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Why do they put trainees on registers with no supervision

I normally shop at the Conover North Carolina Store on my way to work between 6-7 a.m. This morning, 11/11/11 I had a very bad experience. First as I walked into the West door I noticed hundreds if not thousands of cigarette butts in the pavers leading to the door. This many cigarette butts did not accumulate in one day. I entered the store at 6:34 a.m. I got the few items I needed and went to the end "Speedy" checkout near McDonalds. This was at 6:44. There were 4 people ahead of me in line all with no more than the proscribed limit of 20 items. From 6:44 to 7:05 I watched a totally inept cashier unable to check anyone out without having a problem. It took her 6 minutes to ring out a fellow with two (2) packs of chewing gum! I went to the cigarrette aisle. With only one woman in front of me that already had been checked out, for another 5 minutes I was forced to listen to their conversation about Flea Markets. I finally checked out and left at 7:18 a.m. For 18 items, I endured over 30 minutes of ineptitude, rudeness, and total regard for MY TIME before I could get out of the store. I hope this is not what is going to happen during the Christmas season......oh, wait a minute, yes it's Wal-Mart! One more item of interest. It was 33 degrees outside, and according to my smart-phone the temperature in the store was 77 degrees. I guess when you're Wal-mart you can waste as much energy as you want while people wearing winter coats have sweat running down their faces waiting for a 1/2 hour to get checked out. I do not normally complain to anybody about anything, but my experience this morning and the filth of the parking lot and pavers was outrageous. I will be shopping at the Hickory, NC Store in the future, or maybe its time to give TARGET a try.
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No. I didn't call you a liar. All I said was that there might have been something to that order that you didn't know about.


1. I have the feeling there is more to the one customers order than two packs of gum that you know of.

They should have opened another express if there was a problem. But calling the cashier inept was very rude. You don't know what happened. 2.

As for the temperature in the store, corporate controls that. Try standing up at that registers for eights hours under those lights with no air conditioning in the summertime. 3. With the second cashier, she should have rung you out, then spoke to the first customer.

I agree with you. That was rude of the cashier. 4. As for the cig buts, someone should have been out there cleaning it up.

And shame on people who can't throw those things away properly. The world would be a happy place without garbage everywhere.

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Clover, South Carolina
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Computer dont work

well it really sucks my mom cant return her brand computer she got for christmas the drivers on it dont work and they wont let her return it were not going to shop there again it was a christmas present my god who gives recites out to the person for there gifts you used to be able to excahnge it for another if something was wrong with it the internet said 90 days but at the store they said 15 days they really need to get there *** straight im tired of fulling with them the workers are so rude
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Was it for this Christmas or last Christmas? Even at 90 days from 12/25/2010 you're way past warranty.

And for goodness sakes, don't buy anything with moving parts at WalMart.

I got my Sansa 4G MP3 player at Best Buy and my wife got hers at WalMart, hers *** out in 4 months, mine's lasted 3 years. WalMart dumbs down the specs to get the cheaper cost.


I HAVE A FREAKING COMPREHENDING PROBLEM SO I PROLLY DIDNT UNDERSTAND THAT OK you need to stop being so dam rude and know who you are talking to


Their return policy is clearly stated online, in the store, and on your receipt. There are different return policies depending on which department you are purchasing from.

For computers, the return is 15 days.

If there is something wrong with the computer after 15 days - then you could have called the manufacturer for their 12 month warranty. But you are too lazy for that and just want everything spoon-fed to you.

How is Walmart supposed to know where you bought the laptop IF YOU DON'T HAVE A RECEIPT ???


dont post if you cant read it


Is that even English? If you want to complain about something at the very least use proper English so people can understand what you're talking about.

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Phoenix, Arizona

Lost my tv

I bought a vizio tv on they told me I'll get an email when it arrives at the store.Waited 2 weeks no email. called online service they said it arrived at the store 4 days ago. went to the store they can't find the tv said they will look for it and call me.I got no phone call, called them and was told they credited my card they couldn't find it.Called online service to order another one and get it shipped to my house for free they don't have that tv anymore.
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Why are you buying ANYTHING from WalMart???????? Spend a few bucks more and get a good telly---certainly not a Vizio---a piece of junk---WalMart is not knownn for any semblance of customer service these days.

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Easton, Pennsylvania
I hate going to Walmart. Most of the workers are idiots. Today just proved my point. After waiting for eternity in line because that cashier was way too slow, my order was finally rung up. I waited till the cashier was completely done ringing up the order (I do this ...
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I hate standing behind *** like yourself with 50 forms of payment. Some should post a complaint about dip***** that do that ****.

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Apollo, Pennsylvania
Walmart Cashier

Terrible experience with Walmart pharmacist, Jane Wringle

I went to the Walmart Pharmacy at 100 Thruway Plaza Dr, Buffalo, NY 14225 (7**) **6-3669 "Žtoday... and it was the worst experience in my entire life! Jane Wringle, a pharmacist there was discourteous and rude to me when her staff made an error filling my prescription. Instead of apologizing she made very unprofessional comments. I cancelled the order, called my Dr. and I will never shop at that Walmart for anything ever again. Further, I will never use Walmart for any of my family's prescription needs due to Wringle's inappropriate behavior. She has no business being in the profession of helping people. They have lost my family's business for life.
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Buffalo, New York
Walmart Pharmacist
New Reviewer

Why does walmart lie?

this is the second time this has happened to me and i am fed up with walmart. as most consumers i try to make my dollar stretch as much as possible so i take advantage of walmarts guarantee about matching prices, with no ad needed. well today it happened again, the lady in front of me (who was white) comp added everything, crazy prices that were very obvious she was lying. the cashier didnt question her, ask for an ad...nothing. i went to check out...lettuce (normally $1.13) had it comp added for 99cents, the cashier immediately asked me who had it or if i had the ad. now, before i go shopping, i compare all local ads online, write down the prices for what i am needing but never where, as i had never been asked where it was at. i told her i wasnt sure, showed her my grocery list so she could see that i wasnt just naming numbers but i did have things written down in advance. gloria, my cashier, wouldnt budge. again, i had another comp ad that was refused. she said she was bending over backwards to please me but i had to have the ad. i told her, why didnt you ask the lady in front of me. she didnt have an answer. so to make a long story short, i started crying, because i had my grocery list preplanned with a certain amount and spent way more than what i was planning. on a side note, "gloria" eventually walked away from her register stating that she "couldnt deal with me" and a CSM took her place. like i said in the beginning, walmart clearly advertises "find a lower price, we will match it, right at the register, no questions asked". but that is on a pick and choose basis. if you look poor, are not white be prepared because they will refuse you. but im curious to know how many out there have experienced the same thing i went through? at the walmart in wagoner oklahoma. call me 918-201-**** or email me: ozzchic2003@***.com. if there are others, we can do a class action lawsuit. please dont let walmart continue to make people feel like they are not deserving of honesty and respect!
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I went to Walmart today to buy a few items for the weekend. I noticed that they wanted $1.58 for a stalk of celery, and I did not buy it.

I went to another store and found celery selling for $.99 per stalk. Well, this is what low priced must mean, and the other stores sell at a lower price.


Why did you have to bring up the race card? What does the race card have to do with this?

Go troll other sites with your pathetic complaints and when you do consider using proper English and grammar in the future so you don't come out looking like a complete ***. Besides why should Walmart believe something you just wrote down on paper.

I could do that then go to Walmart and ask for the lower price. If everyone did that Walmart would lose tons of money.


BAD,BAD,BAD experience at Walmart, and super poor customers service.I wish that my link too my; (must be googled) about numerous beaten shoppers by people hanging out at Walmart without money. I understand Walmart runs from real consumer concerns.


Cook your chicken and SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Muskogee, Oklahoma
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Buyer Beware online purchases at Walmart

I ordered a chair from Walmart online, shortly after that my credit card information was stolen & used , which emptied my account of over $900. I cancelled the card, of course. I then get an e-mail from Walmart stating that I need to pay for the chair, which I have already picked up & had paid for . It was an obvious scam but they had the transaction # and all the information of the transaction. I then receive another e-mail saying the same thing wanting me to submit another credit card. So I traced the e-mail & it was coming from the walmart headquarters ,which told me that someone working there was using my information to scam me again. I called Walmart Corparate & they did`nt care. I asked to speak to security & they refused & put a supervisor on the phone, which did`nt care & then transferred me to federal Trade commission. So the moral of the story is dont order online from Walmart or you could loose your money..
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Atascadero, California
Walmart Account
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Walmart and Straight Talk

Update by user Nov 16, 2011

After contacting Straight Talk for a refund, they told me that Walmart should refund my money. I also asked them about getting my previous phone number transferred to AT@T the reply was the representative can call us and got through the steps.

When AT&T contacted Straight Talk.

my phone number was locked....although my card was good for 27 more days. These people are very unethical!

Original review posted by user Nov 08, 2011
I purchased a Straight Talk data phone and a $45 Unlimited access card. Prior to the day I purchased these products I was told directly from a sales woman if I had any problems with this I could return "them". The Walmart employees raved about this product. They actually told me they had not received any complaints about this product. After purchasing the phone and card I contacted the Straight Talk reps to activate my phone. After I had made multiple calls in an attempt to access use of my new the representative told me it would take 24 -36 hours for my phone to work. How could this be???? The next day( day 2) I contacted the ST Reps again. The man I spoke to at that time told me, after updating my phone...when my old phone stops working, turn off my new phone and turn it back on. Then try to make a phone call. I called my home number the answering machine came on. I thought okay it must be working. At this point I had no Internet access. On (day three)I contacted the Straight Talk reps again...they told me they had nothing to do with my phone with browser and the message on the screen saying I had "0" minutes of usage on a new 45 dollar card. I returned the phone to Walmart. After speaking to another employee, he told me all these were "junk phones" then asked if I wanted to try another??? When I told them "no". I wanted a refund. I was told they "Walmart" could not refund my money for the card because it was activated..Hello..To find out if the phone works you must activate the phone with that card. Walmart manager told me I had to contact Straight Talk for a refund. Smart Talk said Walmart should refund your money. I guess Walmart is really stooping low to rip off people and not backing the products they sell. I refuse to return to walmart.
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Frederick, Maryland

They lied and didnt know what was going on and took me for 330.07 dollars online

I beleived them when they said it would be there the next two days. What they then told me was they lost my order and i decided to call my lawyer. They have committed a fraud againts me and my bank. They had it in stock and everything i oredered so i figured they would yake it off the shelf and fill my order. Instead they said they lost it and didnt fill my order with their current stock so i calle the BBB and told them that they had committed internet fraud and stole a grand theft level of money. They told me that I could take them to small claims and end this *** for good with a ten thousand dollar settlement and said I no. I want criminal charges filed against their company for consumer fraud and theft. I made copies of the transaction where they drained my account and tried to smooze me into not saying ANYTHING. I decided they have one day to fix it or ill call the attorney general of new mexico and put their heads on polls for making me so freaking mad.
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Maybe you should head back over the border with the rest of your Mexicant friends. Your grammar is so far beyond awful I have no idea what you're complaining about.


What are you even talking about? You're complaint is not logical, you sound incoherent. Contact the Attorney general with this rant and they wont even know what you're complaining about.


Your spelling and grammar should've tipped me off. Honestly, though, your understanding of the law is at a 5th grade level.

You cannot press charges in criminal court, number one.

Secondly, $300 is not a "grand theft level." Thirdly, well... Frankly, I don't have the time to correct all your idiocies and errors, but suffice it to say you, sir, are an outright ***.

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Washington, District Of Columbia
Walmart Account

Self checkout

having only 2 items and with long lines at the regular checkout counters(and i might add that only 4 were open) i decided to try the self checkout system. having done this before i waited by the machine for10 minutes for some store help to show me how to do it.finally i gave up left the cart there and went to another store that's interested in making a sale-costco.i usually go to wallmart because its closer,but not anymore,your store sucks.i'll never go there again and i'm sure i'll pass the word around how good you guys are.
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Either you're illiterate or too dumb to understand the instructions that appear on the self checkout screens. Even a five year old can figure out how to use self checkout.

Also why mention you have used self checkout before and then mention you waited 10 minutes to get assistance on how to use it? Contradict yourself much ***?


That's one reason I no longer go to either of the two WalMarts in my area---lack of manned checkout lanes and really *** customer service. You are better off going to a Meijers if you have one, or just about anywhere else. For the little amount of money you might save by going to WalMart, your peace of mind and frustration level will be better off somewhere else.

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#273230 Review #273230 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Cathedral City, California

Walmart is a Cheap Joke

The staff at the Tire & Lube Express at the Wal-Mart lost my key bunch, did not let me know about it for a long time, made me wait for more than 3 hours and 15 minutes at the store as opposed to the promised 90 minutes wait, and then offered me a 'solution' that I should go home and forget about the bunch! I entered the store at 9:35 am. After a short wait, my problem was registered and my key-bunch was taken from me. I was told that my car would be ready in about 90 minutes. When 90 minutes passed and I did not hear from them, I went to the reception to enquire about it, I heard them talking among themselves about some car's keys being lost. When I talked to them, they told me that they were unable to locate my car keys. I experienced the worst kind of customer service in the following 90 minutes. 1. I was kept in the dark about whether the keys have been found or not, or how long I might have to wait. 2. I was not offered any word of apology. 3. I was getting a severe headache from the mental stress and for having an empty stomach for a long time. My knees were hurting because I had to stand there most of the time since not adequate seating has been provided in that area. 4. I was feeling dizzy from not having any food for a long time. So I asked them to give me a 'pager' so that I can go inside the store and have some food. Within one minute of my leaving the reception area, they paged me back to offer a ridiculous solution. They told me that I should go back home, bring the spare key, get the service done, and just go back. At most they would make a duplicate key for me for the car. They did not offer me any ride home. They would not make duplicates of the other four keys in the bunch. And they offered NOTHING more than that, NOT EVEN A WORD OF APOLOGY! 5. When they finally found the keys and got the service done, they offered me $10 in compensation!! 6. My ordeal finally ended at 12:52. I had to wait 3 hours and 15 minutes as opposed to the 90 minutes originally promised, got home with a severe headache, and had to eaither reschedule or cancel my activities for the day. I have never before experienced such cheap and unprofessional customer service.
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I agree employees are the most ambivalent employees I have ever seen.... most don't care about anything but quitting time and getting their paycheck.....

what ever happened to work ethics?

Yes this is also true for other stores and businesses....but never is it so prevalent as at walmart. It seems they want sheep who follow orders without question, as apposed to thinking resourceful employees


You keep complaining about having a headache and an empty stomach. Either you are a chronic complainer or forgot to take your meds that morning.

WalMart does not have the brightest employees, and those in the auto center are well down the list from regular employees. However, things do happen and someone misplaced the keys. They found them, didn't they?

Lose some weight so you can stand on your own two feet for more than 5 minutes at a time and have breakfast before you leave the house in the morning. The real question, however is why would anyone with any sense whatsoever take their car to WalMart for service???

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#273222 Review #273222 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Atlanta, Georgia

Cashier Was Very Rude to My Friend

A couple of my friends and I went to the Walmart near our college. We are foreign exchange students from China. We got into line to pay for our items, when my one friend remembered he needed cigs. He seen where they were and went in to get them. The cashier at that line got rude with my friend telling him to get out of there. My friend told the cashier that all he wanted was cigs. The cashier wouldn't listen saying that only associates were allowed back there. And if he wanted cigs, he would have to get in this cashier's line. I happened to look and seen that that cashier's line had several big cart fulls in it. My friend asked if the cashier would ring him up real quick before the next order. The cashier said no rather rudely. My friend came back into our line rather shacken up. I had never seen such disrepect from a low wage employee in my life, and none of us will be back to this store.
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thats what you get for stealing our jobs, chinaman


thats what you get for stealing our jobs, chinaman


fake/bogus rant

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#273199 Review #273199 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Apollo, Pennsylvania
Walmart Cashier

Cashier Threw My Dog Food

My husband, kids, and I went to our local Walmart on (Friday, October 5th, 2011) around 5 P.M. After waiting forever in line, we finally got up to the cashier to pay for our items, one of them was a large size dog food. When she got to the dog food, she scanned it, went to pick it up, and threw my dog food down onto the courasel. My family and I were in shock. I then told the cashier that she doesn't need to be throwing my things around. The cashier claimed she didn't throw it. I said she did, and we all saw it. I then asked if she treated other customers this way. She then gets offensive and trys to tell me that I didn't have to put the heavy dog food on the belt and she could have came around and scanned it. I said I don't care. She had no right to throw my dog food around and to get snippy with me. I then said I don't want the dog food, and she can put it back herself. I had enough of this ***. I don't care if this cashier was very short and couldn't lift my dog food. I demand that my items and I be treated with respect. If she can't lift a 22lb of dog food and can't take critism, then she needs to find another job.
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Give this woman a break the dog food was heavy and she could not put it down like a china cup, she had to toss it. Sounds like you need an attitude adjustment, maybe you were having a bad day we all do. Please do not blame the woman working at a hard job who could not treat your dog food with a gentler hand.

lets all be more understanding and kinder to each other.



This is clearly a fake entry.


If the bag of dog food was too heavy for her to lift, it likely slipped out of her arms and landed on the bagging area with a thud. If she could not lift the bag, there is no way she could have thrown the bag of dog food.

What happened to it? The outer bag tore a bit? The dog will not care-he is not going to eat the bag, just the food.

By not allowing your husband to lift the bag of food; by not allowing the cashier to come to the cart and scan the item; by yelling at her, you were rude. Even your husband and children said you were rude.

What would possess you to hit your husband while he was driving?

Are you insane?

I once worked in retail and I can say that you are the type of customer I detested - a rude, self-centered, obnoxious, prima donna! My question to you is: do you treat all retail workers the way you treated that cashier?


I think this is just another made up review people.


get a life ***! instead of sapping your son you should be slapped loser


god if I was your husband I would have slapped you for that much of princess/cun t. Your the reason it's illegal to hit dumb pple b/c you would be beat daily.

I work a minimum wage job with no insurance and if some1 starts with me I don't mind losing this job b/c there's tons of others BUT only 1 way teach cun ts like you a lesson and you need the lesson very badly. :grin


The person who wrote this original post should consider themself lucky.Everyone is not nice like the cashier and some people do not mind taking a charge of assult and battery.


Hate to break it to you princess if you pulled that stunt at my store your *** would have been trespassed against. Its only dog food so get over yourself and FYI We do get insurance and our Managers do care enough to tell your sorry *** where to go and how to get there you ignorant ***!!!


Please come in to my store and if you treat my workers like that, I will have you trespassed off my property, just like WalMart should have done.


It is not the point that she damaged the dog food it is the point that she damaged the bag and was RUDE!!They make minimum wage and have no insurance if they are not management so Walmart does not care.

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Apollo, Pennsylvania
Walmart Cashier
New Reviewer

Winkler Walmart Man Handling

I am a teenage girl and tonight me and two of my friends went into Walmart in Winkler Manitoba waering masks just as a joke. We walked around the store getting great reactions from everyone who saw us. As we were about to leave a lady who wasn't in uniform nor did she have a nametag asked us to *** our masks because it wasn't allowed in the store. We said ok and kept walking as we were leaving the store anyways. When we turned to walk away from her she grabbed (manhandled) my friend's arm and turned her around and told her to take it off NOW. The lady looked around 40 and had short blond hair. She wore a black blazer with a white frilly top and black slacks. When we got home we called the store to make a complaint and the lady who had stopped us answered the phone, as she was the manager, and told us we were wrong and she was quite rude.
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The real problem here is simple, there are ALWAYS consequences for your actions. They were very aware what walking around in masks would cause a stir.

The manager might have been rough, (in your opinion,) by the way,(which probably also is, they shouldn't have done anything to you at all..), I would be willing to bet the kids side of any conversations was,(how shall I put it?), less than respectful. Bottom line ... it was a *** prank that went bad. Grow up and face the consequences of your actions!

It's all about accountability.

If you don't want a lecture, learn from your mistakes! Next time you consider something so ***, stop and think about the possible consequences!


Do the world a favor and go play in traffic. Just one less mouth for the world to support.


grow up! managers do not have to ware "uniforms" and im sure you would have seen her name badge if you had not been wearing a mask. i agree with your parents and wish more took action like they did.


Shut up RETARDED THRILL SEEKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


What you need to do is to email their corporate office.Yes you should not have been wearing them in the store as they may have thought you intended to rob it or something but she should not have did what she did.When you email their corporate office you should tell them you know what you did was perhaps not acceptable but that you were on your way out the door as she did this.You should also tell them that when you were in the store she did not identify herself as an employee and that she had no business putting her hands on you.I do not know your age but if you are under 18 you could also use that to your advantage.You could also have your parents email them.You should go to when you get there go to the bottom of the screen and click on "contact us".Then look over to the left of the screen where it says related links and click on contact walmart stores.At the top on the left you should see customer service click on it and it will take you to a place where you can tell them about your experience.If you want real results leave a cell number where they can call you and be prepared to admit what you did maybe was not right but explain that she as a store employee should not put her hands on you especially since she did not even identify herself.

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#273126 Review #273126 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Winkler, Manitoba
Walmart Manager
New Reviewer

Banned for a year

Okay so this third of November I was caught shoplifting and was banned from your stores for a year. Guess what I don't give a ***. My sister and I were banned. She is 14 I am 13. When my year is up I won't be returning to your stores and neither will my sister. Okay this has to have 100 words. The undercover security guard who arrested me is ugly and so is the store manager, they also smell like dog ***. I still don't have enough words. Okay the the manager's wife and the undercover security's wife is ugly and fat. (Okay I never met them but I believe this to be true. Who else would want to be married to people who smell like *** There 100 words From Jessy age 13
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Wow just wow, this kid is a product of our fine liberal public education system her parents must be so proud. Also you are very lucky I am not the security there. I would have made sure charges were pressed and you hauled off to juvenile detention/probation because you obviously have not learned a thing from your crime.


You dirty little ***. I am sure your mom is proud. You need a good old fashion *** whipping.


You are right funny. The corporations are among the few who are legally allowed to rob the working and the non working people alike. There is no limit to the amount of profits they can make and as long as there is a sucker bot around not using his mind and humanity this way of doing business will never stop until we all become powerless slaves of the few masters.


Thanks Jessy. I needed a laugh today and your story really filled the bill.

Please write back again. Sure wish you could have written more than 100 words.

I was laughing so hard at what you wrote so far. Please follow up.


@luvbug13...No the reason you pay higher prices is because the stores want more of your money and use these excuses that are BS to raise prices.You should stop buying into all this corporate american propaganda.


dear Walmart shoplifter,

You should be greatful the people who smell like dog *** caught you now....before your *** ends up in prison...which is where you belong. People like YOU are the reason HARD WORKING people like ME pay higher prices for everything in stores!

The stores have to raise prices because of cheap lazy *** shoplifters like yourself who expect something for nothin.

Do yourself a favor...get a job, sign of for some college classes and be a productive member of society and pay your dues like the rest of us. Trailer park trash gets nowhere.


get a life i agree with josh you guys are dum *** your never going to get any where in life you welfare mother *** *** a *** *** your dads prob *** the security gurd

:x :( :cry :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :p 8) ;) :grin :)


you guys are all *** get a life insead of hanging out in walmart. your *** whit trash piece of ***. :)


I forgot to mention you can just go to another walmart store.I am sure they will not have a wanted poster of you on the wall or anything.They are just trying to scare you.


Yes the corporations in this country want to be the only people doing the robbing.When someone does it to them they do not like it.I do not go into walmarts very often at all.I have only been in one 3 times in the past 2 or 3 years but I have noticed they have more cameras than most banks.To look at the amount of cameras they have you would think they have bars of gold on the shelves and not the cheap junk that is there.

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#273121 Review #273121 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Toronto, Ontario