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Dr. Bill Parker at my local WM store did bad *** job

Update by user Oct 28, 2013

I don't know why they censored the word bre ast, but whatever.

Original review posted by user Oct 28, 2013
I went to Dr. Bill Parker who has a local office at my local Walmart supercenter here in Marina, California to get my *** enlarged based on the recommendation of who I thought was a good friend. I paid a substantial amount of money for the procedure that they have also refused to refund me for. When I got to the office the receptionist Lisa was very rude and shoved a whole ton of forms in my face to fill out and demanded I pay up front for the procedure. I finally got the procedure done which left me in pain for many weeks. The implants have somehow melted in my *** and have caused my *** to look like popped balloons, and they have now turn a bruised, bluish color. As of today my *** are now just bungee jumping off my chest and I am afraid they may actually fall off. I am going to my regular family doctor tommorow to try to see what can be done. I can't wear a bra now and I have to wear a shirt that doesn't strap my *** too hard because of the pain. Dr. Bill Parker is going to be sued for malpractice. I am also talking to a lawyer. ALL WOMEN STAY AWAY FROM DR. PARKER'S OFFICE!!
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Wonder if employees get a discount there?


Super confused. You got a breast enlargement done at Walmart?


That's what I was thinking. Let alone, I don't know why that type of doctor would have an office in a WalMart.

I know some stores have medical clinics in them but that is usually a family physician or a physician's assistant that is in those offices. Something is fishy here.


Well this was in California.


We have things at Walmarts in California they don't have in other parts of the country.

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#454534 Review #454534 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Springdale, Arkansas
I am absolutely LIVID at how we were treated today at Walmart! My husband, child and I went to the Shelton, Washington Wal-Mart store to buy my son a cake for his birthday. I grabbed a 12 pack of Limerita budlight for myself. At the self check out, the machine asked...
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I once got refused cigarettes in the same Walmart because my daughter, who was then 16 was with me. Oh well...go to another store. They don't need my money anyway.

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#454400 Review #454400 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Shelton, Washington

Rude Filipino cashier

I tried to use a "buy one, get one free" coupon on this fancy chocolate. After the filipino cashier lady scanned the coupon once, it did not *** the price of one chocolate box. She said that it DID but it clearly didn't so she started raising her voice and yelling "It did! Trust ME!!! I know what I'm doing!!!" Of course we didn't believe her so she started to get even more frustrated and began cursing at me and my sister in Tagalog while ringing up our items AGAIN. Same thing happened and this time she called a supervisor. Supervisor was NO HELP. They refused the coupon even after I asked if they could just manually subtract the cost of one box. They said "NO" so I refused the chocolates and took my business to Walgreens. The coupon didn't work there either but you know what? They manually subtracted the amount of one chocolate box so that I was able get a "buy one, get one free" deal. Now THAT's a great deal - great customer service, not getting cursed at in a foreign language, and not getting yelled at.
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I thought only filipinos in the philippines were rude ***.


very insightful comment by our poster "BlackonCrack" fitting


Walmart policy states clearly that if the coupon does NOT scan, it is NOT valid.


Sad but walmart gets the bottom of the barrel (as far as employees go).


so you understand tagalog? Wow that's impressive...or did you just look that up on the web. I tend to agree with the first blogger....think there might have been a little....i can bull my way through with this person of nonUS decent


Actually your problem at WalMart was "six of one and a half a dozen of the other." Meaning you didn't like the cashier, so therefore, you let her know that you thought she was lying and by doing that you aggravated the situation. Myself, I have never seen any candy at either WalMart or Walgreens that I would consider expensive.

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#454232 Review #454232 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Renton, Washington
Advanced Reviewer

Walmart following black folk around. Racism

I see more store associates than any *** everytime I go to Walmart. They walk behind me when I am at the self checkouts, in the aisles, even when I am getting out of my car or going out to it. They go over every item I buy with a fine toothed comb and will never take my word for anything. I have never stolen a thing in my life, but cause my skin's black they assume I am up to no good. Freaking crackas at Wally World are *** me off. I finally let one them have it today, I ain't putting up with it no more. I am sure most of their thefts and other crimes in this store comes from the crackas anyway. My town is more than 60% ***.
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This is complete Bu11Sh1t. You're a disgrace to human kind. All of you are.

The people who go "Omg no wonder they follow you, you're black" are possibly even worse than the person who posted this.

And that's pretty low.

This is the 21st century, not the Jim Crow era. Get over yourselves.


cause u black folk STEAL


African Americans aren't the only ones who steal, ***. If you're that anxious to accuse someone, why don't you Google crimes rates for robberies?

Not all "black" people steal. By the way, Buck.

*** you.


You are what keeps racism alive. You need to grow up and stop playing the race card when things don't go as you like.

Stop using your skin color as an excuse.


You crackas started it.




seriously? this is too *** to even comment on. lol :grin


BlackonCrack.....pull up from the pipe.....think the mailman is here with your welfare runs and getz somemore maltzliquior. And I dont know...where are you gonna steal from...i mean shop....oopps sorry...just thinking back to your folks in the Walmart in LA......


Hold the phone....they are crackas and you call them racists? *** please. Pot, take a look at that kettle.


First Barney's, then Macy's, Now walmart. Where exactly should blacks shop!! Terrible

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#454015 Review #454015 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Springdale, Arkansas
New Reviewer

Walmart workers not helpful, rude, and incompetent.

I want to manage Walmart. Under my leadership Walmart workers would actually do something called WORK. They wouldn't take a jillion breaks, they wouldn't chat with their friends on the salesfloor, and they would come right to the customer's attention when they called on them and answer all of their questions truthfully and with a smile on their face the whole time. I would just take out their breakroom and I would forbid all talking between associates. They are there to serve us. They are our servants. I am sick and tired of it being the other war around. I am a nurse and I make $80,000 a year.
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Fortunately, there are federal guidelines that requires employees to take breaks and lunches. Wouldn't work for you or have you care for my loved ones, evil witch.


You are a nurse but you obviously have zero compassion for others. I would hate to be under your care. I feel bad for anybody who is.


Walmart pharmacy staff are rude incompetent uneducated and makes incorrect statement and do not care for patients.


This had to be a joke....cause you some how think retail should kiss your arz because you are nurse.....and make 80K. I bet your coworkers think you are a pompous arz...and are talking behind your back...lmao


Who cares how much you make? That doesn't make you any better than anybody else.

Walmart associates DO WORK, their job titles are not servants or *** kissers. If you had the slightest clue as how to manage anything at all you would know that it is essential for the associates to communicate with each other throughout the day/night. They are entitled to breaks just like anybody else. Funny though how you talk about what it would be like under YOUR leadership.

I will tell you exactly what it would be like...very lonely! With your asinine rules, nobody would be working there.

Btw, I earn more than you...after taxes! I treat people with the utmost respect, you should try it sometime!



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#454009 Review #454009 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Pharmacy workers ***

I have recently gone to walmart to fill a prescription and had to deal with two women that where downright rude. It's a bit sad considering they are the cheapest. I pay 259 monthy to be treated like a ***. Guess what not now. Thanks to cvs and il pay 19.00 more just to be respected. Twice I left my prescription there and came back and was told they couldnt fill because they didnt have enough in stock. Why cant u tell me that an hour ago. One of those times I told them to give back my prescription and il go to cvs and then they said oh we can fill it we just like to save some in case another customer comes in. Wanting to give me 3 days worth. So basically *** on me for the next guy and *** on them as well.
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My child had an ear infection they wanted to give me 3 days worth and to come back. I said I want the prescription back and I well get it elseware (no you can't do that we already put it though your insurance) I said I do not want 3 days of a 10 day prescription give me it back so I can get the entire 10 days. wallyworld sucks.

#453840 Review #453840 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Very disappointed, and unusual complaint!

My Husband works at one of your many stores, and we are greatful during these hard times. He always gets a fantastic review and applies for any mngr job openings when possible. Everyone loves him 'cause he is such an excellent worker, is cross-trained & does not complain. But the magazines you hand out to employees, was disheartening to me! At store #369 a Loren Wade has been a good hard worker 4 u guys for 30 yrs. But yet, still a sales associate @ 101 yrs. old. shame on u guys, I will not let that be my husband!! Have a heart, God see's everything!
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So do you dress your husband and cut his food up for him as well?


if i'm 101 years old, why would I want the responsibility and stress of being a manager or supervisor to lead me to my death? please think logical!


You husband should always be looking for other employment. Your husband has a better chance outside of Walmart.


What is your issue? If your husband wants to move up the chain, he can.

Maybe this 101 year old sales associate does not want to move up. Maybe he likes his job.


If you read it, and it was posted on our associate website saying he is working in Lawn & Garden for fun and to keep busy not for the money...


Ever stop to think that maybe the 101 year old was happy just being a sales associate and had no desire to take on the *** that comes with being a manager? BTW does your husband have a voice or do you do all the speaking for him?

Maybe that is why he is not a manager. Let him put his own pants on.....

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#453633 Review #453633 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Jacinto, California

Sick of ghe walmart laa

So walmart thinks they run the world! Its a matter of time before ur true colors show thru an u look ***. You will be another kmart. Out of business. You might not think so but here in Montana we know you will fail!!! Figure it. Out or you will suffer! Arrogant *** See I cant even complain without your *** rules. An I am still writing cuz you *** from arkansas are inbread mother ***. Really I have 2 have acomplaint over a 100 words *** you will never shop there again. You can go *** yourself. 9. Out of 10 of your employees are retarded thats why you hire them
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I agree with you walmart will be gone at some point (maybe before or after both of us are gone) in the mean time they will have made a lot of money for a lot of people and I do not mean the guy stocking the shelves, the ringer, the door handler, the shipper, the received, the returner. But a lot of higher up's will have made very good money off the backs of the LOWER EMPLOYEES that is just how LIFE WORKS!!


Anonymous - everyone that is BS....does that answer your weak arz question...putz

@gerald claude

You, sur, are a poo poo head!! Yeah, that's what I said.

Does that answer YOUR weak arz question...putz?


What exactly is the ghe walmart laa that you're so sick of???? :eek :x


In reading your last sentence....and your entire rant (which I could not understand - but I am sure it makes sense to you and the voices in your head) actually make the walmart employees look like einstein.....just saying.

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#453263 Review #453263 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Helena, Montana

Pre-Order PS3 Skylander's with free character not fulfilled

I purchased a pre-order PS3 Skylander's game card for my wife which had a free character, Lightcore Hex, which you were suppose to get when you purchased the game. Needless to say, after 5 days, no character. The local Wal-Mart has been nice about the situation and provided me with a customer satisfaction gift card, but NO SKYLANDER!!! They also have not called me back to provide me with a status, which is what is *** me off the most. I have emailed Corporate for the second time. If the continue to ignore me, I guess I will have no other choice then to file a fraud complaint with the State.
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If the manufacturer did not include the characters, which is what happened there is nothing Walmart can do. They can not give you what they did not receive. You need to contact Sony for the character.


If I give my money to a business (and not to some competitor with identical prices, as is usually the case with video games) because I was promised something, then they don't make good on it..

Somehow it's my fault for ever having purchased something simply because somebody else doesn't see the point in buying it? :?

Good to know.

So the next time you head out to buy a special edition of a movie you love, then find out that there's no difference from the 'non-special' edition of it besides price, or you buy a car from a dealer who promises free maintenance for some time but never delivers on it, I'll be sure to let you know how *** and pointless your "make-believe" movie is and to let you know that if you simply walked everywhere you'd never have to worry about car maintenance.

Because nobody in this world NEEDS anything beyond food, water and oxygen. :grin


I disagree with are alone....cause nobody cares about your little make believe game......Here's a thought....try prying open your bedroom door and walk out side to the sunshine....and visit friends.....oh have none....that's why you are playing these *** games.....never mind


You are not alone!

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#453220 Review #453220 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Superior, Wisconsin
Walmart Gift Card

Tablet warranty from walmart sucks

I called in for my protection plan that i bought for my tablet since at product care since October 7 2013 and i was going to get a label for me to send product in. So i got my label on the 10 of Oct and send my tablet by UPS and then i called to check how is it going on my claim and they keep on telling me i have to wait on the review supervisor to call me back up until today i haven't had a response and i am so mad i want either my money back or my replaced tablet they really suck for customer service
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Take them to court that's what they need that's fraud I wish everyone will do the same or something and take them down that's wrong big lawsuit if all the people being ripped off would come together.

#453171 Review #453171 is a subjective opinion of poster.
River Oaks, Texas
Walmart Protection Plan
New Reviewer

False Advertising.

Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes WE were having a thanksgiving get together. I was required to bring the snacks. There was a sign that said buy 3 packs of chips for $8. Well we only needed five packs. I was charged almost $15 for five packs of chips. I told them that this is false advertising. I told them that they should be charging $2.66 per package instead of $3.17. They then showed me a receipt where I was charged $3.17 for the first two packages and told me that it was already calculated and I was only charged $1.66 for the third bag, yet for bag four and five I was charged $3.17. They told me that if I bought a sixth package then I would get the sale price. At this point my 12 year old daughter interupped and I told her to shut up or she would have to stay home alone when we went to my sister's for thanksgiving. Needless to say we had to return the two packages because they were ripping off. I asked for their skanning code of pratise and they said it did not apply since the price was not wrong. I told them the price was wrong, they refused to budge. This incident made me so angry that when my 2 year old had a dirty diaper I slapped him. Several people called the pigs(cops) on me and they visited my home during thanksgiving. They asked my daughter if this happened and because she was still angry at me(two days later) she told them yes that I had slapped my son for having a dirty diaper. My husband backed me up and said that never happened but they belived my daughter and those other people and threatened to have my children(though I did not touch my daughter) put in a foster home and me sent to anger management.
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Your husband may have backed you up but they could have checked the cameras child beater.


Trolling guys, come on Thanksgiving is not until next month. This was posted early October.

#732864 many sites? Enough to get in your head....thats how many.....


Lets look at the details. The sign said "3 packs of chips for $8." It did not say "1 pack of chips for $2.66." Here we see three signs of trash: 1) Bringing chips to Thanksgiving 2) Shopping at Wal-Mart 3) Failure to understand basic English 4) Hitting a child (BONUS!!!


Thats the problem anonymous....they just dont...its like a blight on society.....


Please stop breeding.


Sale prices of 2 for, 3 for, etc ONLY apply when you BUY the ADVERTISED number. You are simply a mess and your kids should be taken away from you.


I think you should have slapped your daughter too for being a *** like mommy


Don't blame somebody else because you took your anger out on your children. Slapping a 2 year old for messing their diaper!? Why do I feel like this wasn't the first time???


But did you remember to get daddy the malt liquor? and a new pair of wife beaters

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#452759 Review #452759 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Kitchener, Ontario


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Have you ever shopped before???? Website prices are usually lower than stores prices.

And none that I know of match their own stores, or online prices. You want it cheaper, buy it online and have it shipped to the store FOR FREE, you cheapskate.


Most stores do not match their online prices. Is this your first time shopping?


Alot of companies are doing price is discounted more because of shipping & handling fees. Either shop online or pay higher price in store. It is all on your preference.

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#452581 Review #452581 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Walmart Manager
New Reviewer
So I wanted a new tv. I selected the tv I wanted. It said it was in stock in the Lynn Walmart which is an hour from my home. This was the only store that said online they were "in stock". I purchased it & got an email saying "within 4 hours we'll send you another...
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There are so many ways I could hammer you, but I think Anonymous summed it up quite nicely. Some people, YOU in fact, have to have something to *** about.

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#452136 Review #452136 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Walmart Shipping Service
On 10/10/13 I called the Walmart Optical in Shelby Twp. MI. The optician, Grace, was very rude. She told me I either needed to drive 3 hours to that particular Walmart to receive my prescription or go to any Walmart to get a copy. The nice ladies at SVS Vision...
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The replies below seem to think that only Walmart is in the business to make money. Let me explain something to you honeys, EVERY business is in the BUSINESS to make MONEY.

No money, means NO BUSINESS.

You are offered a copy of your script every time your optician gives you one. Keep it with you.

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#451993 Review #451993 is a subjective opinion of poster.
I was in Walmart on the morning of Thursday, October 3 and was checking out. As I always do, I make a point to say "Good morning" to the cashier. This cashier ignored me. Now, this in and of itself is not a big deal. I don't expect every cashier to respond. However,...
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I think it is you that is racist against the cashier by automatically thinking her behavior had to do with racism. Your attitude had a lot to do with her behavior.

You people think you can behave anyway you want, like buffoon's even and play the race card when someone tells you your behavior is wrong. That is not how it works. Leave this country if you are going to act this way. You would not like it if whites came to Africa, acted like buffoon's and played the race card when told that their behavior was not appropriate.

She had no issues with the people of the same race because they know how to behave in public.

I am sure headquarters had a laugh at your expense. The true racist is you.

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#451584 Review #451584 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Rocky Mount, Virginia
Walmart Cashier