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We have it but *** off.

I had a bad experience in Wal-Mart in Missouri. I spoke to a manager on the phone and asked if they had a Wii U Deluxe Set, black in stock, I had also notified her that the website said it was in stock at their location. She had told me she had two (2) in stock in the back and to tell the Electronics department to get it out for me for purchase once I got there. I said, "Awesome, thanks! See you in about 30 minutes". After a 45 minute drive to that store, I proceeded to the electronics department and asked the employee that I had spoke to a manager about it and that I only needed to ask for the product to purchase. She blatantly said, "Sorry I can't sell that to you. That item it for the Saturday Tab". What is a Saturday Tab? I'm not an employee. I was puzzled and continued to tell her I had spoke to a manager once again. She rudely replied, "I'm sorry, I just follow the rules Sir". Angered, I called the store back while I was in the store to speak to a manager. The manager on duty, had told me "oh yes, we can't sell that until Saturday" Even though it is in stock and you'll be guaranteed a sale for the company, they refused to sell the product to me. I told her, "you could have told me that before I traveled 45 minutes". All she said was , "yeah, I'm sorry about that, if I had known that, I would have told you other wise". I've worked retail for 10 years in my life, and if there's one thing that is most important, its COMMUNICATION! You need to know all the facts before sending a customer in 45 minutes to purchase a product to later tell them, no you can't buy it. So now, I've used up 45 minute there and 45 minutes back, a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes, as well as 2 gallons of gas WASTED. I am a very UNHAPPY customer and if this is not corrected, I will share this unhappy customers story to as many people as I can with out end. Those types of items, whether they're in stock or not, should be sold, on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIST. I took the time to purchase a product, I knew for a FACT was in stock, I was told they would sell it to me, and was denied service. That's breaking rule #1 in retail customer service. I expect something to be done about this matter, and quickly.
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OMG, you are so important, aren't you? If it's for a sale for that Saturday, they probably couldn't sell it to you early.

Those who have worked in retail should never hassle those who work in retail. And how do you expect them to make it right?

By complaining on a consumer sight? You could always have went in on that Saturday to buy it, like the rest of the rule-abiding customers.

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Columbia, Missouri

One Hour Guarantee Promotion

I received a one hour guarantee card, because Walmart was out of my item on the Thanksgiving day promotion. There was confusion at the checkout about how to handle the guarantee card and finally they took my money and told me I would get the gift card after registering on the website. It was supposed to have a gift card come with the item as part of the promotion. I tried to register the one hour guarantee card Thursday night and the site was not working. I registered the one hour guarantee card the next day and got a confirmation that I was registered. The site and the email both said I should receive two emails by last Tuesday - one giving me an order number for the product and one giving me the details on how to receive/redeem the gift card. I did not receive the emails. I have now called twice - the first time I was told they were entering a ticket and I would get a call within 24 hours - no call. Today, when I called, I talked to a very friendly rep who had no information and the best they could tell me was that I should get emails by Christmas and they would refund my money if I did not. I want the product/gift card. I called the store and the store manager said he was not aware they ran out of my item on Thanksgiving and was surprised I received a one hour guarantee card. He said he had no information on on how does business - that they are separate from the stores. I asked him for the phone number to corporate headquarters and he told me to call again tomorrow. I told him I was not going to wait on hold for an hour again only to talk to someone else again who cannot help me. I found the corporate headquarters phone number and will call them tomorrow. The promotion seems like it was poorly planned and I will not ever participate in another Walmart promotion or buy anything through
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Don't shop on Thanksgiving! Any other day of the week, you probably wouldn't have a problem like that.


paid for item at store registered on wallmart web enterdacess code thencode and pin but will not accept it then it asks me how do i wish to pay fr item like i said i already paid and im pretty frustrated and mad :(


scratch off the silver/black strip (or peel it like I did) and it gives you a gift card number and pin which is just where the money that you paid was put on that gift card number and you're ordering your ipad online basically. And when you go on there, it says that your $100 gift card will be emailed when the iPad ships to you.

Walmart that we went to didn't know how to handle the situation and loaded a gift card for us right there for the $100 but now I'll be taking that back because it's the right thing to do. But use that number that you scratch off and that's how you "pay" for the item.

It was confusing but I figured it out. Good luck!


I do hope you have received your product confirmation email by now. Your one hour guaranteed purchase item will be shipped to the address on file that you provided during registration.

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Saint Louis, Missouri
Walmart Website
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Wall-Mart is absolutely the worst place to shop. The store is dirty, bad people go there, and the prices are not cheap. I went to Target and found the same product for a cheaper price. Their deli is disgusting and when the health inspector came they failed!!! There were also rats in the kitchen. My friend went to Wall-Mart, and when she was a little girl a lady in a wheel chair asked her where to get some shampoo and she didn't know. So the lady chased her with a giant booger on her finger!!! Once, when I was about three years old, Wall-Mart had so many germs that I threw up in the aisle and everyone stared at me. This one guy was even shouting to his friend and was going, "LOOK!!!" The people who go there are terrible! There was a huge family with, like, 5 kids, and they were all screaming and running around in circles and the mom just stood there and watched them with a tiered look on her face. Well, actually, more like lazy look. Their store is ugly, and it makes me wanna puke again! I'm sick of Wall-Mart. It's way to big and the customer service there is terrible. Maybe it's better for you, but where I live, it sucks bug time!!!
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Then why do you keep going back?????


Take your meds RETARDED ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your complaint is so unbelievable, it is pathetic. You really should grow up and get a life.

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Phoenix, Arizona
New Reviewer
Walmart emplyees have harassed me constanly.They have made me feel less of a humen being and or made me to feel bad about myself.They are so rude and unhelpfull...they are arrogant just because they have a job.Ive complained to managers but they are just as worse,one...
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A cashier is only gonna treat you the way you treat them in the first 2seconds of your check out time!

Sounds like you have a low self esteem.

Your more than welcome to shop elsewhere!

Yes, walmart associates can be rude, go work there for one week see if you last a day.

They can't always be happy!

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San Salvador, San Salvador
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Walmart One Hour Guaranatee

I waited, just like everyone else, for the TV and Bluray player that Walmart was offering. I received the guarantee, like others. Came home to register the cards that night, only to find the site was experiencing issues. Around 1am, I was able to access the site. However, it was a very generic site, that didn't look very professionally done. However, I entered the information and when completed, I received "Thanks for your submission". Something didn't feel right, so I checked the balance on the cards and the $148 and $38 prices were removed from the card totals, but the taxes were not. I called customer service. The girl I spoke to, Mariah, couldn't really answer any of my questions other than to tell me I should receive an e-mail Monday. Monday's here and no e-mail. Called customer service and spoke to Ashley, who went out of her way to help me. She spoke to a supervisor who basically told her that I should receive an e-mail sometime tomorrow. And if I don't, I have to call back and we'll go from there. My complaint is that Walmart doesn't have their *** together and no one seems to know what is going on. They put their associates in the line of fire from angry customers. Truth is that the managers and ones in charge need to be held accountable and need to provide better customer service. It's been a horrible experience!
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Saint Joseph, Missouri
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32 inch emerson tv

i went at 8 in the frezeing cold me and my friend to buy 32 emerson tv i each allowed at leslie and 404 walmart newmarket ont they said they were ssold out i just called 10 minutes ahead she said they had 10 left when i got there the manager told me they got sold all 10 no one was in store but us two what a bunch of rip off s i am making a video on youtube i filmed it all on my hidden spy cameaa this is this a rotten scam wayne long newmarket ont canada
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Newmarket, Ontario
Walmart Manager
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Im still pissed

walmart didnt do a thing about wife erma jean willis who works at el dorado AR,walmart found out about my complaint and put me in jail and walmart was on her side because she is haveing sex with the store manger for money.they have taken our kids because of the way she been acting and putting me in jail.She even called me and said she is going to get her brothers to kill me and that she should have had me killed a long time this the kind of people walmart needs to be working for them
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Monroe, Louisiana
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$75 gift card

we purchased the I pad on Black friday and haven't recieved our $75 gift card, where is it? i believe we are getting ripped off! They promised if we registered our purchase we would get our gift cards, if they weren't ready for the influx , then they should of had the product. The employees sticked, maybe the consumer should, Walmart relies on customers , so they better follow through with their deal! I am very upset, I should of had it by now, i would like to know what they plan to do to rectify this problem. Thank you
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I haven't received my gift card either... It would help if I knew who it was coming from, as I only have about a million emails in my inbox right now tho...


If you used the one hour guarantee, the gift card is sent to your email. A lot of people are getting it in their spam mail.


WHAT PROBLEM? If you're getting it in the mail it could be several BUSINESS DAYS.

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Canandaigua, New York
Walmart Gift Card
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Worst black friday shopping experience EVER!!!!

They first didn't have the plasma TV I wanted to buy for my husband. I was one of the first people in line at 4 AM and nothing. They told me just because it is in the ad doesn't mean they will have them at that location. Then after enough pushing and shoving I finally made it to electronics where the associates blocked the aisle I wanted in. I was about ready to start smacking people left and right. They didn't have the printer I wanted to get as the alternative to the TV. They basically had nothing at this store. BTW, this was the Fayetteville Mall Ave location. I have already stopped shopping at the Springdale Pleasant Avenue and Bentonville locations because of their lousy service, now I will be adding this one to the list. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!
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Sounds like someone making rude comments here must work for wal *** that's the true wal mart way.


Anonymous, yeah well that's walmart for you. I used to work there, two faced managers, nosey employees asking about personal info, *** service. Im just crying cause i don't work there anymore.


aww boo hoo MrsLea. you're a psycho as usual.

it's pretty hard to get things on Black Friday, I think you all of people would know this since you apparently shop every day.

and your husband should know too since he apparently works for Walmart home office. but you just proved it, you have no husband that works for them.


Yes, and they lie. My husband is looking into this.


Every store ad that I have ever looked at state that not all items are available at all locations.

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Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Walmart Black Friday Ad Pointless

In our local Black Friday ad it stated "Event 2 10 p.m. Thursday Nov 22. While supplies last. Limited Quantities. Sorry, no rainchecks. There was a 60" Vizio LED Smart TV for $688 that my fiancee and I thought we'd try and get. He even called the local store on Wed 11/21 to confirm they would have these TV's here and they said yes. At 9:15pm, my fiancee and his 15 yr old daughter headed to Walmart. Once at the store they headed straight to the Electronics dept where it appeared only 2 other individuals were waiting for this same item. A store associate stopped to see if anyone needed help and it was then that she informed my fiancee & the other individuals that Pre-Sale tickets had been give out at 6:00pm (4 hrs prior to the sale) and that all 14 60"Vizio's were already spoken for. NOWHERE in the sale flyer was there mention of the advance tickets, nor was it mentioned when my fiancee contacted the store the day before the sale. HOW DID ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THESE ADVANCE TICKETS? My guess is you had to have a close friend or relative working @ the store who tipped these 14 people off. False advertisiing and I did send email to corporate demanding a raincheck and of course have heard nothing from them.
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First of all, if you went to a Black Friday sale that starts at 10 and you don't get there until after 9:15, you aren't getting it for sure. You have to get there by 5 to even have a chance.

Second, if the store got X amount of TV's, once X amount of people were lined up for it (which again I'm sure was hours before your fiancee got there), you weren't going to get it anyway, so what difference does it make?


MANY STORES DO THIS ON BLACK FRIDAY! BEST BUY is another example who does it.

You will not be getting a rain check because you're not entitled to one.

Black Friday sales at all locations are no rain checks and while supplies last. I suggest you do some research on Black Friday and you will soon find out you're the ***.


If this happened at your local WalMart in McCook, Nebraska, how come is your post stating Minneapolis, Minnesota? Even so during time like Black Friday and this year on Thursday too, you don't wait until the last minute to get there.

I have never went shopping on Black Friday because I have always heard about how long you have to be there before you even get in the store. Here in South Dakota, people even camp out in the parking lots of the stores, even when it is bitterly cold. It is also really well known that the really big sales have a very limited quantity.

You just have to get there extremely early if you want a chance at the big ticket items. As far as not knowing about the vouchers, I don't know if it was mentioned in the ads that we got, however, I did hear it mentioned on the news and read it online that they were going to be handing out vouchers.


I totally agree with you. They should definitely tell you that they are giving out vouchers.

It is deceptive.


Obviously your first Black Friday. Everywhere operates like this.

Those people didn't have privaledged information, they just showed up and waited early because they know that the really good deals go fast. Once the line gets long enough they hand out the tickets so that the people that were there first are guaranteed and everyone else doesn't waste time standing in line for 6 hours to not get their item. Wouldn't you be more upset if you stood around for hours and didn't get one? Most of the time those deals are not worth the wait to normal humans.

If anyone could show up 15 mins before and get one than Walmart would have had to stock 10000 of them.


Completely agree. Who waits until 9:15 to go to a 10 oclock sale?

That is ridiculous. My local store had people waiting at 2pm Thursday afternoon for items that went on sale at 10pm. That is just not smart shopping on your part.

It irritates me to no end when people think just because they show up right before the sale that the store has enough in stock. The warehouse only ships a set number, and as 3stacks has said....if the line gets long enough, or even if the customers are started to get aggitated, then yes, they will distribute tickets so they can move on to other parts of the store.


This was at the local Walmart in our home town of McCook, Nebraska.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Black Friday - False Advertisement

Walmart Black Fridays deals on Flatscreen TV was advertised for certain time frames / but Walmart decided to give advance TV vouchers out for other time frames without notice to customers and still told inquiring customers to stand in line to try to get a voucher for that particular time when they already knew that they gave out vouchers earlier to customers. Also if one person wanted to get vouchers for how many Flatscreen TV they had available they could. This was my first and last time shopping on a BlackFriday day . My experience with Walmart was horrible on this day .
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What you two kids don't understand is they start giving tickets before the sale starts. They can give tickets anytime before the sale but are not allowed to sell the TV's until 8pm.


They did the same thing to me. They told me the 70" would go on sale at 8, but by seven thirty they were already sold out.

I will never again spend my hard earned money on cheap imported ***. Support you local businesses.

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Bellevue, Washington

Walmart Screwed EVERYONE

I paid for a t.v. and they gave me a card and said register it online. NOW THE SITE IS DOWN WTF walmart. How am I supposed to get my product and Where is the guarantee I was assured about when I purchased the T.V. I am very dissapointed and am tired of companies promising things, we pay through the nose ofr stuff and then this. And all they can say is I dont know let me check wth a supervisor and they can't even give me an answer. WALMART you are too big for your own good. When you don't care about the consumer anymore it is time to leave. Save money. and Live better. whatever!
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The guarantee is still there. I work for the company and have had to answer many questions.

The card you received is basically a gift card. They should have charged you the sale price of the TV, PLUS sales tax. So that when you go online to register and order the product, the balance after sales tax is what was loaded onto the card. The guarantee, if you got the card, is that if you register and order the product by midnight Sunday, you will get the item at the sale price advertised.

If you do not or cannot order by that time, the card will basically turn into a regular Walmart gift card, with that same amount loaded onto it. As far as I know, the guarantee was the sale price on the item and if you ordered by Sunday, you would receive the product.

It was a disaster at my local store as well, as I was in charge of the IPads. The process was confusing for employees as well as every customer.


I sooo dislike Walmart . Problems with registering card .

Tried get my money back after four phone calls, three visits to the store , three custimer service girls, spoke with three managers and they still will not give me my money back that I paid cash for until the ipad ships to the store 5-10 days. Nice going tying up my money of $434.00. No where on My receipt does it say I cannot get a refund . So basically i don't have the product and i don't have my money .

This is a terrible way to do business . Scam scam scam


There is no scam involved. You paid cash for an IPad...if you ordered it online then yes, you will have to wait until the item comes in before they will give you that much cash back. You can get a refund if you take the original receipt to the store with your Guarantee card, but if you've already ordered the item you can't.

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Indianapolis, Indiana
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Walmart 1hour guarantee 32 in Emerson TV

Extremely pissed off...after taking time away from my family on Thanksgiving to go to Walmart to the #2 10pm event, I'm appalled with how they handled the whole senernio. First off the event was to start at 10pm (nothing could be done sooner) we got to our local store at approx 9pm, to be advised by Walmart associates that all the TVs were already gone, they had started dispersing tickets for the tv at 8pm therefore leaving nothing left but the 1hour guarantee cards available. After waiting line for a hour and half, me and my family received 2 of these cards. Now at this point we have missed all the fabulous door buster deals as we had to wait in line for a tv that was already gone before the event started, but had to wait for the cards (no one explained to us that we had to pay for them within a hour of the event ending) as we had shopping to do. Got to the register with 1minute to spare. To go home and I have sit on my computer for hours trying to get these cards registered. They state insufficient funds. Several calls to Walmart customer service and corporate office, and I still have nothing fixed. They are saying everyone might have to go back down to the store to get the cards registered. Just what I'm wanting to do, waste more gas going down to the store, to wait in line for hours again with these same people I spent Thursday evening with, to have Walmart associate register this *** guarantee card. This is such a mess. Thinking this is not worth my money or the headache I've now acquired.
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I hope all of you who had issues with the 1 hr guarantee cards have gotten answers for your card issues, for those of you who were not able to register your cards in time the deadline has been extended to allow you to register those in the next couple of days. If the cards are not registered they will revert to regular gift cards with the amount you paid on them. I think the missing taxes issue has also been resolved.


I had a similar incident in the Dayton, OH Wal-Mart. The TVs ran out almost immediately, but I saw multiple people with 2-3 in each cart.

I received my voucher, barely paid for it in time and registered it the next day. Today I received an email that the item was out of stock/back ordered and that if it is not available in 10 days they will cancel my order and refund my money. I guess the 1 hr guarantee doesn't mean much.

I don't want my money back, I want the TV I've already paid for at the Black Friday price. I hope you have better luck with your TV.


First off I was NOT looking for sympathy. I was simply stating the facts that its extremely unprofessional for walmart to state an event starts at 10pm when in fact they actually gave out vouchers for these particular items at the 8pm event.

I had no problem getting the 1hr guarantee card, but its false advertisement how they went about this sale. Now the bigger issues were with how the handled these 1hr guarantee cards. I ended up on the phone for several days with and the customer service line at the local Walmart store, one constantly putting it off on another. Finally was told I would have to go into the store and have them deal with my card (I was tax exempt, card said insufficient funds).

Went into the store and spent another 2 1/2 hrs with them trying to figure out how to fix this issue, as they wanted me to pay the tax since I was having to order the tv online and it was being sent to a washigton store, they couldn't waive the taxes. I wasn't going to pay taxes as I originally paid for this tv in the store, not my fault this is how they set up their event. Store was going to pay the taxes, told them no at first, but a supervisor finally approved this, and we got out TVs ordered. It's now been a week, I've gotten proof that one of my TVs is ready to ship, but nothing on the second tv.

The associates at the local Walmart said they did way more planning this year and had way less success on this Black Friday, less planning last year and way MORE success.


Do you really expect sympathy for someone who is dumb enough to complain about something being sold out on a special purchase? also, you get extra *** points for trying to make people feel so sad.


I feel your pain about the terrible way the 1 hour guarantee has been handled, but when you say, " I took time away from my family," I have to tell you that that was YOUR CHOICE, not Walmart's so I dont feel bad for that part. Sorry.


I too went down to the local walmart for the 1 hour guaranteed Ipad...was only 3 people back from the last customer that received the in stock Ipads. Was told they were all out and everyone else was getting the Guarantee card.

We went over how the card worked with the associate and specifically asked the if we had to wait to pay here at the store and was told "no you pay online when you register your card and you have until midnight on sunday to do this". So everyone that got the card left the line and went on shopping, didn't realize till later when I read the inside of the card (after midnight of course as I had other shopping to do) that you had to pay before midnight! Nice that the employees even knew anything about the promotion that they were explaining to the customers. I'm sure everyone that got one in line with me are out the product.

I have now spent hours on the phone with walmart and everyone passes you down to someone else that doesn't answer their phone. I have spent countless times on the phone now waiting for someone to answer that never does. The last call I was told the manager would call me back in 5 minutes (he was standing there just refused to take my call)....that was over 2 hours ago. I am sure I will never hear back from him as I have not had the courtesy of anyone respond to this mess.

I have already been told by that it's a store matter and the store tells me to contact Does anyone is this company know what they are doing?

You would think that seeing it was a store mistake they would honor the guarantee, we obviously were all there to pay as we all stood in line for hours! The manager at point blank told me that this promotion totally backfired and has been a total disaster....I agree!

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Portland, Oregon
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32" Emerson TV....Can not register for it...

can not get on site to register for it..and only have til Sunday what am I to do...This is getting very aggravating...I have tried since Friday decided to leave a complaint..So what am I to do????? I have a guarentee for it...Why did I stand in line for so long???? WalMart is getting to be one of the worst stores...I add match out there and most of the time they will not add match it..It is the wrong size or the wrong product..I even get the WalMart brand and they still will not do it...But what is more aggravating is one store will add match if you get the WalMart brand and the other store will not..
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Charleston, Illinois
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Code 3 denial @ walmart

We tried to purchase an item at Walmart with a check. Although there was enough money in our account, we were denied six times by Telecheck. Needless to say we didn't make the purchase. However,after calling Telecheck we were told that since this was the first time they had seen with our account and routing number we were denied. Also we were told, we didn't write enough checks and therefore they would probably never approve a check by us. We told Telecheck we would never shop where stores used them. So Walmart pays a third party a substantial amount of money namely Telecheck to deny them business. Although they have our picture ID, address etc. as proof this is not a fraudulent transaction.
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Austin, Texas
Walmart Account