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I was scammed,

i had bout 6 $500 money packs and when i went to load my money too my card. and when i tried to load it i woulldnt load. i tryed calling got no where i was wondering if i could get my money back because they scammed me out of all my bill money. i have no money now, and now i cant even pay my bills about to loose my house because i needed the money pack but all the store did was gurb me on my money cause all my cards said 0 balance, now i have no way to get my money or nothing.
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You weren't scammed. You are the one trying to scam the store.

Get a job and earn money like the rest of us instead of trying to get something for nothing. You cannot get your money back because you did not put any in. They owe you nothing!

Did you really think you were going to get away with that? :grin :grin :grin

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Walmart Credit Card
New Reviewer

WalMart Tire and Lube

DO NOT waste your time. Went in to get 2 tires plugged. Waited 4 hours for them to tell me they could not be done. Of course. So I schedule an appt. for the following morning at 8. 4 hours later, they bring my car around with 4 tires. And try to charge me $400.00. Which I did not have. They were very upset because they had to take the back 2 off. Well...... I get home, look at the tires, ( 25 miles away), and the back 2 were practically FLAT. Yep, they put the 2 bad ones on the back. I called the manager and complained, got nowhere. Called Benton, Ark., got nowhere. I will not even buy toilet paper there again..
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You really attracted the creeps with the LUBE WORD!! sexual creeps get off on PISSEDCONSUMRS DAILY


The original poster was back shopping at walmart that night after leaving this complaint. He claimed he was wrong, they were right, and that he would personally thank the entire walmart team for showing him how *** he is/was/forever shall be.

Then he cried.

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


Hello. My only question would be is why didn't you look before you left the store before the second time?

After 25 miles, they don't know if something happened to the tires going flat because of debris or negligence. I inspect everything on my car before I leave a dealer or mechanic.

That way i'm still on there property.

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Germantown, Maryland
Walmart Manager
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Advertise products NOT IN STOCK

This is something I keep encountering with Walmart on a continuous basis. the latest is the current flyer covering Sept 13 to Sept 19, 2013 which I received on Friday with my local newspaper. I went online to order but the item shows no stock. I then checked out the stores within a reasonable distance from my home and none of them (5 stores) have any stock. The item I am currently looking for is the Safety 1st Alpha Omega Car Seat on sale for $99.76 which is advertised as a saving of $85.12. Of course they do refer you to similar items which are twice the price. I have had the same experience with them on items like toilet paper, diapers, cereal and others. As far as I am concerned this is false advertising. They go nationwide with a sale and have no stock to sell.
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Wal-Mart in Sonora, California is awful!! never stocked and never an answer at to why they are not stocked. I have checked 3 times in one day, early morning, afternoon and evening and the shelves looked the same!

NO ONE can tell me why they do not have the shelves stocked.


Hi Sonora! I shop there too and you are right! One time there were no sleeping bags on the shelves, another time all of the large bags of candy had not been re-stocked at all for some time, and then a third time there were absolutely no Queen sized fitted sheets! NONE! etc.

Not much of a choice around here; shop online, go to Lowes, thats about the choices. Now I buy everything online.

But it's not as bad as the Walmarts in the valley. Try going into the Merced walmart. I used to live there and I would go to the Sonora walmart instead when I was in the area since it was so clean and well stocked compared to Merced! hahahaha.

The only defense I have for that Walmart in Sonora is; 1. like I said it's the only place to get most of the things they sell in the entire region. And 2. It's not a superstore so stock has to be expected to drop on certain things sometimes at the wrong time. I have been able to get 3 "sold out" video games there lately - so you win some and you lose some.


The ads aren't printed locally, they are printed someplace else, and by the time the ads go out, the stock could be sold out. When they decide on the sale items they have no way of knowing that.

Also if you look at the ads most of the time they will say all items not available in all stores or something like that. As a whole when the stores don't have the items in the ad, it isn't the store's fault.

You could have asked the employee in the department where the item should have been for a rain check, but you were just plain too upset to think of that.


did you talk to a store manager? you had by your count....5 chances.....what did they say? rain check?

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Richmond Hill, Ontario

Still waiting for rebate card

I ordered a cell phone from with a 50.00 ecard. It has been 6 weeks since they said the card would be emailed. I have call their black hole of a escalation group and all they can say is we have emailed the marketing group and there is nothing more they can do. I have called both their escalation group and home office at least a dozen times. I feel like I am dealing with a black hole of a company. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and next will be the attorney generals office. This is crazy to have to do this for a promised item
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Wow... after reading this, I'm not surprised my local Walmart store does not accept my coupons as promised!

I mean they are not even a $100 off coupons (they're only like 75c or $1 off!!!) "Good thing" the "real" manager of the store called and said that I can bring my coupons back to use at the store AFTER I filed a complaint on the Walmart website.

But no I'm not going cuz all their other "managers" or employees at the cashier don't have a clue what they are doing and they will not get the knowledgeable manager to help me! I'm just so disappointed because I'm a long time customer of Walmart...

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Incompetent & Disorganized

I made the mistake of trying to purchase a laptop from Walmart, but the horrible experience I had was not worth it. I went to the Crestwood, IL store where they checked online and saw that it was in stock, but the sales girl couldn't find it in the back room. She said she had no way to find it, so then I went to the nearby Matteson store, where they didn't know if they had them in stock. ??? I decided to just order it online and pick it up at the Crestwood store. I received an email that I could pick it up and when I went there a man called Que or Cue told me that the order had been cancelled. I asked him why it was cancelled. He apparently had no idea and just walked away. I was offered no answer about either receiving the product or a refund. I demanded to see the manager and was told the store manager had left for the day. I said okay, send over someone who has some authority, they must have someone in charge. A manager named Daniel came over and told me to check if the computer price had been debited from my debt card. I checked, and yes, the amount had been debited from my card. However, I didn't want a refund, I wanted the product. I bought this product because I needed the product at the time I was purchasing it. This "manager" Daniel offered no information and told me that if I didn't calm down he would call the police. I told him to call the police, I want to know where my laptop is. And yes, he did call the police and no, it is not illegal to be an irate customer. It is, however, a waste of taxpayer money to use city services unnecessarily because a “manager” is not competent enough to be able to provide customer service and resolve an issue. My issue was not resolved. I went home and later checked my email to find that Walmart sent an email saying that my order had been delayed. So the order was delayed, not cancelled as Que told me earlier. I went back to the store and this time was helped by a more knowledgeable manager named Andrew. I was told that they did find the original laptop that they had in stock and I could purchase it then. Unfortunately, I would have to pay for it again because the site-to-store order was still in process. I was told that my recourse would be to either try to cancel the order online, which would probably cause confusion, or to simply wait till the laptop came in and then get a refund. I chose the latter course of action and did not receive my refund until about a week later. It was a horrible experience and I don’t know how this company can legally be permitted to function at this sort of level of incompetence and disorganization. I will never attempt to shop at Walmart again and I will post this story on every consumer site I can find to warn others and will also tell friends and family of my poor experience there.
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I am here at the crestwood store and again, as always they are terrible. Customer service....bad.




It IS illegal to be an irate customer; it's called disturbing the peace, trespassing, harassment, and even felony assault depending on how angry you got in their faces. Here is the law in all 50 states, so get a pen and paper - If they ask you to leave, for any reason or no reason, then you have to leave or you are trespassing.

This is why the police sided with them and not you. *(funny how he is so specific and long winded here yet leaves out the part where the police totally sided with the store and gave him the boot, he is probably not even allowed in there anymore, banned from walmart, HOW SAD!

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry )

You can post your ridiculous story anytime and anywhere you want. It doesn't matter; nobody but you is this stup1d.


Obviously you were causing a scene if they called the police. They have the right to do that. Sure it isn't unlawful to be irate, but it is unlawful to disturb the peace, threaten people, or become violent.


Anonymous #2 seems to infer an awful lot that I didn't read in the post. Methinks Anonymous #2 may be part of the WM marketing team, paid to try to clean up the corp's online brand.

The corp really can't clean up its image unless it cleans up its act too. It's easy to attempt to discredit internet posts, but not so easy to clean up the broken brand:

Walmart Ranks at Worst Service in American Retail


It isn't illegal to be an irate customer however, when a customer becomes threatening, violent or causes a huge scene, then yes the police will be called. Customers tend to always claim that the police were called for no reason...NOT TRUE!

Lol, Its not that managers are incompetent or don't know how to speak to the customers.

The problem lies with the fact that customers don't know how to calmly explain or complain about an issue they are having in the store, instead they throw major temper tantrums, yelling, accusing, cussing and threatening and acting childish because they are not getting their way. Why do I get the impression from your post that you are one of THOSE customers???!


I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. I mean what kind of "manager" would think of calling the police when obviously it's their problem?

I think Walmart needs to train their employees on how to deal with their system and communicate their customers!

I too had a bad experience in just using 2 coupons at the store in 2 separate occasions. Same as your experience, I think some of their so-called "managers" don't know what they are doing except to *** off their customers.

After I filed a complaint at the Walmart website (you should do the same), I finally got a call from the store's manager (I think this is the lead manager whom I have seen for a long time) told me to bring the coupons again to the store and they'll help me out. But no, I'm not going, because I have no idea if I'll see the "REAL" manager and obviously all the other staff has no idea what to do!

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Crestwood, Illinois


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We are no longer allowed to 'break bills' for customers anymore, because of 'quick change' artists scamming us. The only time we can give you change is at the end of a transaction, when the customer is about to get money back.

The cashier is supposed to ask the customer if they would like their change back to be broken down in any way. Other than that, we cannot do it.

Blame those quick change people, not the cashiers. we are only doing our jobs.


I love reading comments from high and mighty customers who keep shouting that they are the reason walmart employees have jobs. May I remind you that all businesses need customers/clients etc...

to thrive. Therefore, we are also the reason that YOU have a job.

I respect anybody who gets off their *** and goes to work but I have low tolerance for anyone who degrades a person/employee because they don't like the company or because they are not treating them like royalty when they walk through the door. Get over yourself!


Walmart is not a bank. [Insert retail store here ] is not a bank.

No retail store is in any way obligated to make change for your bills whatsoever.

Our response to customers at the retail store I work, "Sorry, but you must purchase something with the bill to get change." In other words, to get change you must provide a sale, and we will give you the change relative to that sale.


Not to mention that practically every store has a bank branch in it anyway.


It's people like you that the Walmart employees laugh at. The draws cannot be opened easily.

The only time they open is threw a cash transaction, if you're getting money back on a debit transaction or if a CSM approves it.

If you really worked in retail, especially a place like Walmart, you'd know that. Find a more valid reason to complain, and don't take it out on the cashiers you dumb ***


You stated that Walmart people laugh at "people like you" as if that is supposed to hurt our feelings or embarrass us in some way?

To ensure understanding of our comprehension of this statement completely and accurately, let me restate your remarks by telling them back to you for clarity's sake.

You said minimum wage, long hours on their feet all day, hard labor, low social ranking Walmart employees "laugh at us" to make US feel bad?

Oh, ok.


Walmart employees laugh at the people who come in looking for the red carpet to be rolled out the second they walk in the door. People who think that the stores policies only apply to "Other people" and not themselves.

Lets not forget those lovely customers who feel that Walmart employees are lazy, rude and uneducated simply because they are not kissing your ***. People who start out at any job usually start with minimum wage and increase as their years of service continues, yet you are stuck on condemning walmart for a starting pay that equals to or in a lot of cases is more than what most other companies start their new hires with. Yes, they work hard, that's what people with jobs do sweetie. Yes they laugh at people like you who follow the crowd believing they are entitled and above everyone else.

Its hysterical to me to see that smile be wiped off your face when you learn that YOU are not as special as you thought...

Deal with it! :grin :grin :grin


What's hysterical here, Anonymous, is that you think BECAUSE those laughing Walmart employees (who work hard, start off at minimum wage, and have a superior attitudes toward the very customers who keep them employed) do things behind our backs somehow makes us feel bad.

Well, isn't there egg all over our collective humiliated faces?

See, LadyScot, it just doesn't.

Deal with it. That's what people with jobs do, sweetie.


its called getting on that struggle. you seem not to know *** about it, when the real workers are eating ice sandwhiches while your on your 401ks sipping pina colatas on a beach front property, soft people like you comming at hard workers like us, shouldve known lancaster *** arent ***, because what do they have at lancaster old *** puffy rich as *** white folk. you dont know anything about the struggle, cus the only struggling ya do up in *** *** lancaster is when ya get off the bed, and your mom taking the butlers *** in her!


I have some important info for you, are you ready? WALMART IS NOT A FREAKING BANK AND IS NOT REQUIRED TO GIVE YOU CHANGE!!

You're welcome. :roll :roll

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Poor customer service

I bought a TV online, went to the store on 9745 Roosevelt blvd, phila pa, to pick it up,waited for anybody to attaned to me for 1 and 1/2 hrs!!! Everybody is just walking around and do nothing, store manager couldnt be found for almost an hour! This was by far the most horrible experience i ever had at any store picking up the product.There were a lot of other upset customers around. I would not recommend anyone to buy anything online at Walmart, so you do not waist your time picking it up, the store was just on my way to work.
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Lol the person knocking the person from Sioux Falls has to work on a *** *** place like WalMart with all that defending they're doing. Maybe if u didn't have WalMarts nuts in ur mouth u would think clearly.

Lmao thousands of people wouldn't be complaining for no reason ***! ;)


That is a REALLY long time! I think you should file a complaint on the Walmart website!


Did you buzz for assistance? Another thing, anytime I have delivered anything site to store from WalMart, the paperwork that I receive by email, says the site to store department is only open for certain hours.

You might have seen employees wandering around, but were they from that particular department or were they at the end of their shift or arriving for a new shift? You are awfully quick to jump to conclusions. You could also have went to customer service and ask for somebody to be paged back to that department. You do have the option when you order online from WalMart to pay for shipping and have it sent to your home.

You don't have to choose to have it shipped site to store. "blvd" should be capitalized, as should Philadelphia, PA. You waited for 1 1/2 hours for "anybody" should be "somebody" to "attaned" you.

How about "attend?" Then you didn't do any spacing between sentences. Before you criticze other people you should make sure you are perfect.


Before you correct someone else for improper use of English, you should take a few grammar lessons yourself.

What the h,e,l,l, are you saying in your sentence, "You could also have went ...". Could have went, wth?

Be sure you study the chapters on the proper and improper use of commas. Your usage is laughable.

"Before you criticze (quoted as written) other people you should make sure you are perfect." (Albeit poorly written, the sentence makes the point).

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Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
Walmart Manager
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How could they take advantage of disabled women?

Went to get money order for rent. They tried to offset transaction and got money stuck. Mgmt made me wait 1 and 1/2 hrs and told me I couldn't access money for 24 hrs. MO was for rent and I was charged $100 late fee. Next day, money still not accessible. Mgr agreed to give me mo, plus late fee if I gave him my Walmart MoneyCard and landlord would state that I was late and fee was due. When I went back, I told him ahead of time that I had to deposit before 3. He wasn't ready and made me late again. I am disabled, use electric cart, had to pay another $100 late fee and now have no groceries for kids for this week, plus gas and fee for getting back to store a second time. Once again, they told me there was nothing they could do. Landlord is pissed and will not verify with Walmart cause he states he shouldn't have to and is charging me "loss of use fee" and now if I am ever late again, he will terminate lease. I have never felt more abused in my life.
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Child Protective Services has been called and you have been reported. You do not have the $ or the brains to feed your children. You are a bad parent. Walmart will adopt your children and feed them since you cannot. Have a nice day. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

She has food stamps, wic, and welfare, but spent them all at the casino and not on food. The rest of her cash went to alcohol and cigarettes.

Save your time, click BS and move on to the next entertaining degenerate of society. :grin :grin :grin


Dear Nikki0520: I thought this site was a place to warn other consumers about your negative experiences with business'. The tag line at the bottom of this "comment" section states "Personal attacks will be deleted".

If you have no negative shopping experiences to relate, why do you sit on this site and be so nasty and judgmental to other people. Your life has to be very sad to prompt you to want others to be as unhappy as you are. Maybe you should put your energy into relationships, instead of being so awful. No matter how bad my life is financially, it is extremely rich in love and laughter.

I put the original post just to warn other people. I couldn't imagine that someone like you would sit all day and just attack. I feel nothing but pity for you.

My children are in school so that their future will be great and they don't end up like you (having nothing better to do but than being nasty to other people). I feel so sorry for you.



You are so burned, you are charcoal dust!


If your children are grown they should have jobs of their own and buying their own food.You don't HAVE to have meat and dairy you choose to buy it. People have survived on less than bread,strawberries and canned vegetables.If you can clean toilets then you can't be too disabled.You sound like you want sympathy and everything handed to you.Get on your little cart ride the 6 blocks and pay your rent.And for gods sake quit whining.

@Kalani Bmq

No! You quit whining you *** b.itch!





Jesus Christ, if you really are disabled.. Then go on disability, food stamps, or any other public assistants.

If rent is REALLY that hard for you, then charge your kids rent if they're old enough. Or better yet, maybe go to a nursing home?

Don't expect sympathy cause you mentioned you were 'disabled.' *** happens, deal with it .. Or do something about it.


So, that's your real name, Anonymous: *** happens"

I heard your mother calling you.


Its funny to me that you say the landlord wont verify the late fee. Seems to me, as long as the landlord was getting his money he wouldnt mind verfying.

$100.00 a day late fee sounds a bit unbelievable to me. This sounds like an attempt to pocket some extra cash.


Would u like to see a copy of my lease. My landlord is Oriental and very private. Too bad all of our lives arent as perfect as yours!

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Monterey, California
New Reviewer

NEVER stocked - Huntsville, TX store

This store is never stocked. We went grocery shopping last week and there was NO bagged lettuce, no fresh romaine, fruit flies in the apples and kiwis, molded grapes, and soft tomatoes. The cleaning supplies (laundry) were barely stocked. The bread was very scarce and two male employees kept yelling something about "sexing" some "sexy ***". I am absolutely disgusted with this place and sadly it's the only low price grocery in the area. The store is not the cleanest and the bathrooms aren't kept up at the front of the store - the back ones aren't too awful most of the time.
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I understand what you mean. The Walmart I just expressed my opinion always has empty shelves too. And I'm NOT talking about fresh produce because our small Walmart doesn't sell them. I feel you. Well I never ask or complain as I usually keep that to myself. But I do understand what you meant (not like the other biased response).

After what I experienced recently, I wrote a complaint on the Walmart Facebook, you should do that too and hopefully they can improve that.

About the two staff talking about that ***, that is apparently wrong. I would not accept that at any work place. Again, I don't know how the other response suggested that there is nothing wrong. I'm sorry to hear that you also had bad experience at your local Walmart, I hope Walmart can read this and solve all these problems soon. Or at least we can get a sincere apology.


A lot depends on the time of day that you go shopping, whether or not a store is well stocked. The shortage of lettuce could be because it has been determined that lettuce from certain areas have been causing intestinal problems.

Do you realize how hard it is to keep fruit flies out of fresh fruit? I have read articles telling people to immediately wash their fresh fruit when they get it home to avoid having fruit flies in it. I imagine you think WalMart should do that too. The store could be waiting for a truck to come in with supplies.

From what I understand the individual stores aren't responsible for when stock is ordered. As far as the bread goes, the WalMart employees don't take care of that. People from the bread companies do that stocking. If you would pay attention you would notice what it says on the shirts.

As far as what you claim you heard two male employees yelling, it isn't really any of your business. Or are you upset that they weren't calling you sexy? More than likely what you heard was "texting" not "sexy." A store like Walmart is so busy that there is no way at all that they can keep everything up to everybody's expectation all of the time. That is just the way it goes.

If you don't like the store, shop at someplace more expensive. That is an easy enough solution.


Have you seriously never heard of sexting? Look it up.

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Houston, Texas

Milpitas Walmart (95035) won't accept manufacturers' coupons and BAD customer service!

TWICE in a row, the Walmart in Milpitas CA would not accept the manufacturer's coupons I gave them at the cashier ( I cut 1 of them from the Sunday paper and the other one I printed from the manufacturer's website). Both times I had to wait for like 10 minutes for the manager/ upper management, and then all they told me was they know the coupons are legitimate but they are not in their system so they cannot accept it. OK both times I was holding a crying baby waiting for an answer but that's what they said to me? I mean I shop at CVS and Safeway too and their manager would still accept my LEGITIMATE coupons (usually I'm talking about ONLY ONE coupon) if it happens that the coupon is not in their system. But this is not the case at Walmart. Worse still, they made me wait for them for 10 minutes? Really? And all they said was Sorry? And the 2nd time this lady told me she knew there is a problem in their system, but then she can do nothing? She did not even try to fix the problem or tell this to the upper management? What? And when I told them it's their problem and they should honor my coupon because they claimed that they'd accept manufacturer's coupon, she said sorry she cannont do anything about it. OK NOW this is not about the money, but if you claim that you accept coupons, you should do your job. And both times the staff at Walmart made me feel like I'm wrong to complain? I'm VERY disappointed about the BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE at the Milpitas Walmart. They made a lady carrying a crying baby for 15 minutes wait there for nothing + she was wrong to express her own opinion. This is just outrageous. This is NOT how you treat your customers. I would not shop at the Milpitas Walmart again if I don't get a satisfactory response from you. And the reason I'm posting here is I want people to know about how bad the customer service is at the Walmart in Milpitas, CA 95035.
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I have the same problem in Oklahoma with Walmars. I take the coupon in and even try to stick with the exact item shown on it.

They make it such a hassle to redeem manufacturer's coupons and yet they expect us to believe that they will honor competitors coupons. I don't take big stacks in at a time, but just a few and more likely than not will have to wait for manager approval on at least one even if everything is correctly done by me. I think they do it on purpose to discourage coupons.

I will continue to use them though and they will just have to wait. I have given up on the online ones though, they are even worse with those.


Oh and according to what that other response suggested, a woman with a baby should NOT shop at Walmart, even worse she CANNOT express her opinion at the store if she is with a baby. Oh my, I cannot believe how people change nowadays.

That is just wrong. This is discrimination. This is the first time ever that I complain about anything to anyone at any store, with or without a baby. And now I am wrong?

Just because it happened when I was shopping with a baby? Or I'm married with a baby?

Please... if you really think so, just keep this to yourself.


Oh and I forgot to say that if she apologized and told me she'd report this problem to the upper management and try to fix it, that would have been fine. But after waiting for so long, she just told me they would not accept the coupon even they're real.

Don't forget that they claimed to accept manufacturer's coupons and now no matter what coupons I gave them, they are not accepting them. So now this is my problem?


Get over your crying baby, you are using that as an aid for complaining. You chose to have a baby and you chose to take the kid shopping.

If the coupon isn't in their system, they wouldn't be able to get reimbursed for it. Get real!!! More than likely they are trying to get the system fixed, just because you coupons have worked in other stores, doesn't mean that there isn't a problem with the WalMart system.

You kind of make it sound like it is WalMart's fault and that they are rigging the system or something. If you never shop there again, I'm sure they won't miss your whining self.


I don't know what kind of reply this is. I DID NOT use a baby as a aid, for GOD's SAKE.

I meant that their service was SLOW, and that made my baby cry. And they were NOT polite and sincere in apologizing AT ALL. I don't know where your rationale in ladies being unreasonable when shopping with babies come from. I am always a reasonable person and I never complain if they are doing their job, even if they did not accept the coupons for a reason.

I can accept that there is a problem in their system, BUT NOT when they say they know it but they are NOT doing anything. This is NOT the first time this happened too, as I said. And I meant the other stores NEVER made me wait for such a long time, and they would NEVER be so rude to a customer. I really like Walmart and always shop at Walmart too, but even so, I still know what is right and what is wrong.

And I know they would be happy NOT to see me again, but after all, this is just not the way you treat a customer, this is ALL I meant.

I'd suggest you to get real, no matter how much you like this place.

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Milpitas, California
Walmart Coupon

Bad service

Here is the story: When I arrived at the store, there was an employee (in Walmart uniform and name tag ANNY) standing behind a table full of stuffs in the entrance saying something that I did not hear due to my chronic hearing problem. At first I thought she was offering some sample so I said “Thank You”. But when I turn around and realized that she was raising fund for Chidren Hospitals, I walked back and reached out my wallet to get some money in an intention to contribute to that good cause. What pissed me off was she uses her right hand to cover the contribution jar and intentionally looked up to the ceiling try to ignore my presence in order to PUNISH AND BAN me from contribute because I dare to say no to her in the first time ( actually like I said, I only said “Thank You” because I thought she was offering sample). She kept ignore me even I was standing there for one minute. I walked few steps away and came back once I saw her looked down, but upon seeing me back she grab the contribution jar and looked up to the ceiling again to ignore me. I was standing in front of her and read her name tag but she still ignore. With that kind of behavior, don’t blame me if I didn’t want to come back to the store. It happened at SUPER Walmart Center,Chantilly Shopping Center Chantilly, VA 20151 Time 2:15 PM on 9/05/2013 Employee name : ANNY (the person who standing by the Children Hospital raising Fund table)
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This post does not sound correct.Why?Would anyone refuse to accept a donation for kid's.Does not make sense to me.Maybe you misunderstood the entire situation.I am sure the person had some type of sign that stated "Childrens Hospital".Some people are soooo quick to make something out of nothing.


Sounds fake to me. Do you wear a hearing aid?


I don't know why this can be fake. And this is a mean comment.

The main issue is that they are not accepting a polite and kind customer's donation.

I noticed that some comments here are mean and unreasonable and I sense discrimination. So disappointed that customers can be treated so badly even when they try to express their opinion or simply share their bad experience.

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Chantilly, Virginia

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Compounding not accurate

I had been using a Walmart pharmacy for my monthly maintenance meds like lisnopril, levothyroxin, citalopram etc for several years. I started having issues with my BP and couldn't seem to get it under was going from a dangerously high level to a level so low that i actually passed out once. Turns out it was the compounding of those drugs that are in the one month blister packs...these packs are made somewhere oversees, and the compounding was wrong on my BP meds causing the out of control fluctuations! After i switched pharmacies i had no other issues with my BP and never had. Be very careful. The prepackaged meds that Walmart and Sam's club pharmacies use are apparently not regulated the way the other drugs are that come in large bottles and have to be counted
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Your observation makes sense and I would ordinarily tend to believe WalMart would buy cheaply-made drugs from overseas, usually India, which could be dangerous and of dubious quality/efficacy. However, along with "anonymous" I would like to know how much more info about the blister pack drugs, whether you reported them to FDA, etc.

If, indeed WalMart is distributing bad/dangerous drugs, the FDA needs to know, and pronto. Or, are we dealing with some other motive here?

@John N Mzy

I never even thought of reporting to FDA...that was *** on my past. It was one specific drug and my doctor sent a sample somewhere to verify based on something she has read or heard...

I will look into doing the alert to the FDA today. Thanks for the info


Exactly how did you find out all of this information? It would be interesting to know what proof you have of this.


Please see the reply i sent to Nikalseyn for that explaination

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Recently I and my husband was shopping at Walmart Burnaby, B.C. Canada & my husband fall in love with this chocolates from "Waterbridge" Belgian Milk chocolates. We than went to another Walmart at Vancouver & found this chocolates again. Why Walmart in Houston,...
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It is a Canadian brand that is why it is only sold in BC and Alberta and every where else in Canada. That is also why it is not sold in Texas.

However if you come across to Canada again you can come get them. During Christmas they also sell Chocolate letters but they sell every letter but X, Y and Z. They also sell mini chocolate letters or used to. Big enough to fit in the middle of a cupcake(about one and half inches).

But the reason they do not sell them in US is it is a Canadian Brand so writing this review may not help, but with online buying you can probably see if you can order them. It would cost more with shipping and all that so the best thing until they get it in US Walmarts is to buy it whenever you visit Canada.

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Lousy customer service and ignorant representatives

Went to Walmart on hwy 49 in Hattiesburg,Ms to find my husband a "dad" ring for his birthday! I walked to the jewlery cabinet and waited for 15 minutes with no one behind the counter! I asked customer service to page someone and they did! 15 minutes later, I am still standing there waiting on someone to show up. In the meantime, 2 more people lined up behind me and we watched as FIVE employes walked right by us with their phones in their faces nodding "what up"! A girl finally showed up only to tell me cabinets where locked because the keys were left in the main safe and they didn't know the combination and tell the rings only come in size 9 which is complete *** because the other stores had sizes 9 thru 11! I called the manager and was on hold for 22 minutes only to have this woman prove how *** and rude all their employees are! Then I strod in line for 12 minutes trying to buy 6 items. The store was packed and they had 9 lanes opens while their employees walked around like mindless, zombie like idiots!!! Pure anger does not even come close to describing my outrage! Avoid this store at all cost!!!!
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wow! Is it at all possible that maybe the so-called mindless zombie like *** employees might have been on their breaks or Lunch?

They might even have been off the clock for the day. Not all stores have sizes 9 thru 11. Mostly just 9. What exactly would you have liked the other employees to do?

They were probably not trained in that area and also had no keys, then you would be complaining about that. Sounds to me that you would have had a complaint any way it went. Ive seen customers who waited no longer than 3 to 5 minutes while another customer was being waited on and they swore up and down it was 30 minutes. You obviously answered your own question/ (complaint)by informing us that the store was packed.

There are not enough associates to wait on each and every single customer that walks thru the door the very minute they step inside the building. Wait you turn like everybody else, you are no better than anyone else!


Find the guys WALKING AROUND in the SUITS talking!! They are the managers and are useless.

page one and they WILL NOT COME!! Walmart and SERVICE shouldn't be put in the SAME SENTENCE!!


Walmart does not train its employees it throws them in a department and tells them to work. Customer service is not one of their best suits.

They rely on low pricing by wedging manufacturers to submit to their practices. Bullying is a way of life for them.

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Customer Service

I have been a couple of times to walmart and you have the worst employees ever..they look like they are not happy to be there. They don't interact with customers. 85 percent of employees at Walmart are rude..don't smile, and a smile comes a long way. I, personally will not go back to Walmart. I rather go to Target anytime. I don't think employees get trained for customer service, because they Walmart knows that they will get people in their stores no matter what. That is so wrong. I would not give you a cent of my earnings.
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Where exactly are all these Target stores which have such great service? I have been to a lot of them and the employees are never any more friendly or helpful than at Walmart.


Think of all the *** customers that they deal with, entitlement queens like yourself. That is why their attitude is in the toilet.


It's nice you can afford to go shop at Target. A lot of people can't.

Customers usually get the kind of treatment from employees as their own attitude portrays. I hear a lot of complaints about the employees at my WalMart, but I never have any trouble and I shop there on a weekly basis and have been doing so for about 15 years. You ask them for help in a polite manner, and instead of just pointing a person in the right direction they actually lead you. I have an adult mentally handicapped daughter that lives with me and the majority of the employees at WalMart know her by name and she knows them by name.

Even when my daughter needs help finding something in the store, she does what I have taught her to do, go up to the employee and say "excuse me, sir or maam(depending on the gender)" then she proceeds to ask where the item is, and I know they can't always understand her easily.

Maybe try changing your attitude and you might get better treatment. Also if you speak the way you write, you might get better results.

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