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I am personaly sick and tired of shopping at walmart. I bought a $500 samsung tv and brougt it home an the remote wasnt working!!! I called the store up and DEMANDED they come to my house and replace my tv and remote!!! What kind of service is this?! They sell me something and it doesnt work?! I called corporate to complain about it, and they told me I had to come in the store with my receipt and everything!! This is unbelievable! Never shoping here should be ashamed! To make things worse, I went into the store to speak wit someone in electronics and the asociate I tried to talk to said he was going to lunch! The nerve! IT'S THERE JOB TO HELP ME!!! Im never going here again
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Grammar and spelling, it's important. Also, yeah aside from Best Buy there are not very many if any retailers who will come out to your home to fix something or replace it.


Remote not working. Hmmm, did you put batteries in the remote?


More evidence that walmart shoppers are idiots.


you want customer service at WALMART for a 500.00 dollar tv. Try Best Buy they will run to your house for a 500.00 dollar TV!! Not even 5000.00 dollar TV's get good service!!


Wow, I cannot believe that you had the nerve to actually demand they go to your house and fix the problem. If they went to everyone's house for faulty house they would not have time to run the store.

Hate people who think the world revolves around them. The only part you should complain about is the employee going on his lunch before helping you. Then again if it was a busy time he had to go sometime, if he had to wait for every customer then he does not get a break. Talk about self entitled.

Also if you had half a brain you would know they do not got to your house for security reasons.

You could claim they robbed you.

They are doing this to protect themselves.


Oh the nerve, they actually get lunch breaks. Where do you work (assuming that you do) so I can come when it is time for your break and demand that you help me.

Also why would they come to your house because something is not working. Just go and get it replaced.

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#460180 Review #460180 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Saint Louis, Missouri

Is no more thanksgiving

Hello friends of bentonville wal mart I'm a worked for wal mart and like me a lot of people they have this question why wal mart distroy everything every holiday don't have respect for the union familiare even is no more Black Friday no any more u guy took away put those specials so early start Thursday u guys need to do something to take away this holiday because is no anymore thanksgiving no for us,u need to think about it and look no everything is about money that one thing wal mart care,thank u and sorry but is the true.
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How much money did WALMART get for each INSURANCE policy they took out for the LOW LEVEL employees?????????????/ just one settlement New York (August 15, 2011, 9:30 PM ET) -- Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will pay $2.02 million to settle a class action claiming the retail giant improperly took out company-owned life insurance policies on employees and collected benefits after they died,


You over did your dumb act, making it extremely obvious that you are a troll. I know of no person who cannot spell or put a sentence together the way you demonstrated here to this extent.

You never worked for walmart and its funny to me that people actually believe you!

Walmart employees are only called uneducated because they don't act like your personal servant. Your attempt at being humorous failed miserably.


At least when you die they will not MAKE more money. In years past they were making money off EVERY DEAD employee.


Another employee crying about having a job. You don't like working Thanksgiving?

Too bad.

Welcome to retail. Maybe you should get some real job skills and get a job some place that is closed on holidays.

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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#459924 Review #459924 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Customer service area ignoring shoppers

Twice in the last month I had to return an item for exchange, and waited at least 10 minutes to be taken care of. This happened both times while I brought something back. I finally got to the counter while being helped what I think was a supervisor came up and pulled both employees from the counter leaving myself and another shopper at the counter to discuss who's turn it was to take a lunch and or break, this took sometime and they acted like there was no one at the counter. That's not customer service which is the department I was in. I'm very disappointed in Wal-Mart.
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Here's an idea: Stop buying and returning things. Think before you buy something. Like any smart business, Walmart is going to put dedicate more employees to customers giving them money, not the ones that cost them money by buying and returning things.


walmart customer service is terrible. Returns at walmart are terrible.

The employees never seem to know what they are doing. Often having conversations with Management when doing a return and not doing it correctly.

Have never been to walmart when the line for returns isn;t 10 deep. Always takes over 30 minutes


Exactly what LTCC said, the OP sounds like a spoiled brat who never had to work in her life, imagine waiting a while ten minutes in line. Probably timed it so she would not miss her soaps.


Ever Stood for 8 hours in one spot with out a break? Regardless, of your little wait....the manager was looking out for his employees....ensuring they got a break.....stop being a pathetic whinner - not everything is about you. And no....I don't work for Walmart.....and yes...lines *** me off too...but I get over it

@gerald claude

As much quality and service as Wal-Mart demands from their suppliers, it is disgusting to see the level of service and quality they give their customers... I have never had a satisfying experience at any Wal-Mart....

Poor Customer Service, dirty stores, poorly stocked shelves. The above reviewer is dead on.


It's just Walmart for fks sake. Dirt cheap stuff and the Employees don't get paid a living wage.

Boo Hoo, 10 minute wait? GASP oh the horror!

I appreciate saving money at Walmart and when I have to wait a bit, I appreciate the labor worker too - because that is what decent shopping citizens do, practice understanding and patience when you're in a Walmart return line and use your fknnng common sense and know you may have to wait more that 10 minutes. Now grow up and chill the f out.

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#459802 Review #459802 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Maple Grove, Minnesota
New Reviewer

I was verbally abused and threatened in the auto service area.

I purchased a repeat-lifetime warranty balance when I had tires mounted. I had used it twice before and it had been 6K miles and I took my truck to have the tires balanced. I was paged to return to the service area and told to go into the service area as the cashier held to door for me (I am a Senior with bad knees and back and I use a cart for support) The technician told me they would not take my tires off or balance because of "mechanical problems." I asked what problems and he indicated uneven wear. I knew then I would need a front end allignment, but I still needed the balance. During the discussion a large younger man in sunglasses and shorts began telling me to get out or he would call the police. I asked who he was and he refused to tell me. He did not have a badge, but said he was a supervisor when I asked. He accused me of stealing the item in my cart (my prescription-paid for and sacked) and he would have me arrested. He repeated the threats and I realized that escalation was of little value, so I told him his level of intelligence and attitude would probably not allow for further job advancement. I tried to speak with a store manager, and I tried to file a complaint with corporate offices. Both times=SILENCE.
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Yeah right you expect us to believe somoen verbally harassed you without provoction?


Yeah Posey so you did try to steal something or are you someone trolling this review. I wonder what the real Posey will think of this.






Trolling is done for attention. and your account was not hacked they simply just used your name(in the nickname section and typed your location as well) and location and posted a silly comment for fun.


Actually I admit I did try to steal something else, but I had not left the store yet so he had no right to threaten to call the police. Also after this I changed my mind.

Even if I did steal something they have no right harassing an old lady with weak knees. It is thanks to Obama that I felt the need to steal.


Go to the front of the store and ask the greeters for the Manager of the store. You need to report this (maybe) employee that was fighting with you. I would never let walmart work on my cars!!

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#459739 Review #459739 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Ada, Oklahoma
Walmart Cashier

Horrible customer service

This Walmart has the absolute worst customer service, they are down right rude with the worst attitude. I did not realize that the cashier had place all my glass products in one bag so when I went to go pick the pack up outside everything smashed on the concrete. I asked for a replacement on 2 products total would have been about $4...I got told I needed to bring merchandise inside in order to get an exchange. When I explained it was in pieces of glass everywhere they said it did not matter I physically needed to pick up the glass and bring it in!!! When I asked to speak to a manager (after I was practically thrown the receipt at) she said that her employee was wrong there was absolutely nothing to be done because I should have checked the bag!
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You have to be careful with glass, next time have a parent hold the bag for you until you are old enough to handle glass without being careless. Your own fault for being careless, at least they were willing to replace the glass but no you have to throw a fit and not follow their instructions.


Got to be more "Careful".If you had a" Brain" I would be scared of you.Even a child know's when something is to heavy hole the bottom.


Translation: I am a horrible customer. I purchased items and broke them due to my own carelessness.

Now I'm upset that Walmart won't accept a bunch of broken glass (that I'm too lazy to even bring back into the store) and exchange my item. No wonder employees cringe when I walk into a store.


Some cashiers are good and bag well. Some Suck big time.

Don't worry she will not be EMPLOYEE long high turnover at WALLYWorld.

It is the stores fault and if you SPEND your hard earned money somewhere else and sales decline they will get the MESSAGE.


Did you ever hear of the reusable bags? That being said you should have been able to tell when you started to pick up the bag that it was heavy and therefore put your hand on the bottom of the bag. In fact I do that anytime I feel a plasitic or paper bag is heavy, because even if it is canned goods I don't want to have to chase rolling cans all over a parking lot.

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#459646 Review #459646 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Wilmington, Delaware
Walmart Cashier
New Reviewer

Store manager broke his promise

In the Electronics section to show how the televison works they usually show movies on the television. This particular location (New York City, New York) the manager allows customers to select movies that would be played for a week. Some guy choose Harry Potter, another person Choose the new James Bond movie. I told the manager that I wanted them to play a Russ Meyer movie and he refused. He said it is not suitable for a family store. I told him to check the movies out, he agreed so I brought my collection in. He told me he had not had time to see the movies. It has been three weeks and still he has not returned my movies.
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Now hold on a second here. I thought your movies were stolen after your house was broken into.

At least that is what you claimed on your Mcdonalds review. :cry.

Looks to me like someone is trying to get free "stag" films. Well do what every normal person does, get the *** channel, or get your thrills online.


It is not the country, guess it is the generation because I am from Kansas and we call it Hoppy Poppy as well.


You anonymous who wrote before me should know this is a troll complaint.

"Nice Name"

We do call it sex here, we also have a lot of other slang terms as you do like "rocking the rocker" "rocking the castle" "making whoopie" "doing the hankie pankie", "scoring" "getting laid."


You are the typical New Yorker-rude, discourteous, and always looking for something to complain about.


"Hoppy Poppy"

Is that what it is called in Canada, well here in the US it is called sex, or "***" if you want to be more vulgar.


Hey he probably did not expect you to choose a "hoppy poppy" movie, but then again he did not make any guidelines when he made the promise.


You're an ***

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#458926 Review #458926 is a subjective opinion of poster.
New York, New York
New Reviewer

Ridiculous Business Practice and Process

Walmart is a pathetic excuse for a company. They completely screwed up my preorder for a ps4, and canceled it at the last minute due to THEIR mistake. After multiple lengthy conversations with their customer service department, and a long drawn out email battle, they admitted it was their fault, basically said "Oh well" and flat out said there's nothing they're going to do about it. Walmart is a ridiculous example of modern business practice, and is full of half wit, incompetent employees from the bottom all the way to the top. What a joke. I will never shop at any of their stores again; nor will any member of my family. I will gladly pay more for any item at any other store rather than give them another penny of my money.
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Walmart as a company is terrible. terrible to it customers and terrible to it employees.


Well, when its something that's important to you we'll see how serious you think it is.

Business practices and customer service should be front line in a corporation's list of priorities. These idiots put no value into either of them, and if you'd take a few minutes to look into it you'd realize that my comments are more than justified by almost every other review you can find.

I'll just assume you're one of Walmart's typical consumers who heartily hand them the food stamps and welfare dollars that are supplied to you from the taxes taken from my hard earned money. Under that assumption, I can presume that you have no idea what the value of a dollar is, and that when I choose to spend the money I earn on a product and am given a guarantee that my satisfaction is important, but am only given a '***' when they fail to deliver due to a blatant incompetence present in every level of their employee base; I have the right to be pissed, and not have the importance of my view judged by some random *** on a website who doesn't know a thing about the real world.

Or, I could just assume that you're one of their employees; which makes it pretty self explanatory. If not, you should apply; you'd fit right in.

While your reply was obviously meant to make me "see the light", and since such a remarkable comment was clearly made with as much intelligent thought, contemplation and consideration as someone in your position could offer; I think I'll stick with my original standpoint on the matter.

In an attempt to return the favor, I'll finish by adding a bit of my own advice..."Think before you speak.", or "type" in this case.


I also have a negative comment about walmart. I simply wanted to return something purchased the week before WITH the reciept and they refused to give me my money back. All they would do is give me strore cedit.

Is that their excuse for customer service?


Not that serious dude.

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#458551 Review #458551 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Warrington, Pennsylvania
Order went through, was cancelled by WalMart after about 10 minutes saying something about error with processing payment option. My bill me later account is negative $100 still, never was credited back - walmart got paid, i didn't get my item. I emailed Wal-mart...
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I have had this SAME problem happen to me about FIVE TIMES over the past several months! I was told numerous times that an "investigation" was being opened "to look into the problem" but I have NEVER received any feedback and conclusion to the "supposed" investigation!

I have been a regular Wal-Mart customer shopping online for years and they have now officially lost my business over this!

I have spent a great deal of money using but not anymore! I don't appreciate wasting my time & energy placing an order only to have it cancelled an hour or so later (after BillMeLater authorized the charge and Walmart places a hold on my account) when I could have placed it with another online merchant to begin with and avoided the whole problem!

I gave Walmart more than enough time to correct the situation (months) but it has become obvious to me that they do not value my business so I no longer value them and will keep my money because of it! I don't appreciate being lied to and told various stories implying it was somehow "my" fault that the orders were cancelled when I know it wasn't.

I've never changed my information, have never shipped to any address except my HOME address and I have not entered any incorrect information in the system----therefore, the fault lies completely with Walmart and it's online billing department. Maybe losing enough money will get their attention? Either way, I won't be coming back! This went on for MUCH too long and with TOO many complaints being completely ignored for me so I will not give them ANY more of my money---EVER AGAIN!

I told Walmart's online billing department "several" times that I was being more than patient but at some point, I am just going to NEVER do business with them again!

I guess they thought I was bluffing---or didn't why should I care then? Hope my story helps others to see how "little" Walmart values their "best" customers---I am sorry to say: "THEY DON'T!"

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#458225 Review #458225 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Columbus, Georgia
Walmart Account

Protection plan is fraud

HSo I recently bought a hisense pro tablet and purchased the extended warranty because my luck with electronics is zero. Tonight the charging port quit working at first it was oh its within 90 days maybe I can just take it back, nope only have 15 days. So I went online and filled out my claim, wait they are giving me less than I paid less than 3 months ago. So I called the 800 # they only 80% if it's still under manufacture warranty and not physically damaged. Only pay 100% if physically damaged. The pamphlet clearly states normal wear and tear but after two phone calls I was so frustrated I did actually "drop" and "damage" the screen while trying to plug it in. I won but will never buy from Walmart again.
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warranty plans are nothing but money makers for the companies that push them!! Any kind of add on is nothing but money makers for nothing.


Do you really think you're going to have better luck with Target's or Best Buy's extended warranties? All stores sell useless warranties to suckers dumb enough to buy them.

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#458217 Review #458217 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lincoln, Nebraska
Walmart Protection Plan
Advanced Reviewer

Rude store associate was rude and disrespectful to my grandchildren.

My two grandkids were playing with some toy swords that Walmart sells and some store associate came and took them away. I was so mad that I tracked down the associate and told them off. They were being very rude and disrespectful. This isn't the first time this has happened either, this is just the first time I did something about it. Store associates have got on to my grandkids for running through the store, playing with other toys and stuff, etc. I am in charge of my kids and no one has the right to discipline them. They are just boys.
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That associate had every right to yell at your kids. Its hard working when while kids are making a mess of everything causing kaos. Its the parents fault for not supervising their kids well enough.


Actually these were my kids this happened to, not grandkids. My mom wrote this review at my computer and it copied my name to it when I logged on myself.


Look at the username guys and look at all the complaints she posted. They are obviously writing troll reviews.


Go to the sporting goods section...................pick up a nice Louisville Slugger........then put those little brats in line like granny should be doing. :( :( :( :( :( :(


I disagree with this complaint. The employees are not babysitters and you should be watching your children.

What if they got hurt because they were careless and you were negligent?

Please set a better example for your children and teach them that this is not acceptable behavior at the store.


You guys are all gullible. You are eating this story right up.

This "grandmother" is just making fun of the average Walmart/Kmart shopper. Allowing their children to run unsupervised ect.


Look lady, I almost got knocked over by a child riding a bicycle at full speed. He stopped just in time.

Good for him because if I had been injured I would have sued his parents or guardian not the store because it is the parents responsibility to watch their kids. What are you going to do if your kids hurt someone and they sue you?


I cannot believe someone found this funny. I don't find anything funny about this crazy grandmother and her neglectful, irresponsible nature.


I disagree with the complaint. You are not watching your children and that is your fault.

What if something happens to them where they injure someone else or themselves? In this case, I agree with Walmart-kids should be supervised at all times so that they do not endanger themselves and other shoppers.


Of course this is not the first time this has happened. I hate walking in a store where the children are left alone in the toy department while the adult shops.

What if one of your grand children hurt someone with the toy swords. What if they broke them?

Are you willing to pay for what they broke. Also leaving your grandchildren in the store all alone great way to get kidnapped, ever heard the Adam Walsh story.

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#458152 Review #458152 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Rogers, Arkansas

More Security Needed/Too Overcrowded

My last visit to Walmart was a nightmare and the problem was rude and inconsiderate people. Other shoppers would intentionally ram their carts into my leg, foot, and the worst, my butt without saying excuse me and or sorry. Worst, parents allow their children to run wild in the store, almost knocking me and or my relative to the ground and they run in front of moving shopping carts. It is unacceptable and just plain rude. The store is way too overcrowded on weekends and needs more crowd control or security to make sure people are not ramming carts into others and parents are watching their children. In addition, security needs to keep an eye out for perverts-(once two teenage boys were making catcalls at the female shoppers, making me uncomfortable and I walked away from them.) We all need to be aware of our surroundings. I have nothing against Walmart. I like the variety of different items, but I do NOT like rude people and especially perverts trying to check me out and when things get out of control with no end, more security is definitely needed.
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I wanted to update this complaint after my recent visit, it was a lot better than last time. It was less crowded for most of the time and started to get busy as me and my friend left. The change in time really made a difference, even though there's still rude shoppers, but not as bad as the last time.


Well she would not get bullied if she stood up for herself. I agree with Kevin, someone hits you hit them back.


I am sick upon reading a few attacking comments from a few posters. This poor person who complained has a right to shop wherever he or she wants to go without having his or her personal safety threatened.

I shop there sometimes at different times of the day and I have seen rude people who refuse to accept personal responsibility for their actions.

Let's try to make this experience for this person and other commenters on this site a positive experience rather than BULLYING.

I too like to shop at Walmart, but I do not like rude and inconsiderate people running my experience. :(


Love shopping on Black Friday, and Boxing day(Canada. Last Black Friday when my family went to the states I got like 50 street pass hits on my 3ds, not just Walmart but Sears, Target. Same with Boxing day strolling in malls.


If a child accidentally bumps into you because they are running around perhaps you need to "accidentally" knock them over with the cart. Also why go on weekends if it is overcrowded.

As for teenaged boys making catcalls at you, you wish. Here is an idea if the catcall story is true, make them aware of the boys, report it. They can't be everywhere at once. Also if they were hiring more security than they would have to make their prices go up and you would have to pay for that.

Than people would complain about the higher prices so it is a no win situation for them. *** if you do, *** if you don't kind of deal.

Yeah and it is the parents who have to watch their children. Why don't you just go up to the parent and say little Charlie here bumped into me, if he does it again he will have an appointment with your fist.


Wal-Mart is not crowded. It's just that Wal-Mart shoppers are so W I D E.

Solution: stop shopping at that store.



The issue is that WALMART doesn't put any money into safty. They cut, cut,cut try getting help.

Also the check the price are either completely gone even though the sign remains or the check your price doesn't work all this causes more time at checkout because half the time the prices are unknown!!

Walmart needs to invest in its Employees and customers.


It takes 2 seconds for a cashier to check the price on an time for you. STOP EXAGGERATING! Unless a customer has removed the UPC code which conveniently happens A LOT!!!!!!!y


Sorry I forgot this is the ATTACK CUSTOMER SITE. gotcha!!

never the big guys making millions no billions it the CUSTOMER who is always in the wrong taking the upc OFF!! j off


They can't limit the number of people that go into the store at a certain time. Out of control kids annoy me too, but imagine if it was you kid and an employee told you to get better control of the kid.

I ride those electric carts and it would be real easy to run into a kid that are so little they should be riding in the shopping cart instead of running free. As for people intentionally running into people with shopping carts, I really don't think they do it intentionally. No matter how much security they had in the store, the whole area can't be covered. Have you ever been there on Black Friday?

The store is so crowded you can barely move. The way I avoid crowds is I do my shopping between seven and eight in the morning.

They are still busy, but at least you can move around.

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#457044 Review #457044 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Garden Grove, California
New Reviewer

WalMart extended warranty is worthless

We purchased an HP monitor in January, 2011. Yesterday the backlight started flickering and continues for about 30 minutes. Called the 800 number for the extended warranty and was told that monitors over 20" (aren't most of them?!) don't get replaced, they have to be sent out for repair - a 3 week process!! I do not want to be without a computer for three weeks and shouldn't have to - this should be a simple swap-out!! At that point I got disgusted and hung up. At this point we're just going to buy a new one, but I can promise it WON'T be from walmart!! This is NOT customer service, it's customer ripoff.
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Sounds like you bought the warranty without understanding what it is. I suppose that is Wal-Mart's fault, not yours.


It was explained to us at the time of purchase that if anything went wrong with it, it would be replaced. No questions asked. Yeah, it's Walmart's fault.


It is your word against a minimum wage loser's who probably quit months ago.

Want to see a ***? Look in the mirror.

Next time shop at a real store and get it in writing. :p


So you're the *** we dealt with, loser?!

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#457009 Review #457009 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Titusville, Florida

Cashier screwed up and caused my credit card to be placed on a fraud hold

After running all my groceries and items through the checkout the cashier then told me the card terminal was down and needed to run my card manually. He then swiped the card, the terminal told him to enter the last 3 digits on the back of the card. He proceeded to enter the wrong digits 8 times. Then told me to go call my bank, that I didnt have any money in there. I was furious. I called the bank which took me 3o mins to get an answer and they told me the card had been placed on a fraud hold due to the cashier entering in the wrong numbers too many times. Once i got the fraud hold off, I went back to check out and get my groceries and he told me he was going on a break, and to go to the customer service line, which had over 12 people waiting due to it being a sunday. 2 hours later I left with my groceries that were already defrosted and warm. I should of just left!
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The cashier DOES NOT put your security code in YOU THE CUSTOMER enters it from the keypad that they swipe the card through!


Its the tree digit code one the back of the card that wasnt entered correctly. Your thinking of pin number.


Walmart doesn't hire the brightest bulbs and this is what happens when a company pays nothing. they could care less about the customers and so could wallyworld. They do not care at all about employees or customers

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#456998 Review #456998 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Dallas, Texas
Walmart Cashier
New Reviewer
This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks where I have gone to Walmart and there were no small shopping baskets that i could put on my lap while i pick shop in the store. I am paraplegic who can not push a regular cart and like to be independent and shop on my own. The previous...
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Blame the lazy customers that set them in random places because they cant be bothered to bring them back to where they got them or the ones that steal them. If its such a huge.problem then buy your own basket or a reusable shopping bag and then you dont jave to worry anymore. Problem solved.

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#456921 Review #456921 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Bellmawr, New Jersey
Walmart Pick Up Service

Rude customer service rep at Walmart pharmacy

Went to Walmart pharmacy to refill Rx. They were closing for lunch break. It was as if I was really putting her out by asking her to DO HER JOB. I didn't have any refills left so she said Ill have to fax in a request for dr authorization. The dr office was not open on a Sunday so I was informed it would not be available for pick up until Monday or even TUESDAY! Needless to say I will not being going back for my future Rx refills. Transferred to Walgreens. This was not my first experience with rudeness at this location
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How is it rude to tell them they are going on their lunch break. They could have taken the approach from that movie "Bad Santa" and screamed "I am on my *** lunch break, that would have been rude.

How were they rude? My guess is because you could not get what you wanted when you wanted.

I am sure when you are on lunch break you are not required to do your job. GROW UP and learn the world does not revolve around you and that everyone gets a break.


to be fair the way it's worded you don't know if the OP knew she had no refills left or not she just states "I didn't have any refills left so she said i'll have to fax in a request for dr authorization"

either way though the OP should have realized this is NOT the RX's fault and they can't just give out prescriptions just because you want them no matter the reason. what if you had none left because you were being weaned off it due to abusing said prescription? i'm not saying you were but you should be able to understand their position given just that one example.

as to the first complaint in the post so what you're saying Is that people should stop everything they're doing to just wait for people to come in and not take their lunch break? so we should just be sitting around even if it's not busy and be like "hey I know it's lunch time and i'm hungry after being here all day but I should wait because someone might come in who has no refills left and their doctor isn't open on Sunday's anyways and won't get the request till the next morning anyways. but I should wait right?"

sheez take some responsibility and admit you waited too long to get your prescription refilled and should have known better that your doctor wouldn't be open on the day that you DID decide to try and get a refill.


Wait, so you didn't have any refills yet went anyway knowing it was a sunday and wouldn't be able to get in contact with your doctor? How is this her fault? Typical walmart customer with an inflated ego and sense of entitlement.


Really do you think she shouldn't get a chance to eat? Everyone needs a break if you are aware of the lunch hours then why go just to cause a scene?

And if you have no refills, why try to pick them up? A pharm tech can't just give you your meds b/c you want them


I love how people assume that the pharmacy associates do not deserve a lunch. How about you all work 12 hour days without any breaks, not allowed to eat or drink and getting paid very little.


Why would you go to walmart for your prescription medications in the first place. They will tell you here is part of your prescription the rest will be in a day to two later They have found out that most people will not return to get the additional dosage.

This could cause real issues for you health,childrens,parents.


I have never understood why anyone would go to a pharmacy that just up and closes for lunch. Plus, you have to deal with the typical WalMart employee---rude, inept, sloppily-dressed and usually obnoxious.

Best to go elsewhere. I suggest Meijer if you have one in your area.

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