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Black Friday deals going on sale at midnight already sold WAY before midnight...No chance 4 me!

I went to Walmart around 11:30 on Thanksgiving because my local ad stated the sales on the items I wanted wouldn't start until midnight. However, before even entering the store, other disgruntled customers told me they started selling the Kodak digital camera I wanted for $49, along with the copier/ printer/scanner made by Hp that I wanted for $19 a lot earlier so that the people who got them were already waiting in a long line with the goods in their hands WAY before I even got to the store. If Walmart advertises stuff sold at midnight, I expect those sales to START AT MIDNIGHT, not way before. On second thought, maybe I should have stayed in the store to buy the a.m. deals starting on Friday at 8 a.m....but HUH, those deals are probably all gone as I write this, too. I am *** for even trusting Walmart to begin with!
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It's a fairly simple concept to understand, not sure why people are having such a difficult time getting it. If people stand in lines for hours to get the items and you people come rolling in at midnight, why do you think you should get them rather than the ones that have been standing there for hours?


The items have not been given out, but spoken for, by that time. You're just too late.


Once there are enough people in line to buy all of the stock a store has of an item, what difference does it make when they give them out? Either way, aren't getting one.

They probably do this to avoid a stampede of idiots at midnight. But what does safety matter when you need some cheap junk, right?


Agreed. Went to get a Xbox 360 package that was advertised to go at midnight.

Even went to the store earlier in the day to figure out the line/ticket situation for getting them and they completely lied. Xbox's were sold out by 10...


same thing happened here. complete ***.

they sold all of the tvs i wanted by 10, when the ad clearly stated that it didn't start until midnight. walmart really *** us over.

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Pharr, Texas
New Reviewer


We just came back from our local Wal-Mart on N. Marsh Lane in Dallas, TX. We went over because of the Electronics sale "advertised" as "STARTING" at Midnight. We were looking for the Laptop Computer advertised. However, upon arriving back in the Electronics department, we were informed by a store employee that the store only had seventy-six (76) and that they had arlready issued seventy-six (76) tickets to customers. So much for "selling the Electronics at Midnight". I don't read the Law books every year, but the last time I did, it was stated, that the terms of sale had to be stated in the advertisement, otherwise it was illegal!! How may store employees informed friends and relatives, that tickets would be issued to customers "before" Midnight??? Thereby making the "Midnight Sale" impossible. BIG BUSINESS AS USUAL; GO OCCUPY GROUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Corporate greed is getting beyond belief, to the level of Fantasy!!! I hate to date myself, but when I was growing up, companies were honest and not greedy. Now, they are greedy and dishonest!! HAVE A GREAT DAY WAL-MART (AND ALL OF CORPORATE AMERICA).
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If you have called WalMart like every other person out there to see what they are doing for Black Friday about lines and such you would realize they hand out tickets for big items like that to stop fights breaking out and 2nd of all Did you expect to be 1st in line arriving at 12am? WalMart didn't break any laws if they did why can't you give us the name of the law they broke?


Was this your first black Friday event?


What law did they brake? Were any of the labtops sold before 12?

Most likely not.

Handing out a ticket is not the same as selling. The ticket only assured that the line was correct ant that the ones who got there first would be the ones that got the labtop.


Again tell us the exact name of the law they broke?????? Where can I find this law in the law books???????


Thats because you can't think of one to make up to give us you lying buffoon. Stop wasting everyone's time and go play in traffic.


Again tell us the exact name of the law they broke?????? Where can I find this law in the law books??????? Well?


Dumdum their ad said they were letting people get set up for the items hours in advance. What law did they break adding tickets so that people who showed up at 12 couldn't just cut in line in front of people who got there hours earlier?

Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc have all been doing tickets for years.

And yes feeling that because they didn't give you what you wanted is your own issue not them being greedy.

The fact they had 76 when the minimum quantity on a lot of these items was 8-15 should have impressed you.


Lot of People missed the main point here. There are Laws!!!

Just because you got a ticket, does not make it right. The Law is the Law. If I had known Wal-Mart was going to break the Law, I would have been at the store at 10:00 pm, like others. And as to your safety for shoppers, one store here had a female almost trampled to death!!!

And GREED has nothing to do with the situation. I'm like everyone else (I think), I just want to have the same advantages (ie: I wish I had been informed the sale was not at midnight but, that the merchandise would go to whoever was given a ticket before sale time [not in adversisement]). And there were other Wal-Mart stores here where there were problems.

Obey the Laws; their there for a reason!!!!!! PS: hope you enjoy your new laptop.


Entitlement at the civilian level is the issue not corporate greed, and that goes across every single class/race/age group in this country. You not getting what you wanted doesn't have a single thing to do with corporate greed, it's your own greed that is making you mad.


My sister and I got a laptop at midnight. Yep, with a ticket.

We stood in line to get them just like everyone else that got one. That's the way it's done. There isn't anything illegal about it. lmao.

It's done that way for the safety of the shoppers and workers. :grin


I still want to know what the name of the law is that Walmart broke? I also ant to know where it can be found?

You claim there is such a law. So find it or quit b**ching!!!

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Dallas, Texas
Walmart Advertisement

WalMart doesn't seem to care about disabilities

I have multiple disabilities. I generally don't complain about this but Wal-Mart really upset me. I tried to talk with customer services. I wanted to buy just 1 TV that would be affordable for me on tonight's sale. I at night due to cataracts, and should not be out in the cold due to having bypass surgery on both my legs twice and now they are failing and having had 5x heart by pass, plus I wear braces and have a spinal cord injury. The Wal-Mart customer service person told me "she understood but there is nothing I can do." No, I don't think she understands. I told her I would give her my credit card number, pick it up tomorrow as it was not offered online at that price. She refused to help me. So for those of you that disabilities or a member of your family that has a disability, I would think about this before taking your business to Wal-Mart.
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She would have been fired for takeing you credit card number.


The rules for the special sales for Black Friday apply equally to all. You would have the same experience at ANY retailer.

First come, first serve. These limited time sales CANNOT at any reason be help for anyone to purchase... That would violate consumer laws and FTC advertising regulations. If what you're saying is true, anyone could call and claim hardship.

We are all for your plight and are very sensitive to people with disabilities.

There are, though, PLENTY of online deals available to you. You do not have to venture outside the home.


I understand where you are coming from, but you would probably benefit from doing the black friday sales online. You can get great deals online and never have to leave your house.

If Walmart, or any black friday retailer, made an exception for you, they would have to for everyone. Plus it is against store policy to hold on to your credit card number, that is just asking for trouble.

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Des Moines, Iowa

Could not tell me where 2nd part of order was

ordered kinect sensor with game token, received kinect on time but was told the token was not there yet. they could not tell me anything about the order, when it would be in or if it was going to be in. I looked on line and it showed being delivered to a location on the east coast. today 11/24 i look at tracking and it shows it was delivered 11/17?????????. if it was delivered on the 17th why was i told it was not in yet ??????????????????????????????? i recently received a walmart credit card but if i have to go through this crap i will take my business elsewhere order # 267700****313
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Salt Lake City, Utah

Walmart selling bogis moneycards

I went to walmart in countryside,IL. and purchased a moneycard debit card. that night when i got home and tried to activate the card i was told by a support person ( you know the one, they cannot speak any english) that they are having a problem with one of there systems would i please call back in 1 hour and it should be fine then. 2 hours pass, i call back and i'm connected again to someone who cannot speak english (just barely) again i'm told of a problem with some system of theres and would i call back in 2 hours that the problem will be corrected by then. It's now the following day and i'm still being told that there is something wrong with one of the systems and would i try again in an hour or two. No i can't. Walmart i beleave is scamming its customers. I put 50 dollars on a moneycard that i am unable to use, however walmart gets to use my 50 bucks right now. lets say that walmart does this to 5000 people, that would be a whopping 250,000 dollars that they can sit on while the "system is being repaired in 2 hours" its a nice way to make free money off the public tying up there money for a couple of days and make lots of intrest off of it at the same time, nice scam. And the clincher is that walmart will not return my 50 bucks ,i'm told that when the systems return to normal that i can close out the account if i wish
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Tasha and lol Tasha - exactly what color is the crack you is on?


Dear Anonymous (Daniel Swede) - The attack dogs of are out and they are circling in a pack mentality. They cannot dispute your complaint, so they try attacking from another angle.

I have actually seem them attack 70 something vets, so this one is mundane in comparison.

While I have no helpful advice for you since I have never experienced this problem, I can certainly tell you that you will NEVER get help on this site. To say that your complaint will be ridiculed here is the grossest understatement of 2011. Your prespective is an interesting one, and if you believe that this is happening, perhaps you could contact some authority in your state. In any event, good luck in resolving your problem.

And pissed guys - who let the dogs out? Don't you know this is Thanksgiving Day. Let me start.

I am thankful I don't know anyone of you. Amen


I do not know about the English aspect. What I do know is I bought a "Green Dot" card and could not activate it, paid cash, went back to the store could not get a refund, then waited 10 days for a check in the mail.

The Walmart staff were really great and told me this is a major problem. Lay off the racial stuff, and concentrate on helping others.


I've used Wal-Mart prepaid cards all of last year driving over the road as a CDL driver. I used the cards for gas,money and food.The money always was posted in a matter of minutes.

You obviously don't know what you're doing and want to vent on here. Nobody believes you and especially in this day of prepaid debit cards used for people who have no bank accounts,you might need to try again with your complaining.

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Chicago, Illinois
Walmart Account

Cashier associate embarrassed older couple

We were checking out at our local walmart last evening, when we overheard an associate berating an older couple just ahead of us for having more than the alloted 20 items. They seemed dumfounded as to her ramblings and i don't think they really understood what she was talking about and how degrading her attitude was, but we did notice the wife going to customer service as we were leaving. In my working days I was a district manager for a large privately owned company here in florida. If any one of our employees were to have subjected ANY customer to that type of treatment, we would quickly have Invited that employee to seek employment elsewhere. What is wrong with young people nowadays?. Do they resent retirees? What entitles and empowers them to be so disrespectful?. I would think they would be grateful for even having a job in this economic environment especially in florida which is a right to work state.
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Yes... That policy is in state for a reason, the Cashier is in the right here...

The Express Lanes are put into place so that customers can get through lines quicker if they only have a few items... They are not built with a belt so anything more than 20 items is a pain for the cashier, the customer at hand, and the customers waiting in line. If I still worked for WalMart, I would have done the exact same thing. Not because you're OLD, but because it's the right thing to do for the customers who legitimately have less than 20 items.

STOP BEING SELFISH!!! Your "entitlement" factor is deeply sickening. The worst thing is, it's always the Baby Boomers. You're not so important, trust me, you've ruined life for the rest of us by being fiscally irresponsible.

I'm 22 and definitely have no respect for the Baby Boomer generation.

Thanks for hearing my rant! :( :(



God willing, you'll get to old age too. Maybe you'll still be able to stand, hear, see and strangers won't call you names.


Maybe the two gummers shouldn't have been over the 20 item limit. That is posted so clearly that anyone even blind as a bat gummers can see them.

I have no problems saying something to people who are over the limit.

If people go over the limit then why have an express line? Is your life that boring that you have to be a nosey snitch?

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Apollo, Pennsylvania
Walmart Cashier
New Reviewer

Not enough handicap carts @ walmart in santa maria ca

I'm a disabled vet i went to the walmart in Santa maria ca myself and a few others had to wait for a handicap cart i heard there are 8 handicap carts but only 3 work and they also stop working in the middle of using the cart.the wait was half an hour and never retrieved a handicap cart had to leave the store without the purchase i went to retrieve in the first place. I'm a loyal customer of walmart i'm thinking twice bout going back to that walmart.i hope something is done bout the handicap problem
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There should be a law that specifies how many handicapped carts every large store must have & it should be based on how many handicapped parking spaces they have. Maybe 2 carts for every 3 spaces.


Really? Sorry but Walmart doesn't have to provide these period.

Its not their responsibility. If you don't want to wait for one, provide your own source.


Too bad the nazi's didn't kill you when they had the chance you fat peice of ***. Now we, the tax payers have to pick up the tab for your disabled ***


Bet you didn't have tyrouble finding a parking spot.




Contact Medicare. If you require one to live they will give you one for free.

If you don't require one then... they're a privilege, not a right.




Whenever a complaint starts with "I'm a disabled vet" all I hear is violins playing while a read a tragic tale of a vet being mistreated by the country he fought's so sad. :cry

If you have mobility issues, why don't you buy your own cart? That way you wouldn't have to rely on stores to purchase and maintain expensive equipment to cater to your problems.

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Atascadero, California
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Walmart has deceitful ads on mobile app

very frustrated --walmart's mobile app is deceitful --it lists the item price and says it is available in your store --on the screen it lists the price and specifically says it is available in your store - it then gives you two buttons - order online or find in store. When you pick find in store it takes you to another screen that says to show the upc code to an associate to locate the item in the store. When you drive to the store it has a much inflated price-- stood in customer service line only to be told that the price online was not available in the store. The item was $89.00 on the mobile app which stated that it was available in store --price in store $112.00 - I pointed out that the price was $89 at home depot and amazon and asked if she could price match it --she said " you should just go there and buy it" Came home and called customer service --they said oh --well prices are different from store to store. I explained that the mobile app specifically lists the price and says available in your store #1184 -- nothing that would indicated a different price -- customer service guy --"oh , well that's a problem with the mobile app not the store --you need to talk to them - I will transfer you-- go through the whole thing again with this guy -- basically, sorry, we know that is a problem but live with it. Wal mart has lost me as a customer for life --2 and a half hours of my life gone because they listed false pricing. I will shop elsewhere from now on.
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You are not smart enough to have a smart phone, please destroy it and go buy a $10 nokia.


alot of these America's favor store has deceitful ads. I was in Albertson and it happened every week.

Its really ashame how they expect the shopper too remain so focus on shopping that they overlook prices. I believe, I believe that when we shop on-line we are not unable too see and feel what we buy, however we can purchase the products at a much fairer price then dealing with this crafty retailors.


Well said Really. You took the words out of my mouth. Its called reading the policies and or guidelines before complaining over your mistke.


Online prices are different than in-store prices no matter where you go. You pay a premium for having the item available in store available for pickup immediately.

Amazon is also just that, an online store.

Every website specifically states that prices are different and that stores will not match online prices. This is a case of you being ignorant of the media you are using, not false advertising.

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Snellville, Georgia

Would not sell my child CD.

My 12 year old daughter was caught shoplifting there and they made a big deal over it all over CD's totaling $100 more or less. For a company that makes that much money to be harsh on a child is wrong. Come on she is only 12 years old. She even admitted she would have bought the CD's but they refused to sell them to her since they were parental advisery. Who are they to tell my daughter what CD's she can and can't get. They think that because they are the biggest retailer they can tell us how to raise our children. Also she is only 12 years old, she does not know any better. If it was an adult I can see why they would be so uptight but this is a 12 year old. I have no problem with her listening to those CD's who are they telling me what my child can and cant listen to that is my job not theirs. Also for the idiots who are planning on asking why did I not purchase the CD's for her. For one thing she was shopping with a friend's mother. Another thing, who are they to say that she cannot buy the CD's that is my job not theirs. I even offered to buy the CD's for her but they told me that she already committed the crime. I even asked them if I could buy the CD's after this whole thing is done with, they told me that they would excort us out of the store and she would not be allowed in the store without a parent, and if we do return to the store she is not to leave my side. I won't be returning and I bought the same CD's for her at Target.
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Wow! Now I know what is wrong with society, parents like you, do you pull alcohol and cigarettes for her too!

Stealing is wrong and you making excuses for her is doing her no good. I can't believe you would post this thinking someone would feel sympathy for you.

Your daughter deserves better, you are not her friend, your he parent. Its about time you grew up and acted like one


You should be ashamed of yourself for even posting this. Your "child" is 12 years old and obviously knows better...she just seems to lack discipline and common sense.

Your bad parenting led up to her committing this crime and you're taking absolutely no responsibility. Walmart did the right thing when they banned your daughter, she stole from them. At that point, your daughter is no longer a customer but a thief.

They should have banned you too. I wouldn't want you OR your daughter shopping at my store either.


And I'm sure you are one of the people in the pictures posted on the web making fun of certain Walmart shoppers! Are you for REAL??

Even a pack of gum that costs 25 cents that isn't paid for is STEALING! The next time you are at Walmart - maybe you should see if they sell - "Parenting for DUMMIES" - but, then again, you probably are incapable of reading it!


How sad. This is what the world has come to.

*** parenting, poor writing skills and defending his/her child's bad behavior. How about being a parent and teaching your child right from wrong?


First, I would be happy they were so hard on her maybe she'll learn since you obviously aren't going to teach her. Second, EVERY retail store will deny your child to buy those CDs is she is underage.

So if oyu dont care if she has them then you need to buy them for her. I'm guessing she stole them because she knew the stores wouldn't sell them too her.


I would have kept this private instead of telling the world what a dumb *** I was.


The more I read this, the more I think it's a hoax or the girl herself herself wrote it. No grown man would write this and make these little excuses like this...

Not to be sexes...

But this sounds like the writing of a 12year old girl.. Surprised there aren't any OMGs in there.


"Yeah, you're a ***. How can you complain about anything when you're such an utter failure as a parent.

It's sad when the world biggest retailer has to parent your kid because you're too lazy/incompetent/absent to do it."

I couldn't have said it any better my self.

Take some time off from spending your gov. checks and raise your kid.


I don't want personally attack you, but you have GOT TO BE KIDDING! I hope this is just a troll trying to stir up people.

First off shoplifting is wrong and nobody is going to listen to excuses about a twelve year old whom should have known better. They are not going to sell children items intended for adults. They weren't singling your child out.

That is, and has always been their policy. You sound crazy if you think anything you posted makes any sense.


Good for you! All shoplifters should boycott Walmart!

I for one have decided to do all my shoplifting at Target.

Take that, Walmart! :cry

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Toronto, Ontario
New Reviewer
Never, I mean never buy this horrible utter piece of BS! this card sucks sooooo..... badly it's not even funny. Ok where do I start... oh yes, everything started when I wanted to buy some cd's at on July of this year. the seller only accepted Paypal...
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Of course they will charge you a the previous poster said "it's not a charity", nor is it a scam. Sounds like this person most likely has the mental capacity of a fruit fly & does not know how to complete a simple form followed up by an "activation" phone call.

When i got my WalMart money card I simply added money to the temp card in the store, then made a simple phone call to the automated activation number(not to customer service as the original poster indicated) and that was it...real card came the next week...end of story. :?

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Carolina, Puerto Rico
New Reviewer

Made my three year old son cry

I was at the register when after I buyed all my stuff my three year old son picked up a chocolate bar. The cashier told me to tell him to put it back. I nicely told her that my son was three years old and if she could let him have the chocolate bar. She said not until I paid for it. I then told him not to make a big issue of a chocloate bar wich costed less than a doller. She said it does not matter how much it costs I still have to pay for it. At this time I told my son to put the chocolate bar down because the mean *** said no. He started crying. This cashier made my son cry and I am angry right now. What kind fo people do you hire? One who is mean to children. That *** needs a lesson in sympathy because she clearly has none and it is obvious she has no children. She even lied and said she has children but if she did she would have let my son have the chocolate bar. ***
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Good grief !! You sound like you're on welfare and have it all handed to you!


yep, all of these responders are correct. why would anyone working for the company let you get away with theft?

This cashier did their job and did it well...

I'd be giving them a pat on the back and recommending you give your kid a smack on the hind end, because the kids who are spoiled rotten and get everything they want are going to grow up and amount to nothing except jailbirds... FOR SHAME!!!


You should really learn how to speak English correctly; your lack of grammar is embarrassing.




Is this post for real? Does she really think someone should give her crying kid a candy bar just because they picked it up?

In addition to spelling lessons, she needs way more help on parenting than anyone here can give her. :x

@Kathleen C

What did she spell wrong kid


Is this post for real? Someone who absolutely cannot spell thinks the clerk should give her kid a candy bar just because they picked it up? This mother, and I use that term loosely, needs way more help than anyone here can give her.


The cashier would have been fired for giving your kid the candy bar because it was not HERS to give. You would rather have the cashier fired for stealing then say "no" to your kid?


If you wanted the d@***n candy bar so bad then buy it you cheap b@***d. Why should you get it for free when every other civilized human being paid for theirs.

What makes you so special that yours should be free? What kind of pathetic excuse for a mother are you, that you would blame the Walmart for your poor excuse for parenting skills and not being able to say no to a 3 year old.


He may have only been 3 but you are an adult and his parent. You are the one responsible for teaching him manners and right from wrong.

If it was only less than a dollar, why not open you purse and pay for it. My autistic son learned from an early age, we pay before we eat. That includes grapes and other produce that you see so many people chowing down on (in effect stealing) while they walk around shopping.

Especially items sold by weight. If he signed that he wanted an apple, we let him pick one out and go to the register and let him pay for it before he could take one ***.

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Markham, Ontario
Walmart Cashier

Skyrim pre-order incentives = bad wally world

The Walmart website was running a pre-order special on a PS3 game called Skyrim. I pre-ordered this game because of pre-order incentives from wal-mart, a $10 e-card and a premium edition textured map. When the game arrived a couple days ago, I noticed that it was not the premium edition. I e-mailed customer service, and they said to call their video game department @410-586-****, and they would send me the map no problem whatsoever. I called the number above, and they basically said they were aware of the problem but that they run out of premium edition games and that we were SOL. Before the game was shipped, I wasn't notified that they ran out of premium edition games, nor was I given the opportunity to cancel my order because of it. They just shipped the retail version to me. On the phone with the video games department, I wasn't given any options: not for a refund, not for a partial refund, not for a free gift card because they couldn't include the items which I ordered but did not receive. Getting a full refund for this game would be a challenge, because of the way the receipts were made for this e-card+game+map bundle. The receipt actually says it's $49.95, with no receipt for the extra $10 that was paid for the bundle. So basically they separated the game and e-card, and the e-card is tied to my wal-mart account. Just think. All they had to do before shipping out the item was to e-mail people with pre-orders and tell them they run out of premium edition versions of the game and ask them if they want to cancel their orders. I've since contacted Bethesda Softworks about this situation, just to let them know that a well-known retailer was selling premium editions of their software and sending out retail versions. I've also sent in a complaint to wal-mart. Apparently, a lot of people pre-ordered this game and got the retail version, thinking it was the premium version just because it had a basic map included. After doing various inquiries, I found out that every version of the game had a basic map in it. The premium edition just has a textured map included, which I did not receive. Customer service ignored my second e-mail to them, but I had found out that was giving $15 credit for people who pre-ordered skyrim and contacted their customer service, concerned about the map they got with their so-called premium edition of the game. So, I e-mailed customer service one last time, and they sent out a quick reply that they could not match amazon's $15 store credit. I was still not offered any other options, such as a full refund for their mistake. This isn't about a cheap map but rather that this large monopoly can sell you one thing and actually give you something else. I just want what I bought and paid for.
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High Springs, Florida
Walmart Gift Card

Walmart and never enough help at Trexlertown, Pa Store

I love to go to Walmart and have to wait in line for over 30 minutes. Then I get a cashier telling me that I have more than 30 items or less. Then the customers start yelling at me because I have 40 items. Then the cashier starts to throw my stuff in a bag. Walmart, perhaps you need more cashiers. I don't care about lower prices, your service was extremely unprofessional and when I told the front end manager he stated he knows that they are short staffed and that the cashier was rude. Wow, how sad......Target will be seeing my face from now on
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If you have more than 30 items, you should not be in the express lane. The cashier should have made you leave the line and go to a proper register.

Then the other customers would have cheered! I'll bet you have been improperly in the express lane both before and probably after this incident, as well!


Do us all a favor. Learn to count.


If I was a customer I'd yell at you too. Oh boo hoo hoo. If this is all you have to complain about then GET A D@***N LIFE YOU BIG BABY!!!

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Macungie, Pennsylvania
Walmart Cashier

Wouldn't Let in Express Lane

The store was busy on a Saturday evening,around 5:30pm-6:30pm.I made an attempt to purchase my items on the "self-register",most of the items wasn't scanning.So I went to the "10 items or less" register,having a buggy load of items,with the checkout lines,stretching to the clothing dept.,the cahier on that register told me not to come at her register and pointed at the "sign" letting me know that she wasn't going to deal with my buggyload of items.I looked around,could't believe what just happened,a bit hurt about the situation,all of the registers were full with customers,frustrated,I left and do not want to come back ever again!I"ll just take my business eslewhere!
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Way to tell it like it is!


complain265, you are the kind of self important, elitist and racist *** that gives people who have money a bad name. I could buy and sell most of the people I deal with on a daily basis ten times but I do not have my head so far up in a dark place that I think that makes me better than them.

I treat everyone I encounter with respect because I believe that how I treat other people tells more about me than anything else. As for Wal-Mart, their profits for a single day could buy and sell you a thousand times and using your value system, that makes them better and more important than you. So why should they care if they upset you? They have a hundred customers waiting to take your place in line and without the arrogant whining.

As for the original post, I can see that not being able to complete your self checkout because your items would not scan would be frustrating.

The thing you have to realize is that everyone there was in the same boat, so it would not be reasonable to expect that it is OK to inconvenience others just because you have been inconvenienced. If you don’t like the store and you don’t want to shop there anymore that’s fine.

But don’t proceed under the belief that you have been wronged. What happened to you is just the way things go when you shop at a big store at a busy time.


Well said.


I am a cashier at Walmart. In my store management tells us that we are not to say anything to people that have more than 10 items.

I do what I am told because I need my job. I do not agree that we should not say anything. The person behind them who only has 10 items or less is just as important, in my opinion. Sometimes we don't have a customer and people think that we should be working and not standing around.

However, they do not realize that our line had been non-stop for most of the day and this is the first time we have had to catch our breath.

Also the minute we start checking them out 3 or 4 more customers will get in our line who have less than 11 items and they are upset because they have to wait for the person who is not following the rules. I believe every customer is important regardless of their status, how much money they make, how much money they spend at Walmart, etc.


The only thing you left out of your little sob story was: 1 - you were obviously discriminated against because of your race, 2 - You're handicapped and on "limited" income, and 3 - Now your poor kids are going to starve because you couldn't purchase food for them.

Haven't you read any of the other posts on this site?? You must have all of those issues before anyone here will listen to you. :p


WalMart is now cutting expenses to the point where they have fewer and fewer lanes open. They have many more of the self-serve lanes open than the manned ones.

I personally refuse to go thru a self-serve lane. If I got a discount, perhaps I would reconsider. I have also left cartloads of food in stores, including WalMart, when the lanes became long and the store doesn't have brains enough to open more lanes to accommodate customers.

Their managers stand around scratching their backsides instead of themselves getting on a lane and checking customers out. I stay out of WalMart and shop at Target or Meijers where they at least want to take my money quickly.


10 items or less means just that. You're not any more special than anyone else, and need to wait in line with everyone else.


Its a 10 item or less lane, why did you think they would let you go through it?

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I was at the Electronic department and wanted to purchase a video game. I spoke with one sales associate and she politely referred me to her supervisor. Her supervisor went to the back behind some swinging doors to retrieve the video game that were in the back. I waited for over 10 minutes. When I looked at the swinging door, I saw the sales associate on her cell phone. When she saw that I saw her, She immediately moved away from the door so I won't see her. I felt very disrespected. It seemed as if she was waiting for me to get tired of waiting and leave. I left the store and purchased what I was looking for at a smaller store next door. I purchased a new home in the area and I have spent a lot of money at this store furnishing my place. I would like to continue frequenting this store but service like this will stop me from doing so.
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Amen Steven.


Then report her to the supervisor.


So you were being helped by someone else and were upset you saw an employee on the phone while peeking into Wal Marts store room? Since you said sales associate, only a term an employee or former employee would use, you must have a motive.

Also, since you mentioned she was on her cell phone, Wal Mart must have a rule against this that you could only be aware of if you are or were an employee.

Finally, what is your place furnished with? Cheap futons and particle board shelves and tables?


Oh boo hoo hoo. Get over it. If this is all you have to complain about the GET A D@***N LIFE!!!

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