Corporate shills and Walmart Employees are answering posts here

Take the responses to Walmart complaints with a grain of salt. It's obvious, to me anyway, that even though someone has written a legitimate complaint, there is invariably the responses from Walmart shills telling them that they are ignorant for making posts about something so "***" and "ignorant" and "whiny". I have my own complaints about Walmart's policies that I won't go into here but if other people have a complaint, I enjoy reading them and, at times, agree with them. Go away, Walmart. Nobody cares what you think and everybody knows that it's your employees responding to all of these reviews.
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There are a few legitimate complaints on here but for the most part they are crazy and ridiculous. I'm sure there are also a few walmart employees on here defending the company, but it's crazy and ridiculous to think that every one that disagrees with a complaint works for the company and it's just downright silly to think that the company would pay their employees to go onto a public complaint site and defend them.


Don't feed the trolls!


Looks like another kids parents are not supervising their online activities.


Defending a company does not automatically mean you work for that company. Plus, most of the complaints on here are so dumb, it's hilarious.


I agree with the anonymous commenter. If somebody has a legitimate complaint I will happily say so and even try to help. But if they are just ignorant/***/whiny/self-entitled I will absolutely call them out on it and post every bit of terms and conditions and fine print that I can to show them how dumb they are.


Another *** Walmart employee.


Another *** troll with nothing better to do with their time.


Hurts to be caught up with, doesn't it?


Do you call yourself on your stupidity, self important ego, whiny, holier than thou attitude? You sure do think a lot of yourself.


That's right, how dare they complain about us!! They earn minimum wage while we get checks from the government with their tax dollars and steal stuff from their store.

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Los Angeles, California
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Walmart shills
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Let the company propose a solution

Staff Review

I went to the Walmart in Whitehall, Pennsylvania to the money center and the worker name was kwanna she was very rude she didn't greet me at all she stood up from her seat and just looked at me she didn't smile, say hi, or how can I help you. There needs to be retraining for customer service
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Catasauqua, Pennsylvania
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Poor customer service
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Walmart is rude

Dangit, staff are so rude. I went in today and there were no handicap spots opened. Dangit don't they know being 500 pounds because I eat 12 big macs for every meal a day while I sit at home with my 9 children while my husband works 10 jobs, counts as a handicap. After screaming at the greeter because the red carpet wasn't rolled out for me I sat my butt down on one of the scooters with my bag of pork rinds to begin my shopping. I was angry that the deli didn't have enough popcorn chicken and that an associate got on to my kids for running through the store and tearing things up. Then when I got up to checkout there were 8 registers open with one person in front of me at the line I got in. I asked the cashier in the 12 items or less line I got in to call more cashiers up because I didn't want to wait a couple of seconds for the cashier to ring up the one bottle of Dr. Pepper the guy in front of me was buying. He refused and got mad at me because I was bringing my two cartloads of groceries through his 12 items or less line. It also infuriated me when one of my items rang up for one cents extra than was advertised. I screamed and raved even though he said he would fix it. How dare he!! That one cents should already be in the system! dang it dang it dang it. Walmart stinks!
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A similar, hilarious, complaint could be written about the various "dollar" stores; same customers on a smaller scale.


Honest to God, I just read a review about a doughnut that didn't have enough chocolate icing.


a doughnut without enough chocolate icing. Sigh. First world problems.


Good job. This review sounds like 99% of the complaints on here and are by people who feel entitled not to have their feelings hurt.

Another 1% of the complaints here are by people who can't mind their own business. The rest are legitimate complaints.


That's the point, most of the complaints here (and most everywhere else).

So now, no one has to send in any more Walmart reviews because it's already in.


Liar, Liar, Pants on fire.




This is funny.

It sounds like most complaints on here.

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Arkansas, United States

Bakery at Walmart had 20 items on sale with 12 hours to expire...Full Price

When I brought this to the managements attention and asked why the items weren't in a discount area, she said USE BY dates are the same as SELL BY dates and don't mean the food isn't good for several days beyond. Idots!! USE BY means eat it by then or you are risking at the very least a poor experience and at the worst...illness. Couldn't convince her that the corporate philosophy was wrong and could make people sick. Unless she was just trying to assert her own beliefs in the name of Walmart. Mindless robots. Plan on paying FULL price until the day it grows mold, botulism, or God only knows what else.
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So you went in there and made a fool out of yourself because you think the "use by" date means the baked goods become almost lethal on that I love when people go into a store and start flapping their jaws about things they know absolutely NOTHING about. You would have been better off just passing thru that department and keeping your mouth shut and avoided making yourself look dumber than you obviously are.