone who told me they weren't covered then oh yeah they were and then when she checked again with photo they weren't because they weren't showing on sale now.

I explained I didn't care what was on sale now I cared what was on sale when I purchased them. I asked to be escalated to a manager, she denied saying everyone was busy, I said I would hold. She came back 5 minutes later and said a manager wouldnt be available and the best she could do is send it to a department that has the old ads but "it wouldn't be quick, I definately wouldn't get it before Xmas if at all". I asked for an e-mail or ticket number confirming the escalation.

She said they didn't send e-mails and was mad I asked for a ticket number. She put me on hold again and after 5 minutes disconnected me. I then e-mailed a response to my original e-mail indiciating how frustrated I was and all of the above. I got a response asking me to send them a link to the sale.

I explained that wouldnt work because any link would show the current sale not what was on sale on 11/29. They responded by sending me a link to the current sale saying see they are not on sale. It is beyond crazy. I have contacted my credit card company to disbute the payment and am going for file a formal complaint.

These people are idiots.


Good heavens a lot of businesses do what WalMart did. They ship by either FedEx or UPS until they get to your town and then have the post office do the actual delivery.

What kind of responsibility do you want WalMart to take.

I find it really hard to believe that WalMart won't refund your money, because I have had this happen to me a couple times and WalMart has either sent me a new shipment or refunded the money.

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#463895 Review #463895 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Walmart Deal

Black Friday Sale not honoured-32' TV

Walmart, I want the 32-inch tv i was promised. After I stand in line for 2 hours then I was told I need to pay for it now and then registered online for it, be shipped to a store that I choose...However the few times I tried to register the site was having I did not see fine print on card said before Dec 1st, after calling Wal-Mart Customer Service they said, they are not able to do it anymore. I can get a refund or use it as a gift card....I want the 32-inch tv I was promised. I am pissed and very dissatisfied.
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same here no *** TV!! IT'S DECEMBER 23!!!!


i placed my order then i was told that i canceled order for the 32in tv who i their right would do such a thing


" did not see fine print on card said before Dec 1st, 2013"

DING DING DING!!! We have completely invalid complaint. Take some responsibility for your inability to follow directions.


of course it is the CUSTOMERS fault they didn't read the FINE PRINT never blame the billion dollar company that hired the lawyers to write the fine print.


why didnt you do it before 12/1 lol...when was black fri?? your own fault

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#463705 Review #463705 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Ocala, Florida
Walmart Gift Card
New Reviewer

Bought a TV on Black Friday-

Walmart really knows how to help people relax. I stood outside one of your stores for 2 hours on black friday under the assumption if I got inside your store within the first hour I would be guaranteed a 32" Class TV. I was in your store, I got a ticket and paid for the product. I then proceed online to register the ticket. Two weeks later I get the text advising me that my new TV was available for pickup, so I proceed to the store I purchased my ticket from to pick up my shiny new TV. Upon arrival at the store I was told my TV was sent to a Walmart in Georgia, which is roughly 20 hours from my Walmart in Rhode Island. I was advised to call the 800#. Kayla at your 800# advised me there was nothing I could do except get a gift card for the amount I paid for the TV and told me to call the Walmart in Georgia for further assistance. I called the Walmart in Georgia who had no idea why I was told to call them, I called the 800# a few more times and was told basically the same thing. I know you treat your employees like *** bags but I thought you may have a little more respect for your customers...wrong. What this boils down to is that because of some system error on your end I gave you a $104 loan for 2 weeks. I didn't know you are a bank as well as a retail store. This is not my fault and your corporate employees are treating this like its my problem, it's not it's yours. You screwed up, not me and this is on you. I don't care what you need to do to make this right( I was told you cannot afford to ship the TV to the correct store because that $20 needs to go to the shareholders) so give me a substitute TV in place of the one promised. What you did is and how you are handling it shows once again how much respect you have for anyone. The liberal media loves you, and I'm sure they will love this story as well. Thank you again Walmart for helping me relax.
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wow how much advertising did walmart get for free??? who had the best deals on black friday walmart?? plan and simple a scam


Willing to bet there never was any TV behind that smoke and mirrors inventory........They (Walmart) got your money....that's all they care about. If paid by CC - Dispute!

@gerald claude

Yes, definitely willing to bet there never was any TV behind all that Black Friday So Call Sale. Walmart took our money, now they can give what they promised.


They better give what they promised. Can you believe they're trying to give me a gift card to appease me? I'm still missing $104 like, why would I want a gift card?

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#463628 Review #463628 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Walmart Gift Card
New Reviewer

1-hour guarantee order has been processing for 2 weeks

I received a Black Friday 1-hour guarantee card for a ipad mini. I had to buy a gift card at the register then go online to pay for it. Employees didn't explain the correct information regarding this promo. Walmarts website kept kicking the order out. Finally I got the order to place on 11/28/13. It is now 12/13/13 and the order still says it is processing. It has been more than 2 weeks. Customer Service is no help at all and has no answer as to when the the order will ship. I cant receive the $100 gift card until the order ships. I was told if walmart cant ship it out I will only receive a refund by gift card. This is not acceptable. They made us buy a gift card at the register that night rather than simply giving us a code and letting us use a visa online for the order. I feel this was a way to keep our money binding us to buy at walmart even if the order cancels. I paid cash for the gift card. This was the worst idea. Walmart should have simply stocked in store the amount of items they planned on giving vouchers for.
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It is December 30, and I have not even received an email about my order. I purchased the 32" TV

My store has them in stock, but I cannot get one oven though I already paid for it!!


we ordered an ipad mini in north carolina on 30th Nov using the 1-hr guarantee , got an product shipped email on 14th dec, then a gift card on the 16th of Dec. in the shipping email it said the product will be ready for pick up on 22 Dec, then on 23rd we got an email that the order is infinitely delayed and they are unable to give any new delivery date.

Its 30th Dec and now when we call the store they have no clue and want us to call Fedex or 700-walmart (no one picks this ph number).. seriously c'mon own up to your end of the guarantee and atleast apologize.

The lady on the ph had the nerve to tell me, don't worry about the order you will get an email when its ready for pickup.


ipad mini order still processing- says, will arrive 12/22. I picked the ipad up in store, but cant get the gift card until it ships. Wondering what will happen if I push the "cancel order" button :P


My laptop was given dec 14-22 estimated delivery. Night of 12/26 and I still dont have it. This is a joke!


still waiting and its jan 6. what a joke


Ordered beats with the one hour guarantee. They haven't arrived yet and it is Christmas day.

I went to the store twice to talk to them about it they told me both times they should be in by Christmas Eve. I then called on Christmas eve and got a message from the store saying they were not taking any calls and then hung up.

I am very unhappy with Walmart right now. I will be taking my Christmas business elsewhere next year!!!


My order was shipped on the 14 and is somewhere in pa. Item was going to be here on the 17th. Now its Christmas eve and I half to go out to the store in a snow storm with my wheel chair to but my little girl some gifts.


Here it is Christmas Eve and I still don't have my beats. Order says processing and that shipping information has been sent to fed ex.

It also shows a bright orange pair of headphones when I click on the item.

Not sure my son will

Like that color or when he will actually get them. :roll


Call your store don't wait for the email! Ha the same problem but when I called manager told me that they send this stuff without actual order numbers so I ended up getting upgraded to a $300 pair of beats and they are black! So don't wait contact the store asap.


if you are missing items contact your store don't wait for the emails.

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#463608 Review #463608 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Saint Louis, Missouri
Walmart Gift Card
Advanced Reviewer

My second Walmart complaint from over the years.

This happened in 2007 a couple of years after the first incident. I wish this site had existed in 2007 because boy did I have some experiences there. I was yelled at by an associate that year. I had more than 20 items but it was in the middle of a snowstorm and there were hardly any other customers in the store and the cashier didn't have a single soul in their line and they were just standing there waiting for customers to come. I had only a few items more than was required. That was it. He was ruder than that old lady at Walmart and screamed and cussed at me for it.
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This is another one of my mom's complaints she wrote on here(same computer as she lives with me). It just copies my name to it when I log on for some reason.


Actually the first review on this site was for Wendy's in February 5 2007.


Actually the first review on this site was posted Feb 2007****325.html


Still hanging on to it huh? How wonderful to be so free of REAL problems that you not only remember this incident but are still po'ed. I can only speak for myself but in the span of 6 years, enough problems have arisen that I wouldn't remember that trivial type of thing.


Tell us about the old lady at Walmart! Did that happen forever ago, too?!


2007? 2007!!??

Seriously?! Get a life


This site did exist in 2007, and if you are still pissed about this now you have issues.


This site didn't exist in 2007 did it?

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#463468 Review #463468 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Walmart Cashier

Walmart black friday

Call me crazy but I go to black friday at Wal-Mart this year however was especially unpleasant I went for the guarantee 32 inch 98 dollar tvs the deal was that as long as you were there you either got a tv or got a gift card that orders a tv later at that price I just wanted gift card thing I wasn't expecting to make it there for the physical tv that would be hard so I got there at 5.00 it started at 6.00 got a paper describing where everything is went to area very packed ask associate about what we need to do and she told me don't even ask we had 275 and there all gone were done with that it was only 5:40 first of all why did they already sell them all it was supposed to start at 6:00 so it's fair I didn't mind that so much but I asked her about gift card thing she said I have no idea what your talking about were done with that get out of line along with 4 other people she told to get we did I was very upset that I couldn't even get the deal went asked other person said same thing asked other said I don't know asked other said I think tvs get sold in electronic department there was no meeting about this this is there busiest time of year they didn't have a staff meeting or something why would they even advertise for it everyone in the store was talking about it finally after losing all the good deals asking incompetent employees about deal went back to original department it was supposed to be sold in guess what I found the original rude women who told don't even ask I had 275 and sold them all we didn't even think we would sell any was handing out Wal-Mart gift certificates that you were supposed to buy for 98 dollars why did she tell me she had no idea was I talking about I was so mad I got one still but I didn't get any of the other deals because I was to busy talking to incompetent employees now don't get me wrong I understand Wal-Mart employees have a very stressful day and it's hard to answer every question but this is ridiculous emailed customers service never got back in touch
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Anybody that goes shopping on Black Friday has a mental problem.


I cannot believe how badly you fracture the English language and your spelling and composition are atrocious and an insult to anyone who ever advanced beyond the third grade. Kindly go back to elementary school, pay attention in English class and then come back and re-write whatever it is you are trying to complain about.

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#463294 Review #463294 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Kingman, Arizona
Walmart Deal

Walmart wouldn't cash my paycheck.

This actually happened back in 2005, but I am just discovering this site. I just wanted to add some complaints I've had with Wally World over the dears. I went in and this old witch at the customer service desk couldn't get the machine to work and just toldme rudely that she couldn't get it to work. It was treated like I had broken the machine or something. That was of course the last time I ever ate there again. I eventually opened up a bank account, but I still remember that experience. Just another example of Walmart's incompetence. She could have at least apologized instead of treating me like a second class citizen.
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I think she is referring to the Subway inside of Walmart.


That is an awfully long time to hold a grudge. It takes a lot more energy to hold grudges than to let them go.

So what exactly is your problem over the "dear?" Exactly what did the lady at customer service say to you that was rude?

What caused this to be the last time you "ate" there? Get over it.

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#463218 Review #463218 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Springdale, Arkansas
Walmart Account